Introduction to Ready Mix Concrete Plant

The ready mix concrete plant is used to manufacture ready-mix concrete which is used in all the construction projects. The ready-mix concrete is also known as RMC is a mixture of cement, water, sand and aggregates. It is manufactured in a batching plant as per the required specifications of a construction project. RMC (ready mix … Continue reading “Introduction to Ready Mix Concrete Plant”Read More

What is a Concrete Paver?

A concrete paver is very important construction equipment used in the construction of roads, highways, bridge decks, industrial flooring, cargo handling and dock areas etc. At busy intersections, heavy traffic can cause damage and can cause pavements to deteriorate before time. The concrete pavers are used wherever concrete paving is required for speed and efficiency. … Continue reading “What is a Concrete Paver?”Read More

Company Dedicated to Infrastructure Industries with World’s Best Technology

Since 2008, Apollo Infratech is providing construction equipments of international standards to infrastructure industries in India. The infrastructure development is the lifeline of the overall progress of a country. The construction equipment plays an important role in the infrastructure development because the defined goals and targets can be achieved just because of world’s best technology … Continue reading “Company Dedicated to Infrastructure Industries with World’s Best Technology”Read More

Concrete Construction Equipment – Concrete Pavers

The advancing technology has also brought immense progress in the construction industry. Today the processes in the construction industry are more simplified and faster. This is because of the different kinds of hi-tech concrete construction equipment now available in the industry. Today there are concrete batching plant units for swift concrete production, transit mixers for … Continue reading “Concrete Construction Equipment – Concrete Pavers”Read More