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Since 2008, Apollo Infratech is providing construction equipments of international standards to infrastructure industries in India. The infrastructure development is the lifeline of the overall progress of a country. The construction equipment plays an important role in the infrastructure development because the defined goals and targets can be achieved just because of world’s best technology construction equipment. Apollo Infratech offers different types of construction equipments which have enabled construction companies in accomplishing innovative construction projects. You must have surely noticed the modern industrialization in India and the pace at which it is progressing. There are tall buildings, shopping malls etc., of different design and structures building up. However, it should also be remembered that these wonderful construction projects would not be possible without high technology construction equipments. The concrete construction equipments provided by Apollo Infratech are unmatchable in terms of technology, innovation and productivity which helps the manpower in completing construction projects with precision and accuracy. Apollo Infratech is the world leader in providing global technological breakthroughs in the form of construction equipments just because of the knowledgeable management, efficient team of technical experts as well as the below mentioned factors which have influenced the company to contribute to the growth of construction companies and Indian infrastructure.

Know How of the Technology

Since the inception of Apollo Infratech, it was committed to improve the quality of the construction equipments. The goal was to help infrastructure companies in making process of construction easier and convenient as well as enabling them to build world class construction projects. The company’s different types of construction equipment have gone through incredible advancements in recent years and all of them have been focused towards increasing speed and quality. The result is that the construction equipment manufactured and supplied by Apollo Infratech today helps the construction companies in building much better infrastructure than they used to develop a decade ago. In the improvement process in the machines, the company  ensures that the maintenance costs as well as operation costs decrease so that the construction companies can benefit out of the construction equipment. Apollo Infratech’s research and development team has in-depth knowledge of the construction equipment technology and works towards to bring future advancements in their construction equipment.


The founder of Apollo Infratech, Mr. Ajit T. Patel has years of experience in road construction equipment manufacturing industry. He had established the company with the goal to retain leadership by manufacturing international standard concrete construction equipments using latest technology in the world. Whereas, Mr. Mitul Patel attained engineering degree from Penn State University, US and joined Apollo Infratech with the dream of establishing a manufacturing facility where state of the art concrete construction equipments are manufactured which can benefit all the construction companies of India. With the combination of experience and education, the company has been able to deliver finest technology concrete construction equipments which have enabled their clients with robust growth plans.


Apollo Infratech’s passion towards manufacturing quality construction equipments has resulted to entirely fresh approaches towards serving their clients in construction industry. Many of their construction equipments like concrete plant, transit mixers, concrete mixers etc., have given a competitive edge to the productivity. Thus, the concrete construction equipment manufacturing is not just a business for them; it is their passion to enable incredible growth in Indian infrastructure industry.


Apollo Infratech’s goal is to provide construction companies with the best quality construction equipments which are unmatchable in the industry. Their excellence and innovation is best reflected in their international quality products. Since years we have maintained the quality as well as always striven to improve which has enabled us to achieve success in providing concrete construction equipments having long life as well as incurring low maintenance charges.

Client Services

The dedication towards customer service has enabled Apollo Infratech to be step ahead of other manufacturers of concrete construction equipments in India. The company believes that the customer deserves more than what he is paying for and so always welcome the suggestions of our reputed clients which are very much valuable for them. Apollo Infratech’s high quality concrete construction equipment including concrete batching plant, transit mixer, concrete pump and related spares are provided with efficient after sales services and they leave no stone unturned when client satisfaction is concerned.

Concrete Construction Equipment – Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Ready mix concrete or RMC is a readily available concrete that is produced at a centralized factory or batching plant and transported to the construction site for instant usage. The batching plant in which ready mix concrete is produced is called ready mix concrete plant. With a ready mix concrete plant, the concrete aggregates are initially mixed in proportions as per customer specifications and then transported to the site in a plastic condition, usually in the cylindrical trucks often known as concrete mixers. The ready mix concrete produced by the RMC plant is widely used in smaller construction projects where the requirement of concrete is smaller. Adopting the concrete construction equipment like concrete mixers or concrete plant for such smaller construction projects can be very costly and therefore ready mix concrete is often preferred. A ready-mix concrete plant can also serve the concrete needs of the larger construction jobs where due to limited amount of space for on-site concrete mixing, producing concrete with concrete batching plant is not possible.

For various reasons the concrete produced by a ready mix concrete plant is preferred over the on-site concrete mixing solutions.

Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete

  • With the use of ready mix concrete the on-site requirements for installation of concrete plant is eliminated, thereby cutting out the storage problems and labor costs associated with it.
  • The wastage of materials for manufacturing of concrete is also avoided.
  • No labor has to be put in for production of concrete at the site.
  • As concrete is readily available for the construction purposes, the time required for concrete production is saved.
  • Better quality concrete as per customized requirements is readily got.
  • Cost of production of concrete is lessened.
  • Noise level and dust pollution on-site is reduced.

Types of Ready Mix Concrete Plants

Based on the mobility factor, there are essentially two types of ready mix concrete plants. One is a central mix concrete plant and other is mobile concrete plant. The central mix concrete plant is a stationary concrete production unit where the concrete is completely mixed at the stationary plant and then transported to the site in a truck-mixer or agitator truck. Concrete’s lifespan between mixing and going-off is normally limited which means that ready mixed concrete should be used within 2 hours of batching at the plant. In the cases where the site is very far off from the stationary mix plant this could be a serious problem. And even the slightest disturbance of the concrete during transit prevents segregation of the materials and reduces the amount of slump loss. All these problems are eliminated with mobile ready mix concrete plants in which the concrete is produced during the transit and is ready to be poured for usage as soon as it reaches the site. This allows the onsite contractors to use the concrete in liquid fresh state for the best applications.

For those looking for ready mix concrete solutions, Apollo Infratech offers the best options. Apollo Infratech is a leading concrete construction equipment supplier in India offering high quality concrete construction equipment including ready mix concrete plant, batching plant, transit mixers, self loading transit mixer, concrete pumps, concrete pavers and precast concrete application products. For details visit

Concrete Construction Equipment – Concrete Pavers

The advancing technology has also brought immense progress in the construction industry. Today the processes in the construction industry are more simplified and faster. This is because of the different kinds of hi-tech concrete construction equipment now available in the industry. Today there are concrete batching plant units for swift concrete production, transit mixers for homogeneous concrete mixing and transport to the sites, concrete pumps for faster concrete placement jobs and last but not the least the concrete pavers that are used for various outdoor concrete paving applications.

Concrete paving is a process where the concrete is laid and leveled for the formation of uniform surface for road and various other pathway constructions. Concrete pavement is a popular method for road and path construction today because compared to other forms of pavement like asphalt pavement, concrete pavement has various benefits. It is very rigid and stiff. Compared to asphalt pavement, it is less susceptible to weather and temperature changes and provides smoother surfaces for longer periods of time as ruts are not easily developed with concrete constructions.

For concrete paving special piece of equipment is required called concrete paver. A concrete paver or paving machine is a mechanical device used to lay concrete during the formation of roadways, driveways and bridges. The actual task of concrete paver machine is to spread, level and vibrate the concrete until a smooth and even surface is formed. The machine is usually operated with the set of levers by a human operator to ensure that the concrete is spread evenly on the road’s surface.

There are mainly two types of concrete pavers classified on the types of paving. Fixed form concrete pavers and slip form concrete pavers. Fixed form concrete paver is used for fixed form type of concrete paving applications where as the slip form concrete pavers are used for slip form concrete paving jobs. Fixed-form paving is a type of concrete paving that requires the use of wooden or metal side forms that are set up along the perimeter of the pavement before paving where as the slip form paving does not require any steel or wooden forms for paving.

Various kinds of fixed-form concrete paving machines are employed today. Among all the most popular are the vibratory screeds and revolving tubes. Both of them are hand-operated paving machines which can efficiently finish the surface of the pavement between fixed forms. Larger versions of fixed form pavers are the form-riding or bridge deck machines which are self-propelled units that place and evenly consolidate concrete between fixed forms. These machines either ride on the forms or pipes laid outside the forms, or on curb and gutter.

A fixed form concrete paver is usually used for smaller construction applications generally like home outdoor paving, swimming pools, garden pathways etc. Advantage of using fixed form concrete paver is that it paves the outdoor areas evenly, properly and safely that too in much lesser time.

For those looking for concrete paving machines, Apollo Infratech offers the best models of fixed form concrete pavers that can be employed for various kinds of concrete paving applications. The concrete paver machines offered by Apollo are the most advanced machines equipped with latest technology features like hydraulic drive system, advanced control units with hydraulic and mechanical drives, lever controlled steering, mechanical swivel type jacks for height adjustment and multiple pass capability features. Available in paving widths of 5000mm, 10000mm and 15000mm, these are the best fixed-form paving machines which are designed to give high performance and make the fixed-form outdoor paving applications easier and more efficient.

Concrete Pumps

Constructions today have become much easier with the development of various kinds of construction equipments which are now-a-days used to fasten up and automate the tasks at the sites. Some of the most important and widely used forms of construction equipments are the concrete construction equipments like concrete mixers, transit mixer, concrete batching plant, precast concrete products and concrete pumps.

The concrete mixers and plant are the concrete production or mixing units where as the concrete pumps are employed for concrete placement applications at the sites.

Concrete pumps have a very important role to play at the construction sites. They are an efficient means of placing or transferring concrete in its liquid state to an exact location in the construction site before it gets dried up into a very hard and heavy compound that cannot stand up to alterations in weather.

Types of Concrete Pumps

A concrete pump is a mechanical device used to transfer the liquid concrete by pumping. Concrete pumps are essentially classified into two models of concrete pumping devices – the trailer mounted concrete pumps or line pumps and boom pumps.

A trailer or truck mounted concrete pump is the one that is placed on truck chassis or on a trailer. When mounted on a truck, it is commonly known as a truck-mounted concrete pump and when placed on a trailer, it is referred to as a line pump or trailer mounted concrete pump. This kind of pump normally requires hoses to be manually attached to the outlet of the machine for concrete placing applications at the construction sites. These hoses are usually made of steel or rubber materials and are linked together and lead to exactly where the concrete needs to be placed at the site.

These trailer mounted concrete pumps are more versatile units than the boom pumps and apart from pumping structural concrete they are also capable enough to pump other materials like grout, wet screeds, mortar, shotcrete, foamed concrete and sludge. As compared to boom pumps, these line pumps usually pump out lower volumes of concrete and therefore are widely employed for applications where there are low volume concrete placing requirements such as swimming pools, sidewalks, and single family home concrete slabs and most ground slabs.

Sometimes there might be the situation where it is very difficult to reach out for the concrete placement. For example in case of high rise building or large slabs, the concrete mixer or trucks cannot can’t reach the location where the concrete needs to be placed and therefore in such situations the concrete boom pumps are preferred. Boom pump is usually a concrete pump attached to a truck. In this type of concrete pump usually a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm is used to place concrete with pinpoint accuracy. The boom pumps are capable of pumping at very high volumes and therefore are the preferred concrete pumping devices for the larger construction projects.

Concrete Pumps by the Leading Concrete Construction Equipment Supplier

Apollo Infratech is one of the leading suppliers of concrete construction equipment in India offering the the most advanced forms of trailer mounted concrete pumps for efficient, easy and faster concrete placement applications at construction sites. It is the only concrete pump manufacturer in India to offer gate valve operated concrete pumps in low and high pressure options. These are highly durable pumps made out of single piece casting of high wear resistance work hardening material. Equipped with parts like control housing, Siamese pipe, connection pipe, tapper pipes and maintenance free hydraulic cylinders these are best quality concrete pumps that are designed to give high performance with minimal heat loss.

Concrete Construction Equipment – Transit Mixers

The need for faster and homogeneous production of concrete solutions for constructions has resulted in the development of various kinds of concrete production or mixing equipments in the construction industry. Among the best developments in concrete construction equipment is definitely a concrete mixer that is popularly known as transit mixer. A transit mixer is a mobile kind of concrete mixing machinery that not only homogeneously mixes the aggregates like sand, gravel, water and cement for concrete formation but also transports the mixture to the site. In a transit mixer usually the concrete mixer or mixing unit is mounted on a truck or is of trailer form which can be attached to vehicle like tractor for concrete transport. The aggregates are spun inside the revolving drum until they are thoroughly mixed and formed into a proper concrete mixture. The concrete mixing in the transit mixer occurs while transport to the site.

Types and Applications of Transit Mixers

There are mainly of two kinds of transit mixers, the truck mounted in-transit mixers or trailer concrete mixers. The truck mounted concrete mixers or in-transit mixers are the nothing but special concrete transport trucks are made to transport and mix concrete up to the construction site. These are the mobile concrete mixers in which the concrete mixing drums are mounted on the truck chassis. These drums are usually made of steel or fiberglass and are charged with dry materials and water, with the mixing occurring during transport. During mixing drums usually rotate in particular direction that pushes the concrete inside the drum, but when rotation happens in the other direction concrete is forced out of the drum on to the chutes to guide the concrete to the job site.

Based on the discharge of concrete from the trucks, the truck mounted transit mixers are of two kinds – rear discharge truck mixers and front discharge trucks. The rear discharge trucks are the traditional transit mixer units in which the truck and chute need to be guided for appropriate concrete placement in the site. On the other hand in front discharge truck mounted transit mixers are the advanced forms of transit mixing units that are facilitated with special controls inside the cab of the truck with which the chute can be moved in various directions for concrete placement without requiring any guiding personnel for the purpose as in the case of rear discharge trucks. In some cases when the truck cannot be placed close enough to the site then the concrete placement is done using concrete pumps.

The other variant of transit mixers is the trailer concrete mixer. This is rather a mini version of a truck transit-mixer and is often used to supply short loads of concrete. It is cart-away style trailer mixer that is usually pulled behind a pick-up truck and batched from smaller batching systems. The concrete mixing trailer system is popular with rental yards and building material locations, who use them to supply ready-mix to their regular customer base.

Advantages of Transit Mixers

A transit mixer provides a fast and easy way to produce concrete mixtures thereby giving an easy access for concrete mixture forming to the construction contractors when it is necessary. It fastens up the tasks of concrete production at sites and eliminates the problems of inefficiency in mixing, material wastage, concrete production and delivery delays at the construction sites. The transit mixers can be transported all around a job site and therefore allow the easier, faster and more convenient concrete production and placement at the site. The transit mixers are therefore popular concrete mixing units and are widely used for applications like residential driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, pool areas, steps, park areas and retaining wall blocks. However the industrial applications of transit mixers include construction of dams, bridges, canals, high rise apartments, industrial buildings, distant highways, factories and many such infrastructure development projects.

For those looking to possess transit mixing units for their construction projects or requirements, Apollo Infratech offers the best and latest versions of portable concrete mixers for better concrete mixing and transport requirements at job sites. Apollo Infratech is a leading concrete construction equipment supplier in India offering high quality concrete construction equipment including ready mix concrete plant, batching plant, transit mixers, self loading transit mixers, concrete pumps, concrete pavers and precast concrete application products.

Concrete Construction Equipment – Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete constructions are the most popular forms of constructions taking place all over the world. The main reasons for this are the efficiency and tough qualities of construction material used in these constructions. Concrete is the construction material used in concrete constructions. It is highly durable and sustainable material that goes into construction of various kinds of residential and commercial constructions in the world. It has capability to resist weathering, erosion and natural disasters. It needs fewer repairs and little maintenance and thereby helps in cutting up the construction costs and adding up to a solid investment in construction.

Concrete is not found naturally, it is produced by the mixing of appropriate proportions of sand, gravel, water and cement that are determined by the usage and the conditions of the area where the concrete is being used for construction. Any ordinary mixing techniques cannot be used for concrete production and thus a specific piece of equipment is required. The equipment used in production or mixing of concrete is known as concrete plant or batching plant. For smaller productions, compact transit mixers will serve the purpose but for the bigger projects where concrete requirement is higher a larger concrete batching plant is required.

What is Concrete Batching Plant?

A concrete batching plant is special form of machinery designed to homogeneously mix various ingredients for formation of the right concrete mixture that can be used in applications like road constructions, buildings, pipes, dams, parking lots, pavements etc.

Types of Concrete Batching Plants

Depending on the how the concrete in mixed and when the concrete reaches the construction site, the concrete plants are mainly classified into two categories – ready mix concrete plant and central mix concrete batching plant. In a ready mix concrete plant, dry form of concrete excluding water is mixed thoroughly. This dry concrete is then transported in a concrete transport truck to the construction site. Water is added to this dry concrete mixture when the truck is on its way to the job site. The another popular form of concrete batching plant is a central mix concrete plant in which either all or only a few ingredients of concrete are mixed along with water at a fundamental location where the plant is situated. This mixed concrete solution is then disposed to the job site for construction purposes. This is usually a high capacity batching plant, which generally consists of silos, bins, concrete batchers, conveyors and control equipment. They are stationary mixer units as compared to the mobile batching plants which consist of frameworks carrying batchers, conveyors, scales, control equipment, small silos and are normally adapted to be transported from site to site.

Why to Use Concrete Batching Plant?

Concrete batching plants can be valuable resources for the construction companies.  With the use of concrete batching plants, these companies can speed up the tasks of concrete production at sites while eliminating the problems of inefficiency in mixing. With concrete plants, the concrete can be mixed to exact specifications required for a particular construction and therefore the risks of final product rejection are lessened. The problems of over or under supply of concrete, delivery delays, product wastage or too wet or too dry concrete production can be eliminated. Therefore concrete batching plants are very useful equipments which every construction company involved in concrete constructions should possess to save up on its concrete production costs and improve its profits.

For those looking for concrete batching units, Apollo Infratech offers the latest models for best concrete production jobs at sites. Apollo Infratech is a leading concrete construction equipment supplier in India offering high quality concrete construction equipment including ready mix concrete plant, batching plant, transit mixers, self loading transit mixer, concrete pumps, concrete pavers and precast concrete application products.

Promoters of the Best Concrete Construction Solutions Company in India

Promoters are the back bone of any company. They have a defining and an extremely important role to play in company’s progress. It is in the hands of promoters to take a company to heights or make it fall. The company with the best promoters will be more successful and at a good position. This fact is very well understood from Apollo Infratech.

Apollo Infratech is one of the leading concrete solutions providers in India offering the most advanced and reliable concrete solutions to the infrastructure companies in Indian construction industry. The company is one of the widely recognized names in country for its concrete construction equipment including concrete batching plant, transit mixers, concrete pump, concrete pavers and pre-cast application products which are high quality and most reliable equipments used for concrete construction. This position of the company as the best concrete solutions provider is only because of its promoters.

The promoters of Apollo Infratech, Mr. Ajit T. Patel and Mr. Mitul Patel, are highly capable and proficient persons having good know-how of construction industry. They are great leaders who are leading the company from front on the path of progress. For any business in the path of progress there should be many hardships and struggles. A good promoter is the one who has perseverance and knows how to deal with these hardships while leading the company to progress. He should be able to communicate with customers, suppliers or employees effectively to make sure that business runs smoothly. Calculated and well thought risk taking ability can help promoter to take better decisions for the betterment of the company. The financial ability to support the company and the motivation to keep on going forward in spite of hurdles are the most important qualities a good promoter should have to manage a company efficiently. All these qualities of a good promoter or entrepreneur including perseverance, interpersonal communication skills, willingness to take calculated risks, motivations and time and personnel management are clearly found in these promoters of Apollo Infratech.

Experience is one of the most important things that a promoter should have to be able to take the right and best decisions for the company with confidence. This is what Mr. Ajit T. Patel has got. Mr. Ajit is a highly experienced professional having over 3 decades of experience in road construction equipment manufacturing industry. He is the pioneer of road construction equipment manufacturing in India and is also one of the proud founders of Apollo group. Being a leader with a vision, he has the capability to think innovatively and big. He always aims high for the company and therefore under his able guidance, Apollo Infratech is constantly striving to grow fast, while serving the infrastructure and construction industry at its best.

A good promoter should be able to properly delegate the responsibilities to the sub ordinates. He should have efficient leadership qualities for the proper management of company and its personnel. This is the strength of the second promoter of Apollo Infratech, Mr. Mitul Patel. Mr. Mitul is a young and dynamic leader of Apollo, under whose guidance the company has seen major export and domestic growth. With his knowledge on the latest technology used in the field of construction he constantly strives hard to bring in this finest technology into the products of the company to offer the most advanced and completely reliable solutions to the construction industry.

Integrity and passion for their work are clearly reflected in the actions of these dynamic promoters of Apollo. Both of them are efficient leaders who not only work to maintain high standards of the company, but are also proactive in raising the bar of the company to achieve excellence in construction equipments field. Therefore under the guidance of such capable and dynamic promoters, Apollo Infratech is no doubt constantly progressing and therefore has today has successfully become the best concrete solutions provider in India.

Apollo Infratech – The Best Concrete Construction Solutions Provider?

Concrete construction is a huge industry in the world. Various advancements and technology breakthroughs have immensely revolutionized this concrete construction industry in the recent times. The methods and processes of concrete construction have now taken up a more advanced and automated form. They have become more swift and easier with introduction of IT technology equipped solutions. For a construction company to live up in this constantly rising pace of construction industry, it is very necessary that it adopts these advanced forms of concrete solutions available in the industry.

Apollo Infratech Private Limited is one of the leading concrete solutions providers offering the best concrete construction solutions to the infrastructure companies in construction industry India. The concrete solutions offered by Apollo Infratech are backed by the most advanced technologies, quality and after-sales services and therefore have no match in terms of eminence, productivity and innovation. The company has got the most sophisticated infrastructure and development facilities with which it is able to craft out the highest quality concrete construction equipment for the best concrete jobs. There are various things about the company that make it stand out from the crowd of the concrete solution providers now present in India.

Extensive Product Portfolio

Since years, Apollo Infratech is attracting construction companies with its wide and extensive product portfolio which keeps on updating as the technologies change. The company offers a wide range of concrete construction equipments which are built to international standards with cut-edge technologies. From ready mix concrete plant to transit mixers, concrete pumps to concrete pavers, all kinds of concrete equipments are available in latest and user-friendly forms at Apollo. For example, the company offers the advanced concrete production units in the form of concrete batching plants that are equipped with most desired features like contemporary redundant system, SCADA based real-time control systems with process visualization system and user friendly touch screen that help in complete management of concrete batching plant. The planetary and twin shaft mixers offered by the company are the latest concrete mixing units that facilitate the best homogeneous mixing of aggregates at the construction sites.

Vision & Mission

The company’s vision and mission are the main driving forces behind its actions of developing better and better concrete solutions that can best satisfy the client’s requirements and give optimum performance even in toughest working conditions. With a vision to achieve the supreme position in concrete construction field and mission to add utmost value to customer’s business, the company constantly strives to offer the most advanced, durable, reliable and energy efficient solutions to its clients.

Company Philosophy

At Apollo Infratech, it’s the team of highly committed professionals who constantly pour in their efforts to offer high ethical standards, technology excellence, stringent quality, reliability and high commitment to the customers. This is the philosophy of each and every individual of the company and therefore one of the prime reasons that it stands to be one of the best concrete solutions providers in the country today. It shows the company’s clear intentions to offer the best concrete solutions to its clients that are not only advanced but also reliable and most importantly best valuable to the customers.

All the above facts of Apollo Infratech make it one of the best concrete solutions provider in India. For further details about the company, please visit

Types of Concrete Construction Equipment

Concrete construction equipment is very important for the construction companies. With good quality concrete construction equipment, a construction company can get quality construction work done in lesser amount of time. It can therefore cut down on its labor costs and increase profits by giving the quality construction services to its clients in a faster way. With advancement in technologies, today a number of concrete construction equipments have come up for the use of construction companies for improved construction processes. Some of the basic and most important types of concrete construction equipment widely used in construction processes are

Concrete Batching Plant

A concrete plant or batching plant is very important equipment for the concrete construction. With the help of concrete batching plant, concrete used for the construction is produced by proper mixing of all the ingredients like sand, gravel, water and cement and then transported to concrete construction site ready to be poured for use. The main advantage of using concrete batching plant is that it reduces the problems of inefficiency and wastage happening during the concrete production at construction sites. The concrete batching plants can be of two forms either the stationary heavy production units or the famous mobile batching plants which can be used to both produce and transport the concrete mix from site to site. One can also get a batching plant as per their production requirements because today batch plants are available in various production capacities too. 20 cum/hr batching plant, 30 cum/hr concrete plant, 45 cum/hr, 60 cum/hr, 90 cum/hr, 120 cum/hr batching plant are some of the popular forms of concrete batching plants used by the construction companies.

Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixers used at the construction sites are the mechanical devices that homogeneously combine cement, sand, gravel and water to form a fine concrete mixture. These help in delivery of ready-to-pour concrete to the construction jobs where large pour volumes are required. Different types of concrete mixers are used at the construction sites which include transit mixer, self loading concrete transit mixers, hand fed types of concrete mixer etc.

Concrete Pumps

A concrete pump is a kind of equipment used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping at construction sites. Concrete pumps help in placing concrete faster and more accurately with less labor than any other method. By employing on-site concrete pumps, one does not have to allocate any personnel for placing of concrete at construction site. This will well be handled by concrete pump. Concrete pump can be a truck mounted or trailer mounted concrete pump. Both of them provide flexibility on a job site allowing the constructors to have easy access to areas that are not accessible without a pump. So, for faster concrete placing work at construction sites, concrete pumps are the best devices to be employed.

Shotcrete Machine

Shotcrete machines are used for concrete spraying applications at the construction sites. These are usually employed for wet and dry concrete spraying applications. Because of their compact designs, these are useful at locations where space is at premium. Lining of water tanks, mines, swimming pools and backfilling of tunnel construction are some applications where these shotcrete machines are used.

All these types of concrete construction equipments are very helpful for the concrete construction tasks and therefore it is very important that a construction company should possess them in best form for quality applications. Apollo Infratech is a leading concrete solutions provider who can offer some of the best international standard concrete construction machinery for quality, automated and fast concrete works. Therefore those who are looking for concrete construction equipment, have a look at our wide range of machinery at

Concrete Batching Plant – Usage of Concrete Pumps

Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete is a common construction material with different components produced by mixing process of various raw materials, techniques and tools. All there components in producing concrete is important for building strength of the construction. Proper mixing and blending with advanced concrete mixing plant and technical process to derive master concrete can be carried to the cosntruction site by truck with revolving drum to pour the material quickly at the construction area. concrete is used to build buildings, roads, dams and other infrastructures. Concrete plant is available in various types. mixing plant varies based on mixing process and structure of the construction site. Central mixing plant is used to produce concrete at one lacation and is transported to the construction site through vehicle. Ready mix concrete plant combines water and other additives in specific conditions to dry the mixture and dispose it into the concrete transportation vehicle where water and gravel is added and monitored during the transportation to the construction site. Continue reading