Market for Concrete Pumps Booms Worldwide As It Gains More Popularity

Concrete pumps are mainly used to transfer wet concrete into the building formwork. The pump delivers high volumes of premixed concrete within a short time. They are ideal for large construction projects or where numerous constructions are required within a short period.

Worldwide Market Trends for Concrete Pumps

The worldwide demand for concrete pump is rising steadily due to their application in many upcoming constructions in the real estate and infrastructural projects. Large constructions companies with huge investments projects that are time constrained require concrete pumps and this creates a demand for them.

Demand and Pricing for Concrete Pumps

The demand for concrete pumps varies with the performance measures as well as the type of pump. Currently boom and line pumps are the most common pumps.

Booms pumps are largely demanded in most building and infrastructure projects as compared to line concrete pumps. The demand for these products varies in different markets with most companies in the developed and developing world using these pumps in high investment projects.

The boom pump is mounted on trailer for easy transportation to site. It has a robotic arm which is remotely controlled by the operator so as to direct the concrete to the required point with a lot of accuracy. The number of arms influences its maneuverability and effectiveness. Other performance features such as pumping volume, vertical span, horizontal span and number of arms affect the pricing and subsequently, the demand.

Line pumps are also mounted on trailers for easy transportation. Steel and pipe horses are used to transfer concrete to the intended location. These pump less volume as compared to boom pumps.

Cost Savings When Using Concrete Pump as Opposed to Other Technologies

The main advantage of concrete pumps is the ability to transfer concrete to the exact location using minimal labor and energy.  Ordinary concrete transfer methods require many construction workers and equipments to transfer concrete into the formwork. In addition a lot of time is wasted in this process. Concrete boom pumps have the capacity to pump large volumes of about 150m3/hour at distances of about 50m to 200m. Putzmeister Boom pumps have been shown to pump concrete to height of 600m in the burj Khalifa construction project in Dubai while the BSA1407 was able to pump to a height of 800 m in Delhi metro tunnel project.

The pumps transfer concrete vertically and horizontally. This ensures that less time is wasted in construction sites and the project costs reduce considerably.

Current Market Trends and Future Prospects

Currently boom pumps are becoming more popular in construction sites as compared to line concrete pumps and trailer pumps.  Recent advancement in boom pump has made them applicable in many complex buildings and this has increased their demand. The market for boom concrete pumps is steadily rising in India and other parts of the world. If you want to know more information about current market trends and future prospects services, visit –


The boom concrete pump market has continued to rise globally due to the need for increased productivity, safety and quality at construction projects. In addition, Labor cost saving and reduction in construction time increase the demand and market share for concrete pumps.