Apollo Infratech Presents the Ready Mix Concrete Solutions

Apollo Infratech Private Limited, as a leading manufacturer of concrete construction equipments presents world class concrete equipments including concrete batching plant, transit mixer and ready mix concrete plant for infrastructure development companies.

The concrete batching plant Model ATP 20 is the best ready mix concrete equipment for smaller projects. Its newly designed Pan Mixer is containing side and in-side scrappers for perfect concrete mixing. The floor & full wall of the mixing cylinders are lined with special wear resistant and replaceable plates. This concrete batching plant with enhanced features is long lasting with low maintenance cost. ATP20 from Apollo Infratech is totally controlled by micro processor and LCD display generating various reports. ATP20 concrete solution is the most energy saving working with optimum mixing efficiency and high weighing accuracy.  For further details on ATP 20 visits our website.

Transit Mixer from Apollo Infratech is available in various models of ATM 2, ATM 4 and ATM 6. Transit mixer is the best way to transport concrete at a remote location where needs the high construction but unavailability of concrete mixing plant due to space limitations. The different models of transit mixers vary on different features, factors and capacity of drawing the materials. The models explained above are in increasing capacity as per the parameters like total geometric volume, drum speed, rollers, water tank capacity, weight of mixer, water line volume etc.

Few of the salient features of Transit mixers are like the mixing drums & spirals are long lasting with user friendly operating system that discharge the maximum concrete, higher efficiency of hydraulic pump and motor gives the best performance with greater reliability and safety. Smooth rotation and concentricity is achieved through rotating mixer drum on machined ring. This is one of the best compact concrete mixing units from Apollo Infratech

About Apollo Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

Apollo Infratech Private Limited is leading construction equipments manufacturing company of India provides the concrete solutions following the international standards including the cost effective, eco-friendly and user friendly, easy to operate and maintain concrete equipments through the distribution networks spread across the country. Strong Company background, world class high end products and best after sales services have made Apollo Infratech Pvt. Ltd., a great successful infrastructure Company in India and abroad.


Ready Mix Concrete Solutions for Easy, Efficient and Cost Effective Concrete Constructions

Ready mix concrete is a readily available form of concrete that can be got for use at construction sites from factory or batching plant where it is usually mixed or produced according to a set recipe. All the time and costs employed for mixing or production of concrete on site can be greatly saved with ready mix concrete. Better precision of the concrete mixture and reduced work site labor and confusion are two main factors for which ready mix concrete solutions are widely preferred over on-site concrete mixing.

The ready mix concrete for construction purposes can be got from the ready mix concrete companies. A ready mix concrete company manufactures concrete under computer-controlled operations and transports it to the site in freshly mixed or unhardened state. The concrete at ready mix companies is manufactured under best production conditions in a fully equipped concrete production infrastructure which is equipped with up-to-date equipments for concrete production like concrete batching plant for concrete production, concrete mixing plant, transit mixers for mobile concrete mixing and transportation, concrete pump etc. A ready mix concrete company can offer concrete solutions in both industrial standard and customized forms. In customized form the concrete is manufactured according to user’s mix design to best suit the specific construction requirements at user’s work site.

Ready mix concrete is very useful for the constructions where there is no enough space or the small scale construction projects for which buying concrete equipment for concrete mixing or production could be a very costly affair.

There are basically three forms in which ready mix concrete is classified depending on the equipment and time of its production. First is the central mixed concrete which is produced and mixed completely at a remote concrete batching plant and then transported to the work site for construction. Secondly there is transit mixed concrete which is mixed in the truck during transit. The materials are batched at a centralized concrete plant and are then completely mixed in the truck during transport to the site. As the concrete is mixed during the transport it is fresh and best for use. Transit-mixed concrete avoids the problems of premature hardening and slump loss that often result from potential delays in transportation or placement of central-mixed concrete. Last but not least is the shrink mixed concrete which is partially mixed at the plant to reduce or shrink the volume of the mixture to increase the truck’s load capacity. One can opt for any of these concrete solutions depending on the requirements and budget.