Concrete Batching Plant, Transit Mixer, Ready Mix Concrete Plant

With the growing economic stimulus, Indian infrastructure companies are growing at fast rate like never before. Various banks, private partner firms and investors have come up to fund various infrastructure development projects in India. Apollo Infratech Pvt. Ltd., India is a leading Indian infrastructure company manufacturing concrete construction equipment and supplying worldwide. The company has retained its numero uno position in the infrastructure industry since its inception.

Concrete Batching Plant

A concrete batching plant is a manufacturing unit where the necessary components used to produce concrete are amalgamated properly to form a fine mixture. The blend includes cement, water, sand, gravel and other materials. It is then transported to the construction site for building roads, buildings, industries and many such assets for infrastructure development. Concrete batching units are categorized as permanent high speed concrete batching plant and mobile bathing plant. The former is a high capacity batching plant and is used in large infrastructure development projects while the latter one is used in small developmental projects. With latest technological advancements, infrastructure companies are now coming up with versatile and efficient manufacturing plants for better infrastructure. Engineered to precision, each concrete batching plant is designed and developed for quality production.

Transit Mixers

 Transit mixers are mechanical devices that homogeneously combine cement, sand, gravel and water to from fine grained concrete. In mechanical system, they are referred to as well designed equipments meant for transporting concrete. Industrial applications of transit mixers include construction of dams, bridges, canals, high rise apartments, industrial buildings, distant highways, factories and many such infrastructure development projects. Available in various customized designs and sizes, transit mixer system are highly efficient, makes low noise and provides optimum output with low maintenance. Construction companies are highly dependent on industrial transit mixers for better developmental work.

Mounted Concrete Pump

Mounted concrete pumps are well renowned for their functionality and reliability. Every mounted concrete pump is manufactured using high quality, wear resistant and tear resistant material for long life, high optimization and minimal operating and maintenance cost. Improved higher performance, equipment safety and programmed maintained operations, the new advanced mounted concrete pump unit represents a significant step in infrastructure development. Industrial applications of mounted concrete pumps include construction of dams, high rise buildings, industries, factories, bridges, canals and many such construction projects.

Shotcrete Machine

Shotcrete is an alternative and increasingly used equipment for placing concrete. Articulated and specially designed for heavy duty underground and mining work, shotcrete machines possess higher strength and greater flexibility. They are basically divided into two major categories namely explosion proof type and non explosion proof type. The machines comprises of advantages of wet and dry spray machine. Cement, sand, water and additional additives are the basic components used in the production of shotcrete mix. Because of compact designs, such machines are useful where space is at premium. Shotcrete machines are widely used in lining of water tanks, mines, swimming pools and backfilling of tunnel construction.

Mobile Concrete Mixer with Pump, Pre Cast Application

Various construction sites differ according to the conditions. Road construction requires less mobility while mining requires higher mobility of concrete construction equipments. At such construction sites, it becomes very essential to shift the concrete mixers at such infrastructure projects. The compact construction of mobile concrete mixers with pumps enables its reach even in narrow areas. Pre cast concrete application includes marine applications, retaining walls, cemetery products, structural products, bridges, industries, wastewater products and many such applications.

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