Importance of Concrete Plants, Transit Mixers, Concrete Pumps in Concrete Constructions

Importance of Concrete Plants, Mixers and Concrete Pumps in Concrete Constructions

Compared to the other forms of construction, concrete constructions are more durable and resistant to conditions like weathering, erosion and natural disasters. Concrete has got super hardening and weather proof properties. It offers better protection to the constructions from factors like high temperatures or fire, wind and mildew. For this reason in most of the constructions, whether it is buildings, roadways or any other form, concrete is much preferred.

Every kind of concrete construction project demands some sort of equipment for its implementation. These include concrete production equipments, transport equipments and concrete laying or spraying equipments. Some of the basic kinds of concrete construction equipments used in most of the concrete construction projects are concrete mixers, concrete batching plants and concrete pumps.

Concrete Batching Plant

To implement a concrete construction, the basic ingredient required is concrete which is produced using a concrete plant. Therefore concrete plant is one of the basic or the most important equipments for concrete constructions. In a concrete plant or a concrete batching plant the ingredients like sand, gravel, water and cement are mixed up homogeneously resulting in formation of construction material, concrete. Implementing a good concrete plant at the construction site will greatly reduce the problems of inefficiency and wastage happening during the concrete production at the site. Concrete can much efficiently be produced as per customized project requirements using concrete batching plants. The concrete batching plants come in two forms, the stationary heavy production units and the famous mobile batching plants. The stationary plants are usually good for the projects where there is heavy requirement of concrete but at the single place itself where as the mobile concrete plants are widely used in projects where there is requirement to produce and transport the concrete mix from site to site. Concrete plants can be got in various production capacities too like there are concrete production plants which can be produce concrete at 45 cum/hr, 60 cum/hr, 90 cum/hr, 120 cum/hr speeds. Therefore one can select any form of concrete plant depending on their production requirements.

Concrete Transit Mixers

Concrete transit mixers are popular concrete mixing and transport equipments used in concrete constructions. These equipments are often used to transport the concrete produced from a stationary batching plant to the construction site. Depending on customized requirements different types of concrete mixers are used for different projects. For large scale projects where automated work is important, self loading concrete transit mixers are generally used where as for small-scale projects where so much automated equipments are not necessary to use, hand fed concrete mixers serve better because they are comparatively much cheaper than the self loading automated mixers.

Concrete Pumps

Placing or moving concrete is one of the most important tasks at concrete construction sites. For this purpose usually concrete pumps are utilized. Concrete pump helps in placing concrete faster and more accurately with less labor than any other method. With concrete pumps installed at the site, requirement for personnel for concrete movement will be greatly lessened. Two types of concrete pumps are available today truck mounted concrete pumps and trailer mounted concrete pumps. Both of them offer the constructors flexibility and easy way of accessing concrete at the sites. With boom concrete pumps even the difficult to reach areas can be easily be accessed for apt concrete placement at the sites.

So all these are the basic equipments which are used in almost every concrete construction project. Apart from these even shotcrete machines and concrete pavers are also used for concrete spraying and laying applications.