The Advantages of Mobile Concrete Block Making Machines

Mobile Block Making Machine is a multifunctional equipment that can produce blocks, curbs, paving stone, and lightweight concrete. Its hydraulic station can provide great mechanical force and pressure. Its vibration motor controls the vibration of the machine. After a certain period of time, the material will be molded into a block. After curing, the block … Continue reading “The Advantages of Mobile Concrete Block Making Machines”Read More

All about Block Making Machines

Block-making machines are the most versatile piece of machinery with frequency-controlled technology for producing hollow and solid blocks, pavers, kerb stones, and fly ash bricks. They are ideal and economical solutions with improved efficiency and energy-saving qualities. Block-making manufacturers have featured automation with innovation to build up high stability and reliability. A few types with … Continue reading “All about Block Making Machines”Read More

Rising Demand of Concrete Block Making Machine Post Covid-19

Since its inception, human race has been always into developing newer techniques in constructions, and there has been always a high demand and it will remain even after covid 19. From a simple house made of stones to most complex structure like Burj Khalifa, building blocks have been a crucial part of any construction. Thanks … Continue reading “Rising Demand of Concrete Block Making Machine Post Covid-19”Read More

Strengthening Infrastructure with Concrete Blocks

Concrete is one of the most quintessential components in laying the foundation stone for any building. Not only does it provide a strong base but a compact structure that can hold the structure for years. It comprises sand, gravel, portland cement and water in a fixed proportion. All social infrastructure such as Schools, City centers, … Continue reading “Strengthening Infrastructure with Concrete Blocks”Read More

Concrete Block Making Machine for Construction Industry

A concrete block is a basic component needed for making a concrete structure like concrete wall etc. A concrete block making machine has backed the industry by providing quality concrete bricks at a fast rate. A block making machine is also known as concrete masonry unit that makes concrete blocks for constructing concrete structures. The … Continue reading “Concrete Block Making Machine for Construction Industry”Read More

Process of Making Concrete Blocks using Block Making Machine

A concrete block is essential for construction of concrete structures. For example, it is a basic necessity for construction of a concrete wall or any other concrete structure. A concrete block making machine also known as a concrete masonry unit makes process of manufacturing cement bricks simpler. Process of making concrete blocks has evolved over … Continue reading “Process of Making Concrete Blocks using Block Making Machine”Read More

Block Making Machine – Rising Demand in Developing Countries

There are two main categories of masonry recognized in the construction industry. These are either block or stone masonry. Recently there has been enormous interest in the use of block masonry as compared to use of stone in construction. Most developing countries in Africa and the world are in the middle of a construction boom … Continue reading “Block Making Machine – Rising Demand in Developing Countries”Read More