Benefits of Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete is the most important requirement for any small or big construction project. Fresh ready mix concrete is frequently needed in construction work. Thus concrete mixing plant near to the construction site is the preferable action for any infrastructure project to save transportation cost and time effectively.

Concrete mixing plant is also known as concrete batching plant that needs huge storage of sand, water, gravel, cement, rocks etc. There are 2 types of concrete mixing plant. One is “ready mix concrete batching plant” and second is “central plant for concrete mixing”. These two are industry best construction plants providing great flexible concrete mixing solutions. Read more about this 2 plants, their features and benefits at Apollo Infratech.

Ready mix concrete batching plant is a mobile truck with a big drum where operator add all the ingredients like sand, gravel, rock, cements, adhesive chemicals and make a good mixture by adding water in to the mixer. This concrete mixture is transported to the site location by rotating the drum at a constant low speed. The speed rate needs to increase before 5 minutes of ready mix concrete usage. Ready mix concrete batching plant is used when it needs low concrete at consistent rate where it is difficult to build central concrete mixing plant. Thus ready mix concrete plant is good where the site location is far and difficult and not cost effective build a central concrete plant.

Central concrete mixing plant is a big plant with all the facilities to create large amount of concrete mixing for fast movement and implementation. This central concrete plant need more space to create the required plant infrastructure. The raw materials are mixed well into the plant chamber before loading them onto truck. The truck container is rotated at constant low rate to create a good ready mix concrete, to maintain the mixture fresh and to avoid the solid state of the mixture. The truck is transported to the site location to provide the concrete mixture. The concrete plant is implemented at the location where it needs to finish big construction project in shorter duration. Central concrete batching plant is more powerful than ready mix plant as the concrete is well mixed in the plant compare to mixing process of ready mix concrete in the rolling drum due to space limitations. The selection out of these 2 plants depends on above factors and requirements as stated above.