Concrete Construction Equipment – Transit Mixers

The need for faster and homogeneous production of concrete solutions for constructions has resulted in the development of various kinds of concrete production or mixing equipments in the construction industry. Among the best developments in concrete construction equipment is definitely a concrete mixer that is popularly known as transit mixer. A transit mixer is a mobile kind of concrete mixing machinery that not only homogeneously mixes the aggregates like sand, gravel, water and cement for concrete formation but also transports the mixture to the site. In a transit mixer usually the concrete mixer or mixing unit is mounted on a truck or is of trailer form which can be attached to vehicle like tractor for concrete transport. The aggregates are spun inside the revolving drum until they are thoroughly mixed and formed into a proper concrete mixture. The concrete mixing in the transit mixer occurs while transport to the site.

Types and Applications of Transit Mixers

There are mainly of two kinds of transit mixers, the truck mounted in-transit mixers or trailer concrete mixers. The truck mounted concrete mixers or in-transit mixers are the nothing but special concrete transport trucks are made to transport and mix concrete up to the construction site. These are the mobile concrete mixers in which the concrete mixing drums are mounted on the truck chassis. These drums are usually made of steel or fiberglass and are charged with dry materials and water, with the mixing occurring during transport. During mixing drums usually rotate in particular direction that pushes the concrete inside the drum, but when rotation happens in the other direction concrete is forced out of the drum on to the chutes to guide the concrete to the job site.

Based on the discharge of concrete from the trucks, the truck mounted transit mixers are of two kinds – rear discharge truck mixers and front discharge trucks. The rear discharge trucks are the traditional transit mixer units in which the truck and chute need to be guided for appropriate concrete placement in the site. On the other hand in front discharge truck mounted transit mixers are the advanced forms of transit mixing units that are facilitated with special controls inside the cab of the truck with which the chute can be moved in various directions for concrete placement without requiring any guiding personnel for the purpose as in the case of rear discharge trucks. In some cases when the truck cannot be placed close enough to the site then the concrete placement is done using concrete pumps.

The other variant of transit mixers is the trailer concrete mixer. This is rather a mini version of a truck transit-mixer and is often used to supply short loads of concrete. It is cart-away style trailer mixer that is usually pulled behind a pick-up truck and batched from smaller batching systems. The concrete mixing trailer system is popular with rental yards and building material locations, who use them to supply ready-mix to their regular customer base.

Advantages of Transit Mixers

A transit mixer provides a fast and easy way to produce concrete mixtures thereby giving an easy access for concrete mixture forming to the construction contractors when it is necessary. It fastens up the tasks of concrete production at sites and eliminates the problems of inefficiency in mixing, material wastage, concrete production and delivery delays at the construction sites. The transit mixers can be transported all around a job site and therefore allow the easier, faster and more convenient concrete production and placement at the site. The transit mixers are therefore popular concrete mixing units and are widely used for applications like residential driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, pool areas, steps, park areas and retaining wall blocks. However the industrial applications of transit mixers include construction of dams, bridges, canals, high rise apartments, industrial buildings, distant highways, factories and many such infrastructure development projects.

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