Role of Make in India for Construction & Infrastructure Business

Make in India is an initiative taken by Honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. He launched this program in 2014 to set India as one of the smartest and most developed countries of this world. The main motto of this program is to present India as a leading hub of manufacturing sector in the current global economy. The reason for taking this initiative is to augment the overall ranking of Indian economy and to enhance the growth rate of India’s products. There are many sectors that come under this program and construction & infrastructure is one of them. There is an aim of making as much as possible smart cities in India with the finest and most developed infrastructure so that the people can have a better lifestyle there.

india for construction infrastructure business

Grab the Attention of the Financers and Partners

India is always considered as a profitable market for various global businesses. Now, with the launching of this Make in India program, it is tried to make the nation one of the biggest manufacturing hubs also. To obtain success in this matter, it is mandatory to grab the attention of national and international financiers as well as partners so that the Indian manufacturers will never face the shortage of capital for their businesses. Before moving forward with the initiative, it becomes crucial to ensure proper and timely investment of money for the projects.

Contribution to the National GDP

Construction sector in India is one of the leading areas of businesses in the modern time. There are many construction houses that are contributing their expertise in making Smart Cities in various parts of the country. The Make in India project is helping them a lot. Indian construction sector contributes almost 8% of the GDP of India. This can be projected through the last five years estimate that starts from 2006-07 financial year to 2010-11 financial year.

Reasons to Invest

The construction sector is considered as one of the leading areas of business and financiers prefer to invest almost $650 billion in urban infrastructure over next 20 years. The overwhelming demand for average to high-class real estate and infrastructure projects in one of the reasons for the growth of this sector of business. Moreover, the support and campaign from Government as a part of Make in India project can make it easier for the construction enterprises to earn a good amount of profit. They can easily get the support of the foreign investors as well as partners and fulfill the dream of achieving a great ranking in the global market.

Support of the Government Projects

There are some of the large government real estate projects that provide big support to the construction and infrastructure industry. They offer significant support to the growth. In India, construction projects are one of those sectors where 100% FDI through automatic route is approved by the government. However, there are some conditions that have to be followed to get that investment.  Such huge support of government and its policies can bring immense fortune for the construction and infrastructure industry in India.

Redefining Construction with Innovative Equipments from Apollo Concrete Solutions

Renovating Building Methodology

Infrastructure development is what the whole world is focusing on from the economic and developmental perspective. How to reduce the time and cost of construction? And How to create more effective solutions to obtain construction in its perfect form are some of the priority concerns of the infrastructure industries. Competitive solutions are highly appreciated throughout the globe and Apollo Concrete Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of top notch construction equipments that support the building sector through designing and supplying construction related devices.

Renovating Building Methodology

Apollo Inffratech Pvt. Ltd operates in India and our prime business is manufacturing higher grade concrete equipments like batching plants, concrete pumps and transit mixers, etc. Our equipments are designed as per International Standards and by using highly recognized technologies to support building activities from its core. Our equipments are absolutely construction friendly and stay best in creating cost effective, reliable and time saving solutions for smooth and fast construction process.

Worldwide Recognition – Three Important Facets of Apollo Inffratech

Three Important Facets of Apollo Inffratech

  • Joint Venture-Apollo Inffratech has been into global business through our joint venture with Hawkeye Pedershaab USA in manufacturing internationally adopted concrete pipes, box culvert with vibrated casting technology and manhole systems, etc in our Production Unit in India.
  • Strategic Partnership-Our partnership with Spiroll – UK in the specialized manufacturing of prestressed hollowcore slabs which is available exclusively for all India.
  • Joint Venture-We also have stepped into joint venture with Italian based Carmix and working under the establishment named Apollo Carmix Equipments Pvt. Ltd in manufacturing self-loading concrete mixer.

Leading the Role Concrete Solutions

With excellent team work and research analysis knowledge our professionals are skilled in grabbing the latest demand in building. How to bring out construction in the most effective form and how to reduce wastage and loss are our prime concerns while manufacturing building equipments. Based on detailed analysis of concrete property, availability of materials and transportation facilities we provide suitable concrete solutions to small, moderate and large scale projects. The range of equipments available with are suitable for residential projects, highways, bridges, commercial complexes, etc and some of the prominent devices we supply are,

  • Batching Plant for Concrete Mixing and Supply.
  • Concrete Batching Plant for Precast Applications.
  • Concrete Pumps and Fixed form Concrete Paver.
  • Transit Mixers.
  • Hollowcore Slab Making Machine.
  • Self Loading Mixers.
  • Pipe Making Machines. etc.

suitable concrete solutions to small, moderate and large scale projects

Common Features of our Concrete Equipments

  • Cost effective.
  • Durable and Reliable.
  • Fast in Performance.
  • Reduces Labor Cost.
  • Highly productive and stands for long run.
  • Requires less time and cost for maintenance.

We have been providing economic solutions to particular aspects of construction and stick the modern requirements of building. Find the most reliable form of concrete equipments and hollowcore slab making devices at Apollo Inffratech and benefit more. For more details visit and we are there to hear, suggest and offer the best of solutions for your construction projects.

5 Reasons to Choose Concrete Solutions

What are the common issues found with Concrete?

Concrete mix is a delicate product which can change its colour and texture when the mixture is delayed for application. Concrete mixing procedure done at the construction site has to be done and applied on time; delay in application might result in decolouring of the content which in turn will result in excess hardening of the mixture. Scaling of concrete surface is yet another problem faced in construction industries. Ready mix concrete is an excellent solution to get away from lot of issues.

5 Important Suggestions to Solve Concrete Issues

Saves Great Deal of Time in Construction

Concrete produced at site is certainly requires more time. Starting with importing ingredients to mixing, there are lot of process in between that takes more time. In addition, sometimes it is difficult to get the work done on time if the ingredients are not supplied or not available. However, ready mix concrete solution will not lead to such issues as buying from supplier or manufacturer keep the construction work going without frequent interruption.

Greater Quantity of Concrete can be Prepared

Buying ready mix concrete from reputed supplier has relatively less limitations over quantity of concrete. In addition, the supplier will take care of timely delivery and quantity required. Thus, it is much reliable than concrete mixed at site.

Less Wastage

When compared to concrete mixed manually at site, ready mix concrete is one of the best means to reduce the amount of wastage. Conventional concrete mixing method involves lot of wastage during transit of concrete making components and mishandling of ingredients during the mixing process. Commissioning of concrete batch plant will help to avoid wastage to a great extent. Some companies offer concrete solutions through supplying prepared concrete and this is also an attractive solution for moderate construction works.

Economic option

Concrete making equipment certainly stays a very economical option than traditional concrete preparation process. Compared to expenses over concrete mixing distributed to labour cost, material transit cost, mixing procedure and possibilities of wastages, etc.

No issues on Storage

Storage of construction materials is a big issue. As far as concrete components are concerned, storage remains a big challenge as sometimes it results in wastage also. Ready mix concrete is a complete solution to free from storage options as the supplier will take over all the responsibilities.

Why to choose Concrete Ready Mix?

Maintaining quality of concrete is the key factor for flawless construction. Apart from the above mentioned reasons concrete quality is relatively good than concrete that is mixed at site. In addition to that, mixing concrete is in a way a polluting factor. Ready mix solution is economic as well as environmental friendly option. For large level projects investing in ready mix concrete plant will be the perfect option.


Compared to the increasing labour cost and transit of concrete ingredients, managing construction expensed with innovative solutions brings good results significantly. Ready mix concrete is one of the solutions through which construction expenses can be saved enormously.

Ingredients used by Concrete Production Equipment for Concrete Manufacture

oncrete is the basic requirement of every construction project either small or big. It is manufactured at the construction site or at a centralized concrete production unit from where it is then imported to the construction site. A special range of concrete equipment is employed for production and conveyance of concrete including concrete batching plant, mobile concrete mixers or transit mixers, concrete pumps etc. The modern equipments used in concrete production are advanced machineries capable of manufacturing concrete with complete automated production methods within shorter production times. The manufacturing time, speed, features and performance of these machineries may vary but not the way of manufacturing and ingredients required for manufacturing concrete.

Concrete in a concrete batching plant or a concrete mixer is prepared by thorough mixing of ingredients that include cement, water and other aggregates. Let us now get the information on different ingredients that go into preparation of concrete in concrete production units or equipments.

Concrete is a thoroughly mixed bi-product of cement, water and aggregates like sand, gravel and crushed stone. As the concrete is mixed in the production equipment the paste of cement and water will bind with aggregates. The mixed mass of ingredients will start hardening and form into rock like mass with passing time because of chemical reaction occurring between cement and water. In many concrete production methods certain supplementary cementitious materials are also added. To know more about concrete batching plant production equipments, visit Apollo Infratech.

Ingredients used in Concrete Production


Cement is the basic material for construction. It is main ingredient of concrete which helps in forming or setting of the concrete with its hardening property. Cement when combines with water, undergoes a process called hydration to form hard mass called paste. This paste acts as a gelling substance which holds together the other ingredients of concrete like sand, gravel, crushed stone, or other granular materials for formation of concrete.


The amount of water present in a concrete mixture decides its thickness. More the water much diluted is the concrete mixture. Much diluted concrete is not effective for construction needs and therefore less water is often desired for an efficient concrete mixture. A proper ratio of cement and water will increase the effectiveness of concrete by increasing its flexural and compressive strength and resistance to weathering. Less water ensures better bonding between the ingredients of concrete decreasing the volume change of the concrete due to wetting and drying. This reduces permeability of concrete mixture and therefore giving it better resistance to cracking.


More than 60% of the concrete mixture is made up of aggregates. These are less expensive and used to offer volume stability to the hardened concrete. There are essentially two types of aggregates used for production of concrete fine aggregates and coarse aggregates. Sand and combination of particles very small, less than 5mm fall under the category of fine aggregates where coarse aggregates include larger ingredients like crushed gravel and stone, blast furnace slag or crushed concrete with particles larger than 5mm. Aggregates can help control the shrinkage of concrete which when increased causes cracking that is not at all desirable in construction.

Most often, apart from these above mentioned ingredients, even supplementary cementitious materials like fly ash, silica fume, calcined clay, calcined shale are also added in concrete. These materials in combination with blended cement will enhance the properties of the hardened concrete for efficient construction.


Therefore it’s the proper amount or ratio of the cement, water, sand, gravel, crushed stone, fly ash, silica fume, calcined clay, calcined shale etc that decides the quality of concrete produced for construction needs. Apollo Infratech is a leading manufacturer of concrete equipments offering high quality concrete production solutions for Indian infrastructure companies for efficient construction needs.

This article educates reader about ingredients used by concrete equipment in production concrete.

How to Select Best Concrete Equipments

Concrete Equipments – Transit Mixer

Concrete equipments are the construction equipments to develop the infrastructure, buildings and bridges. Many types of concrete equipments are utilized now days for preparing concretes. Concrete batching, concrete pump equipment, compact batching plant are few of the widely used concrete equipments. These equipments are used to prepare the concrete blend with mixing of cement, sand, water, and other adhesive materials to create well blended concrete to use in construction. This mixture is rotated in revolving drum on truck that is well known as transit mixer. Transit mixer is used for both creating concrete mixture as well transporting the prepared concrete at construction site. Transit mixer is widely used concrete equipment at small scale for creating buildings, complexes and residential units. Transit mixer is the best low cost equipment for concrete solutions. The transit mixer manufacturing companies provide the machinery with state-of-the-art technology features need for advanced concrete mixture building.

Concrete Mixer Plant

Concrete mixer plant is used where the construction site is at remote location and the transportation of concrete is quite not a viable solution for bulk concrete requirement. In this situation concrete mixer plant is best option to install and prepare strong concrete mixture in bulk for big construction projects like bridges. This plant has lot more additional features than concrete mixer. This batch plant is equipped with other equipments like batches, mixers, conveyors, cement bins etc. The high number of equipments increase the possibilities of pollutions but this has been reduced with addition of pollution control equipment like dust collect inbuilt in the system that clears the dusty particles before releasing gases into the air.

How to Select Concrete Equipments

Construction companies need the best concrete equipments for better mixing and preparing concrete solutions for strong infrastructure development. Even these concrete equipments must be eco-friendly to avoid the pollution with following the international standards and environmental rules. Thus before placing order for concrete equipments, companies should need to have planning and budget that meets their expectation to get the building concrete solution within a deputed time frame as well with the required quality. Varieties of concrete mixer plants/batching plants are available in the market. Even the concrete equipment should have the flexibility of future expansion as the need grows. Sturdy designs and high quality construction equipments are always in demand. If you are looking for such concrete equipment and concrete solution, visit –

Concrete Solutions with Concrete Equipments, Spun Pipe

Concrete Solutions with Concrete Equipments

Fast infrastructure development needs high end concrete equipments for mixing and preparing concrete solutions. Concrete mixer that is also known as transit mixer is one of the widely used concrete equipments for construction that not only mixing the concrete materials well but also transporting the same to the development site. The homogeneous concrete solution is prepared in the truck mounted unit is called as transit mixer. Sometimes the transit mixer is attached as trolley to the tractor or other vehicle. Continuous rolling drum mixing the aggregates thoroughly to make the mixer uniform. The truck mounted concrete mixers are categorized in two ways. One is traditional transit mixer where the rolling drum is mounted on back of the truck and need to place truck at the position to place the concrete solution at right place. This type of transit mixer is used for preparing small amount of construction solution for small projects. But second type of transit mixer is at front side to make the movement of rolling drum in any direction with the guiding remote in the cab of the truck. This way chute can be moved in any direction to place the concrete without placing the truck properly. This one is the advanced concrete machinery solutions to make the work easily and fast.

Spun Pipe

Spun Pipe is a known traditional way of making RCC pipe. Spun pipe making machine is conventional machine invented before two decades by the Australian scientist named Walter Reginald Hume. Based on his name, spun pipe is also popularly known as Hume pipe in construction industry. Now days instead of these traditional pipe making machines, advanced technological process of vertical cast, have been utilized for speedy and high quality, strong concrete pipes. Vertical cast is more automated and trust worth process to create the concrete pipes than spun pipe. Still this process has been used in many countries where labor is cheap and resources are more to handle the process. Industrial construction needs the equipments with modern features to speed up processes with quality works to handle the complex construction tasks with varieties of concrete equipments like concrete batching plant, mounted concrete pump, shotcrete machine and pre-cast applications etc. for further details and technical specification for concrete machinery equipments and building construction solutions, visit –

Pre Cast Concrete Solutions for Highly Efficient Constructions

Pre cast concrete are much preferred for concrete solutions for constructions today. As the name suggests, precast concrete is a construction product which is casted in moulds and cured in controlled atmosphere before itself at a precast plant and then transported to the site for construction applications. Precast concrete has several advantages over the standard site cured concrete. It offers a stronger, durable, efficient and easy to install solution for construction and engineering applications. The precast concrete products are casted earlier and arrive to the job site in readily available form which saves up lot of time employed during concrete casting at site. With precast concrete much reliable forms of construction are possible because studies reveal that precast concrete gets stronger with passing time and are capable of providing longer service life which may require a little or no maintenance at all. Moreover it is also easier to control the mix, place and cure precast concrete as it is manufactured in controlled production environments. All the dust, noise, wastage and disruption associated with the concrete production at site in traditional forms of construction are reduced in precast concrete constructions because the concrete is readily available for construction. As the precast concrete is made offsite, the constructors get the benefit of reduced energy usage, materials use and fuel consumption on-site. Today environment friendly solutions are being employed in every industry. The precast concrete can be recycled offers eco-friendly concrete solutions for construction industry.

The precast concrete at a concrete batching plant is usually manufactured with high quality concrete equipment. Different kinds of concrete equipments are employed for production of precast concrete at concrete plant. These include concrete mixers, concrete pumps, concrete productions and casting equipments etc. The precast concrete equipment used at precast concrete production sites are usually the automated and advanced versions of machinery with which precast concrete can be produced much faster without wastage in minimum amount of time. There is a greater control of the quality of materials and workmanship with these high quality pre cast concrete equipment at a precast plant rather than on a construction site. So with precast concrete high technology concrete solutions for better quality, energy efficient and economic constructions can be ensured.

Good Infrastructure Build Up with Concrete Batching Plant, Hume Pipe

Good Infrastructure – A Real Strength of the Country

Good infrastructure is the real strength of any country. Developed countries like USA, UK, France, China, and Japan are having very good infrastructure that can boost the countries progress further. Infrastructure is the base of any developments like education, better human living, research and technology development and high production material to fill the nation’s requirements along with good exports to earn foreign currencies for further developments. This cycle is well understood by each country and in are process to build the best infrastructure compare to others. You can see the live examples of countries like UAE and many other European, African and Asian countries, which were considered substantial backward before few decades and now they are competing to developing or developed countries. Infrastructure built up has increased substantial growth in human luxury and comforts. This all can be possible through the inventions of the technological advanced and giant construction building tools. Few of the equipments are briefly described here including Concrete batching plant, Transit mixer, Concrete pump, RCC pipe making Machine, Hume Pipe and many more, without which the high rise building, dams fly over and big multiplexes, commercials are impossible to build in certain time frame and resources

Concrete Batching Plant: Also known as concrete plant. It is a big construction unit where needs continuous supply of concretes with bulk production to build the high scale projects like river dam, bridges, nuclear plants etc where tons of concretes needs to prepare on daily basis with continuous supply to the project site. Here small scale concrete production will not work. Concrete batching plant is the group of units where every process of construction materials is processed in various batches and fetch to the project site for implementation. For small scale concrete production for building residential or commercial units, mobile batching plant is more than enough which mixing the raw construction materials including cement, sands, gravels, chemicals, water and other components well. Transit mixer is a concrete mixer used for mixing and transiting of concrete materials at the project site. The same way concrete pumps are also used to build up heavy infrastructure projects.

Hume Pipe: Hume pipes are the RCC constructed pipes named based on its inventor. Hume pipe is used in building up drainage system for area of city. Hume pipe produced in a traditional way from beginning of its invention. Now there are new technologies available to build the sewage system, still Hume pipe is produced in the countries where labor are cheap with not affordability of technologies like vertical cast process. Hume pipe production and application is good for remote and under developed countries where you can get labors in reasonable rates. Hume pipe manufacturing is still not accurate and precision as vertical cast process and the production depends on totally the skill of operator. Vertical cast process for manufacturing RCC pipe is the best process through pipe making machine with faster bulk production and high consistency in the pipe quality. Majority of countries are now using vertical cast process. Still there is good demand of Hume pipes in many countries to build the sewage treatment plants.

Importance of a Concrete Batching Plant

A concrete batching plant is a facility where the ingredients of concrete are mixed and blended skilfully. Once the quality concrete is prepared it is transported to the site on a truck with a revolving drum which is known as transit mixer. The concrete produced out of the concrete batching plant is used in the foundations of building construction, paving materials for roads, plumbing and piping in construction projects etc. So, from this you can make out that how important is the use of concrete in construction equipments. Concrete batching plant is used to mix and blend cement, water, sand and aggregates to form quality concrete without which building any construction project is not possible. It becomes necessary that the concrete batching plant is efficient and speedy in order to complete a construction project as soon as possible. The durability of a construction project highly depends on the quality of the concrete used in that construction project. So, if you require a concrete batching plant for your construction project, then you need to select with lot of precision as the success and failure of your construction project depends on the concrete used which is produced by a concrete batching plant.

Different Types of Concrete Batching Plants

There are various types of concrete batching plants available to suit the specific needs of the construction industry which are given below:-

Transit Mixers

A transit mixer is a truck or trailer with a rotating drum which mixes and blends the concrete while on transit. The transit mixer is very much beneficial for the construction sites which require prompt delivery of freshly mixed concrete. Basically, there are two types of transit mixers, truck mounted transit mixers and trailer mounted transit mixers. When the drum in the transit mixer rotates clock wise, the concrete is being prepared and when it rotates anti clock-wise, it pours the concrete out of the drum.

Concrete Pumps

There can be many places in construction equipment where any other construction equipment cannot reach like on a high rise building or the middle of a long tunnel. In these places, if the concrete is to be poured, then a concrete pump can be of great use. Advanced constructions have become quite easier with the help of concrete pumps.

Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Ready mix concrete plant is a centralized factory or batching plant which is situated near the construction project. The concrete is mixed in the ready mix concrete plant and then transported through a truck or trailer to the construction site. This type of concrete batching plant is advantageous for the small construction projects where the requirement of concrete is in less quantity.

Compact Concrete Batching Plant

The compact concrete batching plant is used to prepare the concrete at the construction site itself. It is used in the construction site where energy saving is the major requirement. It occupies very little space and as it is located at the construction site itself, the concrete can be supplied quickly. Compact concrete batching plant is well known for easy maintenance and low running cost.

Without an efficient concrete batching plant, the successful completion of a construction project is not possible. Thus, if you are planning to select a concrete batching plant for your construction project, then you need to analyze different factors given below:-

  • What type of concrete batching plant you require?
  • How many types of aggregates you will be using?
  • What are the production requirements of your construction project?
  • Is the concrete batching plant to be installed on the construction site or on a different land located at a specific distance?
  • How many hours in a day you need your concrete batching plant to operate?

Still if you are unable to decide which concrete batching plant to be used for your construction project, then you can visit and go through the features of all the different concrete batching plants and decide the one which best suits your construction project.

What is a Concrete Paver?

A concrete paver is very important construction equipment used in the construction of roads, highways, bridge decks, industrial flooring, cargo handling and dock areas etc. At busy intersections, heavy traffic can cause damage and can cause pavements to deteriorate before time. The concrete pavers are used wherever concrete paving is required for speed and efficiency. Concrete pavements can withstand the loading and turning movements of heavy vehicles. As a result, most of the construction companies have started using concrete pavers while building concrete pavements to give long service life to the areas like busy roads and highways. Paving is not just about laying bricks and pouring concrete on it. Paving needs lot of precision in order to construct the roads which are long lasting and heavy vehicles and harsh weather is not able to harm them. You can save yourself from lot of trouble in future if a reliable concrete paver has been used while concrete paving in your construction project. Concrete pavement has become the most popular way of constructing roads and pathways nowadays because it can sustain any bad weather and temperature changes, and also can provide smooth and finished surfaces for many years.

Fixed Form Concrete Pavers

There are two types of concrete pavers, fixed form concrete pavers and slip form concrete pavers. Here, we are going to explain about the fixed form concrete pavers in detail as the fixed form paving system is the most preferred type of paving system nowadays. In fixed form paving, the metal and wooden forms are used. The metal and wooden forms are set and aligned on a solid foundation and staked rigidly. After the forms are set, they are cleaned and oiled so that they get released from the concrete after the concrete hardens. Then the concrete is deposited and after that it is spread by a fixed form concrete paver. The fixed form concrete paver shape, consolidate and float finish the concrete. After the concrete has been hardened, the metal and wooden forms are removed. There are different types for fixed form concrete paving machines available but the least complex are vibratory screeds and revolving tubes. These hand-operated machines finish the surface of the pavement between fixed forms.

What Features to Look for in a Fixed Form Concrete Paver?

Below mentioned features, you should always look for in a fixed form concrete paver:-

  • The fixed form concrete paver should be able to provide finishing width up to 14.5 meter and minimum 450 sq. Mtr./hour length.
  • It should include hydraulic drive which enables dependable operations.
  • A control unit in a fixed form concrete paver should include all hydraulics and mechanical drives.
  • The steering of fixed form concrete paver should be controlled by levers governing two sets of drive tubes.
  • The fixed form concrete paver should be including four mechanical swivel type jacks with tires for height adjustment fitted at each end of structure as it also helps to position the paver on the forms as well travel in or out of the panel area.
  • Self mounted powerful halogen lamps recharged through battery should be included in the fixed form concrete paver.
  • There should be multiple pass capability in a fixed form paver which can facilitate in levelling high spots and filling surface voids.

You can select the fixed form paver depending on the construction project you are handling.