Concrete Construction Equipment – Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete constructions are the most popular forms of constructions taking place all over the world. The main reasons for this are the efficiency and tough qualities of construction material used in these constructions. Concrete is the construction material used in concrete constructions. It is highly durable and sustainable material that goes into construction of various kinds of residential and commercial constructions in the world. It has capability to resist weathering, erosion and natural disasters. It needs fewer repairs and little maintenance and thereby helps in cutting up the construction costs and adding up to a solid investment in construction.

Concrete is not found naturally, it is produced by the mixing of appropriate proportions of sand, gravel, water and cement that are determined by the usage and the conditions of the area where the concrete is being used for construction. Any ordinary mixing techniques cannot be used for concrete production and thus a specific piece of equipment is required. The equipment used in production or mixing of concrete is known as concrete plant or batching plant. For smaller productions, compact transit mixers will serve the purpose but for the bigger projects where concrete requirement is higher a larger concrete batching plant is required.

What is Concrete Batching Plant?

A concrete batching plant is special form of machinery designed to homogeneously mix various ingredients for formation of the right concrete mixture that can be used in applications like road constructions, buildings, pipes, dams, parking lots, pavements etc.

Types of Concrete Batching Plants

Depending on the how the concrete in mixed and when the concrete reaches the construction site, the concrete plants are mainly classified into two categories – ready mix concrete plant and central mix concrete batching plant. In a ready mix concrete plant, dry form of concrete excluding water is mixed thoroughly. This dry concrete is then transported in a concrete transport truck to the construction site. Water is added to this dry concrete mixture when the truck is on its way to the job site. The another popular form of concrete batching plant is a central mix concrete plant in which either all or only a few ingredients of concrete are mixed along with water at a fundamental location where the plant is situated. This mixed concrete solution is then disposed to the job site for construction purposes. This is usually a high capacity batching plant, which generally consists of silos, bins, concrete batchers, conveyors and control equipment. They are stationary mixer units as compared to the mobile batching plants which consist of frameworks carrying batchers, conveyors, scales, control equipment, small silos and are normally adapted to be transported from site to site.

Why to Use Concrete Batching Plant?

Concrete batching plants can be valuable resources for the construction companies.  With the use of concrete batching plants, these companies can speed up the tasks of concrete production at sites while eliminating the problems of inefficiency in mixing. With concrete plants, the concrete can be mixed to exact specifications required for a particular construction and therefore the risks of final product rejection are lessened. The problems of over or under supply of concrete, delivery delays, product wastage or too wet or too dry concrete production can be eliminated. Therefore concrete batching plants are very useful equipments which every construction company involved in concrete constructions should possess to save up on its concrete production costs and improve its profits.

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