Adding one more jewel in Apollo Inffratech’s already illustrious crown

Apollo Inffratech Group announces its latest JV Launching Now Apollo Inffratech Group has entered into its latest Joint Venture Parker Plant India Pvt. Ltd. with UK based Parker Plant Limited. More than a century old Parker Plant Limited is a market leader in manufacturing and supplying reliable solutions for asphalt production, bitumen surfacing, crushing, screening, … Continue reading “Adding one more jewel in Apollo Inffratech’s already illustrious crown”Read More

Frequently Asked Questions- Concrete Equipment

1.What is a Mobile Concrete Batching Plant? In the past, all the concrete plants were stationary concrete plants and could be installed in a certain period after transporting with few trucks. The increase in the number of construction projects and the amount of concrete required in these projects as well as the need to complete … Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions- Concrete Equipment”Read More

All about Next Generation Construction Equipment

With the advent of the next generation of construction equipment, incremental improvement is taking place in their design, mobilization, and use. These componental changes add up to more efficient machinery as well is its productive use. The deployment of such autonomously operated equipment also enhances the safety and operation of such heavy machinery. The latest … Continue reading “All about Next Generation Construction Equipment”Read More

Role Of Different Construction Equipment In Developing Infrastructure

Infrastructural development brings a massive change globally. This infrastructural development has been possible because of several innovations in construction fields. One of the major innovations that have advanced the construction sector is the introduction of new & top-graded equipment. Machines like AAC block machine, Dry mix mortar plant are several machines that have the ability … Continue reading “Role Of Different Construction Equipment In Developing Infrastructure”Read More

Rising Demand of Transit Mixers in Developing Countries

There is a boom in the construction industry in most developing countries around the world. Concrete construction equipment is extremely important for the construction of innovative structures. Such equipment reduces cost of labor and saves time as well. In fact, the requirements for faster and more effective machines has influenced the development and improvement of … Continue reading “Rising Demand of Transit Mixers in Developing Countries”Read More

Rising Demand Of Transit Mixers In Developing Countries

Many developing countries worldwide are experiencing an increase in the construction sector. Concrete building machinery is of critical value for the development of ground-breaking buildings. Its technology reduces running costs and also save electricity. The requirements for improved and more efficient machines, too, encouraged some building equipment to be manufactured and advanced. Concrete building machinery … Continue reading “Rising Demand Of Transit Mixers In Developing Countries”Read More

The Important Role of Concrete Batching Plants in Sustainable Development

Throughout the world there has been much emphasis on the sustainability of each and every project or activity being undertaken. Sustainability in general terms refers to the endurance of systems and processes. Sustainable approaches to construction and development must be sought at all times in order to efficiently manage the resource base from depletion, environmental … Continue reading “The Important Role of Concrete Batching Plants in Sustainable Development”Read More