Promoters of the Best Concrete Construction Solutions Company in India

Promoters are the back bone of any company. They have a defining and an extremely important role to play in company’s progress. It is in the hands of promoters to take a company to heights or make it fall. The company with the best promoters will be more successful and at a good position. This fact is very well understood from Apollo Infratech.

Apollo Infratech is one of the leading concrete solutions providers in India offering the most advanced and reliable concrete solutions to the infrastructure companies in Indian construction industry. The company is one of the widely recognized names in country for its concrete construction equipment including concrete batching plant, transit mixers, concrete pump, concrete pavers and pre-cast application products which are high quality and most reliable equipments used for concrete construction. This position of the company as the best concrete solutions provider is only because of its promoters.

The promoters of Apollo Infratech, Mr. Ajit T. Patel and Mr. Mitul Patel, are highly capable and proficient persons having good know-how of construction industry. They are great leaders who are leading the company from front on the path of progress. For any business in the path of progress there should be many hardships and struggles. A good promoter is the one who has perseverance and knows how to deal with these hardships while leading the company to progress. He should be able to communicate with customers, suppliers or employees effectively to make sure that business runs smoothly. Calculated and well thought risk taking ability can help promoter to take better decisions for the betterment of the company. The financial ability to support the company and the motivation to keep on going forward in spite of hurdles are the most important qualities a good promoter should have to manage a company efficiently. All these qualities of a good promoter or entrepreneur including perseverance, interpersonal communication skills, willingness to take calculated risks, motivations and time and personnel management are clearly found in these promoters of Apollo Infratech.

Experience is one of the most important things that a promoter should have to be able to take the right and best decisions for the company with confidence. This is what Mr. Ajit T. Patel has got. Mr. Ajit is a highly experienced professional having over 3 decades of experience in road construction equipment manufacturing industry. He is the pioneer of road construction equipment manufacturing in India and is also one of the proud founders of Apollo group. Being a leader with a vision, he has the capability to think innovatively and big. He always aims high for the company and therefore under his able guidance, Apollo Infratech is constantly striving to grow fast, while serving the infrastructure and construction industry at its best.

A good promoter should be able to properly delegate the responsibilities to the sub ordinates. He should have efficient leadership qualities for the proper management of company and its personnel. This is the strength of the second promoter of Apollo Infratech, Mr. Mitul Patel. Mr. Mitul is a young and dynamic leader of Apollo, under whose guidance the company has seen major export and domestic growth. With his knowledge on the latest technology used in the field of construction he constantly strives hard to bring in this finest technology into the products of the company to offer the most advanced and completely reliable solutions to the construction industry.

Integrity and passion for their work are clearly reflected in the actions of these dynamic promoters of Apollo. Both of them are efficient leaders who not only work to maintain high standards of the company, but are also proactive in raising the bar of the company to achieve excellence in construction equipments field. Therefore under the guidance of such capable and dynamic promoters, Apollo Infratech is no doubt constantly progressing and therefore has today has successfully become the best concrete solutions provider in India.