Pipe Making Machines CAP 360 and CAP 250 / 200

The CAP-250/360 is a high-quality, multipurpose concrete pipe making machine. It uses the latest Danish technology and features an electrically driven VIHY core vibration system. It has a belt distributor of concrete and a hydraulic pressing/rocking device for good-quality pipes. The CAP-250/360 can be upgraded to the twin-station CAP-200 with minimal modifications. The CAP-150/200 is available in single-station and twin-station configurations.

The CAP 360 is highly versatile. Despite its compact size, it can produce a wide range of pipe sizes. Its advanced features allow it to produce lined pipe in multiple materials, such as HDPE, PVC, GRP, and rubber. It can also be used to cast box products and liner components. It has rigid panels that help ensure accuracy and repeatability of box products. The CAP-360 also has the option of producing gasketed and non-gasketed joints.

Multicast is trusted for its liner and lining pipe production. It is equipped with a unique, rigid panel and is uniquely equipped for lined pipe production. This machine also produces box products of varying shapes and sizes from a single mold set. It can be programmed to produce a range of sizes using one set of molds. It can produce gasketed and non-gasketed joints. It also offers a wide range of pipe sizes.

Concrete Pipe Making Machine
Concrete Pipe Making Machine

The CAP 360 is an automatic pipe making machine that can produce a wide range of pipe sizes on one machine. It is designed to produce 12-inch and fifteen-inch pipes, whereas the previous minimum size for pipes was 18 inches. Its dual drive system is infinitely variable. The CAP360 is an advanced pipe making machine with a wide selection of features. It offers improved performance, reduced operational costs, and increased productivity.

The CAP 360 machine comes with a standard X-Y controlled belt that feeds concrete into the rollerhead. Its feeder is capable of tracking a variety of shapes, including round and rectangular pipe products. Four lasers in the hood read the concrete level from all four directions. The CAP360 makes the process faster and more efficient. If you have a plant and are apprehensive about the technology, consider the CAP-360.

CAP 360 is a versatile machine designed for the construction of reinforced concrete pipes. Its unique design allows it to produce concrete pipes of all sizes. Its conveyor feeds concrete into the rollerhead from the bottom of the drive shaft. The belt automatically follows the concrete level in all four directions. The XLBC360 eliminates the need for manual intervention. It increases the production rate by as much as 50%. Moreover, the CAP360 is the most versatile machine for pipe manufacturing, offering versatility, durability, and flexibility.

CAP 360 is capable of a wide variety of pipe sizes. Its male end spigots and stay-in-place headers are also available. The CAP360 has a single-station or double-station option, and can produce the full range of manhole products. The in-machine turnover system enables the optimal dry-cast production of monolithic manhole bases and slabs.