Hollow Concrete Block Making Machine

The Hollow Concrete Block Making Machine is an essential equipment to produce concrete hollow blocks. It consists of a batching machine, a mixer, a lifting plate system, a palletizing system and other components. A full production line for this machine is shown in the figure below. The process includes a mixer and a manual operator to ensure that all processes are carried out properly. It takes about seven days to dry a brick after it is finished.

A machine’s capacity is based on the actual weight of the aggregates and its configuration. Higher capacities require more land, but a machine can also handle smaller amounts. In addition, the amount of sand varies from machine to machine. Depending on the country where the machine is used, the price should be adapted accordingly.

The capacity value is a theoretical value. It can vary depending on the aggregate structure, operator, weather, and accommodation conditions. In order to achieve the proper compaction of the concrete mix, eccentric weights vibrate the mold. Each 30-second cycle, the vibration lasts six seconds. The duration depends on the type of operating condition. A high-quality hollow block making machine will last many years if maintained properly. A lower price means that you can compete with companies selling higher capacity machines.

A mechanical type hollow block maker has no pallets. It lays the blocks on flat surfaces and moves on to the next batch. It then leaves the blocks on the floor to cure. This reduces the amount of pallets used and helps reduce the overall weight of the machine. The smooth movement of the automatic hollow block making machine minimizes the risk of damaged blocks. Moreover, it ensures the density of the load and light-weight blocks.

The construction of the Hollow Concrete Block Making Machine begins by transferring raw materials to the batching machine by wheel loaders. The operators transfer the materials to the mixer by using wheel loaders. A batching machine weighs and batches the materials according to the requirements of the customer. After the materials have been mixed and blended, the blocks are discharged from the mixer and delivered to the storage hopper of the host machine. These machines are usually automatic.

Concrete Block Making Machine ZN1000 and ZN1500

A manual hollow block making machine is more efficient and cost-effective than a conventional hollow concrete block-making machine. Its various types are useful in construction projects. A manual machine can be used to make the different types of hollow blocks. A concrete block-making machine can produce many types of solid and hollow blocks. It is used for a wide variety of applications. For instance, the machine can produce blocks of different sizes and shapes. It can be customized, so it can produce several types of construction products.