Concrete Solutions – How to Prepare Ready Mix Concrete with Concrete equipments

Infrastructure development is important for any country for better health, facilities and comforts of human life. It requires technological advanced instruments to develop the big constructions like dam, bridges, super highways, big complexes and buildings etc. This all have become possible due to production of high end machineries and concrete batching plants that are used to produce quality concrete mixtures to build the strengthen infrastructure. Various concrete equipments are offered as concrete solutions to prepare quality concrete mixtures are as below –

Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant is a setup that can be established near to the big construction projects so that the transportation of ready mix concrete can be easily provided. Concrete batching plant is also known as concrete mixing plant that mixing the concrete materials including cement, water, sand, gravels, adhesives and other materials very well and create a well blended mix to place on the blocks. The batching plant is used to generate large amount of concrete for big projects like dam, overfly, highways and other big projects where need continuous supply of ready mix concrete in bulk amount. The high production in low time is even good to reduce the overall project cost. The concrete batching plant is also known as central batching plant, which is available in different capacities.

Transit Mixture

Mobile concrete plant is used in small projects and for the remote projects where the batching plant establishment is not possible. Transit mixer is a mobile concrete plant having mixture drum with truck. The mixture drum can prepare a small amount of concrete mixture by mixing the material on the way to the site that creates uniform mixture where adding the water generate the final ready mix concrete to unload at the site. The costing for producing the concrete mixture is comparative high than central batching plant but it is quite sufficient to operate in low cost and low maintenance for small construction projects. This is the best purchase for the construction companies that are building city infrastructure where the place is too small and the concrete requirement is also based on the projects. To get the all types of concrete solutions to prepare best quality ready mix concrete with equipments at Apollo Infratech.

Hume Pipe / Spun Pipe

Pipe making machine is used to build RCC pipe with the process called as Hume pipe. This is a traditional way of manufacturing concrete pipes used for long time that needs high human resources to manage the operation. The process requires hard work and human dependency for creating accurate strengthen pipes. This old way of pipe production is replaced with the technological advanced vertical cast process. The vertical cast process is a computer controlled process for production of more strong RCC pipes with less human resources and low costing compare to Hume pipe. The under developed countries are still using the Hume pipe process due to cheap labor.

Pre Cast Concrete Equipment

Pre cast concrete equipment is used to cast the concrete in molded shapes before transporting to the construction locations. There are many benefits of building pre cast concrete compare to site cured concrete. The long preserving time of concrete generated through precast concrete equipment make it stronger, durable and efficient. Precast concrete usage is more time saving method where the final concrete is ready to place in a better way to implement infrastructure on time.