Transit Mixers – Work in Motion

Transit mixers are also known as concrete mixer trucks and are designed in such a way that they work while in transit. Working in transit means that while the transit mixer is travelling to its destination, the concrete is getting mixed. So, the transit mixers help in saving time which makes it a better solution for mixing the concrete. The transit mixers are loaded with dry materials and water and concrete is mixed at the time of transporting. Transit mixer includes a rotating drum, inside which a spiral blade is fitted. When this spiral blade rotates in a direction, the concrete is mixed and when it rotates in the opposite direction, the concrete is thrown out of the drum. Using these transit mixers, the construction workers can mix and distribute the concrete to a place in construction site wherever needed. The benefit of using transit mixer is that it saves time and also maintains the liquid state of the concrete by continuously mixing it until the concrete reaches its destination. Features to Look for in a Transit Mixer There are various types of transit mixers available nowadays. All these transit mixers have unique features and they differ in their functionality as well. There are transit mixers available with advanced features and transit mixers available with simplified features also. However, which transit mixer to be chosen by the builder depends on the requirement of the construction project. There are some significant features of a transit mixer which are commonly preferred by concrete construction projects.
  • The drum and spirals of the transit mixers should be having long life.
  • The operations of the transit mixers should be user friendly so that your workers do not find difficulty in operating the transit mixer.
  • There should be maximum discharge of concrete using a transit mixer so that wastage can be avoided. This is possible only if the position of spirals in the drum is properly optimized.
  • The hydraulic pump and motor in the transit mixer should be of best quality.
  • The transit mixer should include hardened rollers which increase the reliability and cover which can provide safety against dust.
  • The transit mixer drum should rotate on machined ring which can achieve concentricity and smooth rotation.
  • The transit mixer should have micro filtration system which can ensure hydraulic and motor protection.
  • The mixing unit of transit mixer should be compact.
Besides the above features, you need to check that the frame length, centre of gravity, height and width of the transit mixer suits to your construction project. Also you need to ensure that you get efficient and reliable round the clock after sale services so that buying transit mixer becomes a profitable investment and not the investment which can incur losses for you. The transit mixers are considered as the most important concrete construction equipment in any construction project since a long time. The transit mixers have contributed a lot in the development at a fast pace. Just need to ensure that you choose the right transit mixer so that it is easy to maintain and you spend low cost in operating which will lead to the success of your construction project.