SlipForm Pavers – Best Way to Accelerate Construction

In most of the construction sites slipform pavers technique is used for better and faster production results. There are lots of advantages in using a slip form techniques over fixed form technique in paving. It is the best way to accelerate large construction work requiring a very high rate of production. It is used to consolidate and give proper geometric shape to plain cement concrete by constantly pulling the mass. Apart from a perfect geometric finish, there are other advantages obtained through this process. It saves a lot of time and manpower to give a high quality and smooth pavement at lower cost.

8-16H - SlipForm Paver

Reduce Construction Time

The high rate of production reduces a considerable amount of time in construction. This process has enabled paving engineers and contractors to pave a larger area with less manpower. Also, the use of low slump PCC enables in faster consolidation of the mass as soon as the paver passes over. This is an added advantage as the low slump PCC has higher flexural and strengthening capability than the higher ones. The speed of production is increased in this way and helps in faster completion of a project and result in more profitability.

10-17 - SlipForm Paver

Lower Manpower Required

The use of slipform paver has also reduced the size of paving crew considerably. This results in lower production cost as well. It is seen that this device can do jobs of twenty to thirty people at a time. This huge number of labour can be saved as the machine itself does the job of from setting and moving crew to that of the form finishing crew. All these jobs are done at the same time resulting in their elimination of such a large number of crew. As consolidation and pulling is done effectively, only a fewer number of crew are required to repair the tears or any other minor surface imperfections.

10-17 - SlipForm Paver

Less Equipment Required

Use of this machine has also enabled the engineers to finish a project with less equipment as compared to other conventional techniques followed for paving a riding surface. This results in less capital requirement and hence increasing profitability once again. Moreover, use of this machine also eliminates side forms and the manpower required to set as well as remove those. So, it can be said that a single machine can save the cost of material, labour as well as supervision of the entire construction work.

Job Management Simplified

Management of job becomes easy when slipform paving technique is used. Less equipment means there is no loss of time in onsite repair and maintenance of equipment. Lower manpower means there will be fewer problems in man power management due to less union difficulties, especially in highly unionized places. The shorter working space and period results in effective management and control of issues. Other advantages enjoyed are contractors have less waste of raw materials, resulting in a smooth and perfect riding surface with minimum hand work required. With such extensive use, no wonder such technique is used for durable, smooth and cost effective production.