Concrete Pumps

Constructions today have become much easier with the development of various kinds of construction equipments which are now-a-days used to fasten up and automate the tasks at the sites. Some of the most important and widely used forms of construction equipments are the concrete construction equipments like concrete mixers, transit mixer, concrete batching plant, precast concrete products and concrete pumps.

The concrete mixers and plant are the concrete production or mixing units where as the concrete pumps are employed for concrete placement applications at the sites.

Concrete pumps have a very important role to play at the construction sites. They are an efficient means of placing or transferring concrete in its liquid state to an exact location in the construction site before it gets dried up into a very hard and heavy compound that cannot stand up to alterations in weather.

Types of Concrete Pumps

A concrete pump is a mechanical device used to transfer the liquid concrete by pumping. Concrete pumps are essentially classified into two models of concrete pumping devices – the trailer mounted concrete pumps or line pumps and boom pumps.

A trailer or truck mounted concrete pump is the one that is placed on truck chassis or on a trailer. When mounted on a truck, it is commonly known as a truck-mounted concrete pump and when placed on a trailer, it is referred to as a line pump or trailer mounted concrete pump. This kind of pump normally requires hoses to be manually attached to the outlet of the machine for concrete placing applications at the construction sites. These hoses are usually made of steel or rubber materials and are linked together and lead to exactly where the concrete needs to be placed at the site.

These trailer mounted concrete pumps are more versatile units than the boom pumps and apart from pumping structural concrete they are also capable enough to pump other materials like grout, wet screeds, mortar, shotcrete, foamed concrete and sludge. As compared to boom pumps, these line pumps usually pump out lower volumes of concrete and therefore are widely employed for applications where there are low volume concrete placing requirements such as swimming pools, sidewalks, and single family home concrete slabs and most ground slabs.

Sometimes there might be the situation where it is very difficult to reach out for the concrete placement. For example in case of high rise building or large slabs, the concrete mixer or trucks cannot can’t reach the location where the concrete needs to be placed and therefore in such situations the concrete boom pumps are preferred. Boom pump is usually a concrete pump attached to a truck. In this type of concrete pump usually a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm is used to place concrete with pinpoint accuracy. The boom pumps are capable of pumping at very high volumes and therefore are the preferred concrete pumping devices for the larger construction projects.

Concrete Pumps by the Leading Concrete Construction Equipment Supplier

Apollo Infratech is one of the leading suppliers of concrete construction equipment in India offering the the most advanced forms of trailer mounted concrete pumps for efficient, easy and faster concrete placement applications at construction sites. It is the only concrete pump manufacturer in India to offer gate valve operated concrete pumps in low and high pressure options. These are highly durable pumps made out of single piece casting of high wear resistance work hardening material. Equipped with parts like control housing, Siamese pipe, connection pipe, tapper pipes and maintenance free hydraulic cylinders these are best quality concrete pumps that are designed to give high performance with minimal heat loss.