10 Worst Results of Applying Improper Concrete Mix

How Failure Happen in Concrete Mix?

Concrete mix produces efficient results in terms of adding strength to the construction structure. Failure to meet the proper requirements in obtaining the right procedure and right ingredient in concrete making leads to formation of cracks and poor building structure with seepage possibilities. Concrete bears good tensile strength however; the same has to be preserved in terms of following appropriate mixing guide. The common mistake which many construction workers commit is that they either add excess of water or little water than the required amount. This amounts to leakage and improper curing of concrete slabs.

Improper Concrete Mix-Some Facts Behind

Improper mix results due to the following factors

  • Not managing the mix with the right quantity of water
  •  Excess of water in the mix leads to formation of humidity in between which may obviously lead to lack of curing
  • Cracks on the concrete surface may appear soon.
Improper Concrete Mix-Some Facts Behind

10 Worst Results of bad Concrete Application

  1. Poor construction quality also happens by allowing lesser time for curing than what is required in actual.
  2. Concrete is a flexible component that can be mixed to get any desired shape, however the mixing proportion should be finite
  3. One of the obvious risks in concrete mix failure is that concrete reduces in its strength when the mixing ratio in not concurrent
  4. The amount of entrained air also affects the concrete texture and quality
  5. The quantity of chemicals and other admixtures also need to be in right proportion to obtain consistent concrete.
  6. The application of high grade ingredients plays an influential role and the cumulative grading has a strong impact affecting the final outcome of concrete texture and subsequent shape.
  7. Improper mixing of concrete obviously leads to lack of consistency
  8. Segregation of cement ingredients is also an often occurring worst effect due to the impact of inconsistent concrete mix. This results in the failure of solid components to go compatible with other fine particles or water.
  9. Conventional mixing method like hand mix or manual mixing method has serious impact on concrete texture if time taken for mixing or concrete ingredient and water ratio remain unbalanced.
  10. Failure to apply the mix on time also leads to construction flaws.

Modern Concrete Solutions that Sweeps Majority of Concrete Mix Issues

In recent days the inception of concrete equipments like ready mix concrete, ready mix concrete batch plant, transit mixers, concrete pumps, or the hollowcore slab making machine, etc are best solutions with which investors can experience good return on investment. Moreover, these concrete problem solving equipments are fast, reliable, and cost effective solution.

Modern Concrete Solutions that Sweeps Majority of Concrete Mix Issues

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Concrete mix is the key point of successful and strong construction work. Improper mixing results in affecting the quality of construction and risk of obtaining worst building quality. Applying batch plant or a transit mixer for timely mixing in correct proportion and timely supply of mixture is one of the best and affordable solutions available today.