Apollo Infratech Presents Fully Automatic Cement Concrete Mixing Plant with PLC Control and Variant Mixer Options

May 23, 2013

Apollo Infratech introduces a versatile concrete mixing plant to meet the concrete requirements of residential, commercial, industrial and road construction projects. The concrete plant is automatic equipment which works on self basis with the PLC controls and thus enables faster and an automated operation for concrete production.

This concrete mixing plant comes with diverse mixing options including the twin shaft mixer, pan type mixer and planetary mixer. Accommodated with 4 inline bins and PLC based panel of command Alkon software, this is a quality concrete mixing machine that ensures to produce concrete of complete homogeneous quality that too within a shorter cycle time.

Operating electronically with PLC controls, this concrete plant of Apollo Infratech is capable of giving out the production of 30m3 of concrete within an hour. This is a user-friendly ready mix concrete plant designed for consistent and optimum performance at very negligible maintenance required for the machine to keep it going.

Production reports like MIS reports and others can also be generated using this versatile concrete production machine. The independent weighing system of the machine enables accurate weighing tasks to measure the quantity of the concrete produced.

Apollo’s concrete mixing plant is a tough machine designed for harder working environments. Made of robust construction this is an advanced concrete mixing plant which can best serve the needs of bulk concrete production in industries.

Features like reliability, replaceable liners and shovel in the mixer, PLC electronic operation, skip bucket driven by dual speed geared motor with brake, mixer discharge by hydraulic cylinder and robust structure and bins make this device more reliable equipment for concrete production.

About Apollo Infratech

Apollo Infratech Private Limited is a leading concrete equipment manufacturing company in India offering highly advanced concrete production equipment and concrete mixing solutions for infrastructure companies. The company provides highly reliable concrete mixers, concrete pumps, transit mixer, concrete batching plant in both customized as well as standard versions for maximum and cost effective concrete production requirements in construction industry.

Contact details

Apollo Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

Ahmedabad-Mehsana State Highway,

Village : Rajpur – 382 740.

Dist. – Mehsana.

Gujarat, India.

Phone: +91 – 2764 – 232217

How to Maintain Your Concrete Plant to Keep It Going Longer with Optimum Performance?

Concrete plant also known as concrete batching plant or concrete mixing plant is an equipment used for the production of concrete at the construction sites. Concrete plants mix the ingredients like cement, water and various other aggregates to form concrete ready for use in constructions. A concrete plant just like any other machine requires proper maintenance. If you desire to get efficient performance your concrete plant for concrete mixing, then you just need to maintain it well.

By maintaining your concrete batching plant you can get it working in a better condition for efficient concrete production at the sites. This will also greatly enhance the efficiency of the plant and keep it going for a longer period of time.

When you say efficiency of concrete batching plant, what does it mean? The efficiency of concrete plant is nothing but the ratio of how much output it can give with consumption of particular amount of input. Plant which can give maximum output using lesser inputs with less wastage of materials provided for concrete production would be called efficient concrete producers than those which do not.

Hence it is just not buying a right concrete batching plant for concrete production, you also need to maintain it properly if you desire better performance from it. Following are a few things you need to follow or do in order to keep your concrete batching plant going.

First and most important of the maintenance steps would be the preventive maintenance. The formalized inspection of the plant regularly will give an idea to the personnel about the improper conditions in the plant that can degrade its performance or result in the breakdown of the machine. Hence with regular inspection of the concrete production plant, undesired states of the machine like noisy bearings, worn belts, leaky air systems, clogged filter bags and other can be detected earlier and repaired to prevent breakdowns or improper performance of the concrete equipment.

You need to check out your machine regularly, keep its parts clean including the cleaning of input and output areas after the production and regularly change the bag filter in the machine. By cleaning, you can ensure that your plant remains free of dust which consequently reduces the wear and tear on your plant.

Check out for all the minor things like the blades in the plant whether they are properly fitted or not, loose bearings and make sure that all the parts of the plant are working efficiently or not.

Have an idea of how to replace the damaged parts of your plant in order to minimize the maintenance costs which otherwise you would require to spend on hiring personnel for repairing. Always have the replaceable parts for your concrete batching plant within access so that you can easily replace them when needed without having to wait. In this way you can ensure that your plant keeps on operating without any delay in production due to breakdowns.

Hence keeping in mind these factors and making them work, you can ensure efficient working of your concrete production equipment for a longer period of time.

This article educates reader about concrete plant and its maintenance work required to be carried to make it work at peak.