S-Valve Technology Concrete Pump

A concrete pump is supposed to be reliable, robust, powerful and with less wear and tear in order to successfully complete the tough operations at a construction site. The latest concrete pump using S-valve technology allows pumping with higher concrete pressure to reach higher output at greater heights. Whereas, the wear & tear of the concrete pump using S-Valve technology is also less which results in reduced operation costs. The S-valve technology concrete pump is on high demand in smaller construction sites where those types of concrete pumps are required which can provide versatile services at reduced costs. In the case of big construction projects also S-valve technology concrete pump has been proven to be beneficial because of its capability of handling high rise and long distance with real power. Because of high wear and tear, the gate valve pumps have been outdated and most of the infrastructure companies use S-valve technology concrete pump because of its long life as well as low diesel and hydraulic oil consumption. Benefits of Using S-Valve Technology Concrete Pump
  • The S-Valve technology concrete pump has proven itself to be the most economical solution while switching from one delivery cylinder to the other.
  • The S-Valve technology concrete pump is with S-transfer tube which has been setting new world records in vertical and horizontal delivery.
  • The S-Valve technology concrete pump is very useful at the sites with concrete pressures above 85 bars.
  • The S-Valve technology concrete pump is specially designed for long life and high concrete pressure.
  • To extend the life of S-Valve technology concrete pump, the inside wall can be rebuilt by hard face welding.
  • The S-Valve technology concrete pump is adorned with low-lying agitator that is driven on both sides, keeps the mix homogeneous and guides the concrete directly in front of the cylinder openings without sucking the air, thus increasing its efficiency.
Manufacturer of S-Valve Technology Concrete Pump The S-Valve technology concrete pump is being offered by Apollo Infratech, the manufacturer of concrete construction equipment. The S-Valve technology concrete pump manufactured by Apollo Infratech is equipped with highly resistant ā€œSā€ transfer tube which can pump even the difficult concrete. Below mentioned are the advanced features of S-Valve technology concrete pump which can enable best working at low investment.
  • Latest technology in concrete pumping
  • Longer life due to hard faced design
  • Highly suitable for the requirement of long distance and high rise pumping
  • It has less chance of choking because of its highly effective reverse pumping and leak proof system
  • Adorned with separate concrete and hydraulic pumping system
  • The wear parts can be maintained and refurbished easily
  • Minimum operation costs
  • Can have longer maintenance intervals
  • Easy to clean and very safe