Concrete Construction Equipment – Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Ready mix concrete or RMC is a readily available concrete that is produced at a centralized factory or batching plant and transported to the construction site for instant usage. The batching plant in which ready mix concrete is produced is called ready mix concrete plant. With a ready mix concrete plant, the concrete aggregates are initially mixed in proportions as per customer specifications and then transported to the site in a plastic condition, usually in the cylindrical trucks often known as concrete mixers. The ready mix concrete produced by the RMC plant is widely used in smaller construction projects where the requirement of concrete is smaller. Adopting the concrete construction equipment like concrete mixers or concrete plant for such smaller construction projects can be very costly and therefore ready mix concrete is often preferred. A ready-mix concrete plant can also serve the concrete needs of the larger construction jobs where due to limited amount of space for on-site concrete mixing, producing concrete with concrete batching plant is not possible.

For various reasons the concrete produced by a ready mix concrete plant is preferred over the on-site concrete mixing solutions.

Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete

  • With the use of ready mix concrete the on-site requirements for installation of concrete plant is eliminated, thereby cutting out the storage problems and labor costs associated with it.
  • The wastage of materials for manufacturing of concrete is also avoided.
  • No labor has to be put in for production of concrete at the site.
  • As concrete is readily available for the construction purposes, the time required for concrete production is saved.
  • Better quality concrete as per customized requirements is readily got.
  • Cost of production of concrete is lessened.
  • Noise level and dust pollution on-site is reduced.

Types of Ready Mix Concrete Plants

Based on the mobility factor, there are essentially two types of ready mix concrete plants. One is a central mix concrete plant and other is mobile concrete plant. The central mix concrete plant is a stationary concrete production unit where the concrete is completely mixed at the stationary plant and then transported to the site in a truck-mixer or agitator truck. Concrete’s lifespan between mixing and going-off is normally limited which means that ready mixed concrete should be used within 2 hours of batching at the plant. In the cases where the site is very far off from the stationary mix plant this could be a serious problem. And even the slightest disturbance of the concrete during transit prevents segregation of the materials and reduces the amount of slump loss. All these problems are eliminated with mobile ready mix concrete plants in which the concrete is produced during the transit and is ready to be poured for usage as soon as it reaches the site. This allows the onsite contractors to use the concrete in liquid fresh state for the best applications.

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