Information on Different Types of Concrete Pumps [INFOGRAPH]

A concrete pump is usually the machine expended in the industry of construction to transfer liquid concrete to the site being worked on. This infograph describes the types of concrete pumps including Boom pump or also known as truck mounted pump, trailer, stationary or line pump, specialized usage pump and more. For more information about … Continue reading “Information on Different Types of Concrete Pumps [INFOGRAPH]”Read More

Material and Equipment Considerations In Concrete Pumping

From the naturally existing water,concrete is the next widely used product.Concrete represents the foundational aspect of every building and structure thus special emphasis must be applied in the construction to ensure high quality and longevity of the building is attained.Concrete pumping equipment should therefore be selected with caution and maintained to deliver good concrete free … Continue reading “Material and Equipment Considerations In Concrete Pumping”Read More

10 Worst Results of Applying Improper Concrete Mix

How Failure Happen in Concrete Mix? Concrete mix produces efficient results in terms of adding strength to the construction structure. Failure to meet the proper requirements in obtaining the right procedure and right ingredient in concrete making leads to formation of cracks and poor building structure with seepage possibilities. Concrete bears good tensile strength however; … Continue reading “10 Worst Results of Applying Improper Concrete Mix”Read More

New Technological Innovations in Concrete Handling

With the need for housing growing by the day, the demand for affordable and quality houses, roads, and pavements has also gone up. This has driven up the manufactures of concrete products in various countries thus created a requirement for quality machinery. Qualities of Well-Mixed Concrete Quality is by no means achieved by accident. A … Continue reading “New Technological Innovations in Concrete Handling”Read More

Market for Concrete Pumps Booms Worldwide As It Gains More Popularity

Concrete pumps are mainly used to transfer wet concrete into the building formwork. The pump delivers high volumes of premixed concrete within a short time. They are ideal for large construction projects or where numerous constructions are required within a short period. Worldwide Market Trends for Concrete Pumps The worldwide demand for concrete pump is … Continue reading “Market for Concrete Pumps Booms Worldwide As It Gains More Popularity”Read More

Learn about the Properties of Concrete that Threatens Construction Business

Properties of Concrete that Increase the Risk Features in Construction Business In earlier days concrete was prepared by manually mixing ingredients. This procedure took more time, labour cost and material wastage as well. The invention of concrete making apparatus has resolved the risks with easy construction solutions. A batch plant for instance is a useful … Continue reading “Learn about the Properties of Concrete that Threatens Construction Business”Read More

How To Take Care & Remove Blockages of Concrete Pump?

Concrete equipments are machines and industrial setups that are used in preparation of concrete products such as slabs, culverts, and pillars and even hollow core slabs. There is a wide range of items that can be made of concrete depending on use thereby making these equipments very important in industry. Like every machine, maintenance of … Continue reading “How To Take Care & Remove Blockages of Concrete Pump?”Read More

Importance of a Concrete Batching Plant

A concrete batching plant is a facility where the ingredients of concrete are mixed and blended skilfully. Once the quality concrete is prepared it is transported to the site on a truck with a revolving drum which is known as transit mixer. The concrete produced out of the concrete batching plant is used in the … Continue reading “Importance of a Concrete Batching Plant”Read More

Introduction to Ready Mix Concrete Plant

The ready mix concrete plant is used to manufacture ready-mix concrete which is used in all the construction projects. The ready-mix concrete is also known as RMC is a mixture of cement, water, sand and aggregates. It is manufactured in a batching plant as per the required specifications of a construction project. RMC (ready mix … Continue reading “Introduction to Ready Mix Concrete Plant”Read More

Concrete Pump – Find A Perfect Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps are indispensable for certain kinds of construction jobs. Concrete pumps are used to pour liquid concrete in the difficult areas like top of the building, middle of the tunnel etc. The concrete pumps are designed in such a way that they reach in the difficult areas and pour the concrete to make the … Continue reading “Concrete Pump – Find A Perfect Concrete Pump”Read More