How Ready Mix Concrete is Helpful When Time is an Essence?

Since the invention of the concrete and stone building major developments and innovations have taken place and among them is the preparation of ready mix concrete while building.

The Construction Process

The building process involves site preparation such as making of the trenches for laying the foundation, foundation making, slab preparation, making the walls and if it is a storey building, the floors are made. Preparation of concrete requires mixing of the sand, concrete, water and cement in certain ratios before pouring the mixture on the mould and allowing for curing. This has its inherent disadvantages which have easily been solved by development of the ready mix concrete manufacturers.

Ready mix concrete is premixed concrete according to the desired ratios and transported in special trucks, equipped with a rotating drum which contains the concrete as it is being continuously mixed. It is then delivered to the construction site and fed into the moulds.

Benefits of Ready mix Concrete

  • Cost of labor. The labor required is minimized with this type of concrete. Mixing concrete requires a series of operation stages such as transporting the ingredients, pre mixing, mixer operator and finally transporting the paste to the final mould. All these require labor and due to the heavy nature of concrete, it may cost much more.
  • Space requirements saving. Preparation of concrete requires first accumulating the materials i.e. the sand, ballast and cement. These require space especially in high rise buildings, where the quantities are huge. In commercial areas, space for materials is a serious challenge and the only way to go is for ready mix concrete.
  • High quality and uniformity of the concrete.  Due to the mechanized nature of the pre mixed concrete manufacturers it is possible to achieve an even and high quality mix.
  • Time saving is achieved. This is the one biggest and greatest advantages of ready mix concrete. Once the frameworks are ready the contractor places an order to the ready concrete manufacturers which is quickly delivered. The only time spent is curing time and finish time thus enabling faster building process.
  • Reduced wastage of construction materials. This is due to the centralized mixing of concrete by the manufacturers.
  • Economies of scale. The concrete manufacturers are able to serve a bigger area and more customers there by able to charge cheaper due to eliminated costs of equipment and better labor utilization. Know more benefits about ready mix concrete plant, here at –

Due to greater demand for ready mix concrete, concrete plant manufacturers are now available who make specialized mixing equipments as well as trucks equipments for transporting the ready mixed concrete.


The use of already premixed concrete has highly benefitted the construction industry. This is primarily because of the time saving on construction as well as ensuring the efficiency of operations. Other benefits include quality and uniformity of concrete, reduced cost of labor, savings on space and even low wastage of construction materials. There are also a number of concrete mix plant manufacturers that deliver high quality machines for more time savings and greater work efficiency.

Maintaining Concrete Batching plant in Recession Period

Why to maintain Concrete Batching Plant?

A batching plant or a concrete plant is big equipment that is used to form concrete by applying different components like sand, water, rocks, potash, cement, etc. Investing in a concrete plant will obtain good results in producing high quality concrete and save cement amount considerably than from conventional mixing method with man power. In addition, producing concrete through batching plant will stay a good machinery option for cost effective civil works.  Investing in ready mix concrete plant like batching plant is an ideal option for all seasons irrespective of recession if maintained properly as the maintenance aspect of such machineries demands more attention. A concrete batching plant contains many components such as the butterfly valve, belt conveyer, mixer or mixing console, and other controlling systems such as the sensor, digital display etc. every component has significant purpose for effective functioning hence maintaining as per the instructions given be the machinery manufacturer will help to obtain high productivity results for all seasons and prevent frequent breakdown of the machinery.

How to Maintain Concrete Batching Plant?

For obtaining effective results there are some important tips that need to be followed to maintain concrete batching plant such as

  • Cleaning the machinery surrounding and the whole machinery structure is the primary tip for good maintenance as that will keep up the machine operations function normally for a long run

  • The hopper is one of the important parts of the batching plant machinery which has to be cleaned periodically by removing the left over from the product.

  • Checking the electrical and electronic aspects such as sensor, indicators, power supply, power consumption reading will help to monitor if the machinery functions normally.

  • Routine examination of other parts such as the cylinder, valves at the opening and outlet will also help for effective functioning

  • Above all, maintaining the critical parts of the plant such as the valves, mixer, filters, oil misting with the help of professionals or support engineers sent by the manufacturer will stay a healthy option to sustain the life of the whole plant. To know more about concrete construction equipments, kindly visit –

Simple Methods that will Save from Big Loss

Running concrete batching machinery has certain disadvantages also which might happen due to inappropriate maintenance. There are some easy ways to maintain concrete batching plant they are

  • Preventive maintenance and inspection-A scheduled maintenance and inspection of all the component parts and relative working units will prevent the machinery from breakdowns

  • Cleaning the whole plant including the central mixer unit, by using a truck-wash system or by using an automated system that works with electrical power will strategically reduce the risk of breakdowns and will keep up the machinery’ effectiveness for a long run.

  • Controlling the batching process is another ideal tip to maintain the efficacy of the plant. This includes organising the sequence of concrete ingredients in correct proportion and at the same time monitoring the productivity speed will prevent the batch process to work without any stoppage.

  • Safety – Considering all the safety point of view including electrical and electronic aspects while working with the motors is also a major point need to be considered to prevent any loss

  • Accessibility-Proper arrangement of dispatching the ready mix concrete at proper schedule is yet another way of obtaining efficient productivity with minimum or no place for loss.


A ready mix concrete plant like batching plant is an excellent option to make money however paying proper attention to the maintenance aspects will help in obtaining reliable revenue.