All about Block Making Machines

Block-making machines are the most versatile piece of machinery with frequency-controlled technology for producing hollow and solid blocks, pavers, kerb stones, and fly ash bricks. They are ideal and economical solutions with improved efficiency and energy-saving qualities. Block-making manufacturers have featured automation with innovation to build up high stability and reliability. A few types with their advantages are explained below-

A Paver Block machine is construction equipment with an auto travelling and levelling system that can finish and provide concrete distribution, smoothing, vibration, tampering, and extrusion to road shape. This machine can be used to produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, bricks, and interlocking pavers. The advantages of Paver Block machines are-

10-17 - SlipForm Paver

  • They can be molded to suit market needs and are more durable and easy to repair.
  • It is a double hopper machine that can produce double-layer blocks.
  • It can help in paving different blocks with different dimensions, thicknesses, and shapes.

The Automated Concrete Block Making Machines perform batch processing, automated concrete mixing, and consist of pressing systems. Their productivity depends on the block type and human intervention is minimal. Their advantages are-

  • High Strength of Blocks-The latest hydraulic pressure systems along with the feeders produce each unit with a lot of precision. They impart a close grain structure to the block and helps in making the blocks highly rigid, vibration-resistant, and high strength.
  • Environment friendly-Concrete blocks can be made out of fly ash, slag, gauge, and similar industrial waste. This works in a way to recycle industrial waste and protecting the environment.
  • Low Cost- These latest technology automatic concrete block machines can reduce energy usage. The efficient and fast production capacity of these machines adds to reducing the per-unit cost of blocks.
Concrete Block Making Machine ZN1000 and ZN1500

Concrete Block Making Machine ZN1000 and ZN1500

Block-making manufacturers design the machinery with advanced control systems which can help change the molding needs as per construction needs.

A Hollow Block Machine is a single-layer machine that can produce single-layer blocks. Hollow Blocks help in saving construction materials. It helps in saving the number of joints and reduces the use of inventory like mortar. These machines can help in-

  • Designing of various types of block making by changing molds
  • They can help in the production of high strength, high density, and accurate dimensional blocks.
  • They provide easy operation with reduced production costs and high output.

The mobile block-making machine also uses the principle of integrative reconciliation and can adopt several new techniques like box excitation, hydraulic discharge, and omnidirectional automatic movement. Manufacturers of Hollow Block machine adopt high-quality steel and precision welding in this machinery to deliver a high-performance machine. The Mobile block machine manufacturers also expertise in using quality components with several functional features to deliver reliable performance.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

AAC Block making machine is a lightweight machine precast machine that helps in handling high volume production and just-in-time production of reinforced panels. Superior quality products are rolled out as there are few handlings than the conventional tilt cake processing. The advantages of AAC block making machine are-

  • The Simplified machine infrastructure saves cost as no overhead cranes are required
  • They help in superior product quality and the double wired cutting technology aids in super smooth product surfaces.

The Automatic block-making machinery suppliers have been recognized worldwide for their robust construction machinery. They have incorporated the latest technology with a product quality to exceed market demands and expectations. The block machine manufacturers also provide multiple combinations which are adaptable to the need of each client they cater to.

All About Concrete Block Making Machines


Concrete Block Making Machine is a type of oval laying machinery that is automatically made using raw material such as feeder concrete- made wheels that will work by laying the blocks on the concrete floor and move to the next laying with the virtue of hydraulic system. The hydraulic pressure used is minimal (3H.P approx). The machine looks like a square-like box with wheels under it. It is designed to make pavers, interlocking blocks, and sometimes hollow blocks too. They are interchangeable and are designed in such a way that it can easily fulfill the needs of any customer using it. It is pretty much reliable but has a high cost of production and maintenance. It has a standard of high-quality products and cuts down the labor coast at a huge rate.

Concrete Block Making Machines

What are Block Making Machine technical details?

The technical details of the machine should be minutely checked while buying this block making machine. This includes the electrical and mechanical essentials of the good which would be useful in the long run of the production

After-sale service for Concrete Block Making Machine

As construction technology is expanding, the need to choose the company has to be a very optimistic way. For instance, one should deal with only those companies which have a reputable history in the past years and also was able to follow the customers during the entire shipping period without any personal complaints.

How does the pressure system work?

The pressure system should be a strong one so that it can produce blocks of high quality. According to many reports it has been found that if the pressure system is not up to the mark then it might sometimes result in the collapse of bricks.

What is the significance of steel?

The steels are to be those which can be used at least for 40 years in the upcoming days. Also, they should be strong and we’ll build one.

What is the significance of concrete mixing units?

The concrete mixing unit is said to be the heart of the machine. Like our brain might work but if the heart doesn’t pump then the body will stop functioning similarly this machine will not be able to perform any of its tasks without the concrete mixing unit.


It is very much reliable and much easier to handle compared to other such machines. It provides the best standards of production quality which can meet the satisfaction of any international companies. It also saves a lot of labor charges.

It has very few drawbacks such as, it has a high cost of production and the maintenance charge is also a rampant one. Also, it is a bit space consuming but this doesn’t bother any large scale industries for they have sufficient for their pieces of machinery and productions to establish and work on a day to day basis in the long run.

Rising Demand of Concrete Block Making Machine Post Covid-19

Since its inception, human race has been always into developing newer techniques in constructions, and there has been always a high demand and it will remain even after covid 19. From a simple house made of stones to most complex structure like Burj Khalifa, building blocks have been a crucial part of any construction. Thanks to the latest automatic block making machines, buildings are now more customized and equally durable.

These days, there are two major categories of building blocks on the market – bricks and concrete blocks. Bricks are now outdated and therefore, building blocks have been on the rage. To manufacture them, we have powerful concrete block making machines or automatic block making machines for better, faster, and more efficient production.

Why are concrete blocks better than bricks?

Rising demand of concrete block making machine post covid 19 gives us a hint that in constructing buildings, concrete blocks are better than bricks. Here are a few advantages of blocks over bricks –

  • As compared to traditional bricks, a concrete block is larger and has fewer joints.
  • Concrete blocks are more durable and stronger than bricks.
  • Construction with such blocks maintain the uniformity and accuracy of the dwellings.
  • The blocks have proper thermal insulation and therefore they make the buildings more robust
  • Constructing a building with concrete blocks is faster and thus the overall cost of construction comes down
  • Acoustic insulation and better water resistance make concrete blocks a preferred choice of builders
Concrete Block Making Machine ZN1000 and ZN1500

Concrete Block Making Machine ZN1000 and ZN1500

Rising demand of automatic block making machine

Post covid-19, there is marked increased demand of concrete block making machine as the less labor work is available on the market. Most of the construction companies are working with 50% reduced staff wherein automatic concrete block machines play an important role in keeping the business going.

The latest block making machines come with great designs, customization, and top of all, integrated solutions to make the material the way you want. Here are a few more advantages of going for concrete bricks –

Great strength: the powerful hydraulic pressure system and accurate feeding system produces high precision and accuracy. They also facilitate close-grain structures to the material making it robust and highly durable.

Customization: depending on the construction requirements, modern automatic block making machines offer advanced production of blocks with molding facilities. This way, one can design, develop, and manufacture the material of their choices.

Highly accurate: computerized machines produce blocks accurately. This results in making finer building blocks with negligible chance of errors or defects in the components.

Eco-friendly: the best benefit of having such materials is that it can be made from industrial waste such as ash, slag, and gauge. This way, we can take care of the Mother Nature. Manufacturing such materials is environmentally friendly.

Reduced costs: modern concrete block making machines drastically reduces the production costs of the blocks. According to a survey, it reduces energy usage by 38% in normal conditions. The overall costs are brought down, and simultaneously, the profit is shot up.

Overall, post covid-19, the demand of automatic concrete block machines will increase and the construction business is likely to boom again.

Strengthening Infrastructure with Concrete Blocks

Concrete is one of the most quintessential components in laying the foundation stone for any building. Not only does it provide a strong base but a compact structure that can hold the structure for years. It comprises sand, gravel, portland cement and water in a fixed proportion. All social infrastructure such as Schools, City centers, Hospitals, Bridges, Dams, etc. have been raised for years using concrete. Concrete has been used in various forms- Solid concrete blocks, Interlocking concrete blocks, Hallow Concrete Obstructs, etc.

Solid Concrete Blocks

A concrete block is the primary unit of any construction project. It is the masonry unit in the standard rectangular shape used in construction. These concrete blocks are used as precast which means that it is formed prior to its use and is hardened before they are sent to the job site. The blocks are lightweight and its standard dimension is generally 600mm*250mm*150mm. Being lightweight these are easily workable with high rise buildings in order to reduce overall load.

Solid concrete blocks are cost-efficient and save time to manifest it in real-time construction. These blocks are manufactured by concrete block making machines. Different types of block making machines manufacture different quality and shapes of concrete block.

Block Making Machines ZN400 and ZN600

Block Making Machines ZN400 and ZN600

Changing modern-day Construction with Concrete Blocks

Concrete block makers are under tremendous pressure in modern-day construction as concrete blocks are gaining popularity day by day. Backing up with features like lightweight, low cost of production, high load-bearing capacity has been the factor. The eco-friendly mode of production, better quality delivery as compared to dried or baked red clay or adobe bricks, speedy construction using the concrete blocks are some of the other benefits.

There are seven different types of concrete blocks used in modern-day projects like flyovers or underpass bridges. Hollow Concrete Blocks, the usual block, comes with a void that is equal to one-fourth of the total area. Concrete block makers fill these void with lightweight aggregate mortar. Machines for Concrete blocks make aerated autoclaved blocks, that are lighter but bigger versions of such blocks. Composition wise these blocks are similar to that of normal bricks but the material may vary in proportions. Aerated concrete blocks cut down the steel and concrete quantity by 15% and 10% respectively thus reducing the overall cost of manufacturing.

Concrete Block Making Machine ZN1000 and ZN1500

Concrete Block Making Machine ZN1000 and ZN1500

Concrete bricks are another type of concrete block used in fences, facades, etc. They offer a sleek look to the structure. For making lintel beams, the concrete block makers devise a groove in the block wherein the reinforcement bars are placed along with the concrete. Concrete block making machines produce rectangular or square shape blocks known as Paving blocks and are used in pavements or road shoulders. Lastly, concrete stretcher blocks are used to combine the masonry units.

The Bottom Line

Different patterns of concrete blocks are being used in several public projects like bridges, road pavements, dams, etc. The concrete blocks are not only cost-effective but also enforce strong and stable support to the standing structures. The modern-day civil projects observe a lot of concrete blocks in the construction process.

Concrete Block Making Machine for Construction Industry

A concrete block is a basic component needed for making a concrete structure like concrete wall etc. A concrete block making machine has backed the industry by providing quality concrete bricks at a fast rate. A block making machine is also known as concrete masonry unit that makes concrete blocks for constructing concrete structures. The making of concrete blocks has been carried out for many years. Earlier it was a manual process but the invention of the concrete block making the machine has turned it automated. The concrete block making machine also hiked the production rate per hour. A block making machine can make a concrete block of any design as per the construction requirement. In fact, one can make simple blocks or waterproof ones or even customized one.

The Block Making Machine

The concrete block making machine has increased its occupancy area in the last few years. Today, it’s in high demand in most of the countries because of its increased demand in the construction site.
The block making machines offers many advantages which have set it at the top in demand.

Concrete Block Making Machine

Following are the unavoidable advantages of buying the concrete block making machine:


The concrete blocks guarantee versatility and can be manufactured in different shapes, colours & surface texture for outdoor and indoor purposes. The blocks are of high structural strength that makes it good for regular use. The blocks are in large size which means that they consist of fewer joints in comparison to stone blocks of standard size. The concrete block machine produces concrete blocks of a uniform size which ensures a modular system along with accuracy and perfection in construction work.

Saves money:

The concrete block machine has increased the production rate of the blocks and slashed down the making charge of it. Increased efficiency has attracted most of the construction industries of developing countries.

Increased compressive strength: The high compressive strength of the concrete block has made it best for constructing resistant walls. The strength has increased to 10N/mm2.

Features of Concrete Block Machines:

Automatic Operation: The automation has increased the use of the concrete block machines in manufacturing and construction industries.

Computerized Control System: The machines consist of a computerized control system. It has touch screen interphase and encoders for the different functioning process. One can control the frequency and range of vibration to get the desired output. The computerized system has made it more reliable and has declined the wastage percentage.

Less power consumption:

With the exposure to advancement and improvement in machines, the latest designed concrete block making machines consume less energy. The machines produce good quality blocks without any compromise.  The machine also offers a high-performance rate that raises its demand in developing countries.

Increased Production:

The concrete block making machine has increased the production rate of the concrete blocks. Nowadays, concrete blocks are more in demand because of its easy availability and good strength. The block making machine can manufacture 1000 blocks per hour, which is quite high in comparison to the manual manufacture of the block. The production per hour depends on the number of molds and size of molds.

So, the concrete block machine has enabled the approach to get the concrete blocks in different shapes and sizes. The quality of the block produced is high and of course, the making time is also less.
The advantages offered by the concrete block making machine has increased its demand in many developing countries.  The block making machine has decreased the workload in the construction industry without compromise in the quality of block.

Process of Making Concrete Blocks using Block Making Machine

A concrete block is essential for construction of concrete structures. For example, it is a basic necessity for construction of a concrete wall or any other concrete structure. A concrete block making machine also known as a concrete masonry unit makes process of manufacturing cement bricks simpler.

Process of making concrete blocks has evolved over the years from a completely manual process to a fully automated process. There is improvement in production as well from 10 blocks an hour doing it manually to over 2000 blocks an hour using automatic concrete block making machines. 

What is a block making machine?

Design of a block may vary depending on the type of construction and country. However, a block making machine is essential to make concrete blocks of any kind. These machines can be either manual or automatic. These blocks can be simple ones, waterproof ones or even those with custom requirements.

Concrete Block Making MachineProcess of making concrete blocks

These manufacturing units can either be solely for the purpose of making concrete blocks or some can be multipurpose ones that can also manufacture other concrete products. Plants of this kind have an ability to manufacture high volume of bricks per hour (up to 2000 per hour).

Mains steps of the process:

  • Mixing:

This process starts by first gathering all raw material like sand and gravel. Next step is to place materials in their respective bins to place on a conveyor belt. A conveyor belt helps transfer this raw material to the weighing section to measure exact amount of all material.

Once the process of weighing them is complete the process of mixing begins, where all the ingredients are blended for a short period of time. There are several types of mixers for this task. Planetary mixer and pan mixer are two popular ones that are efficient and serve the purpose.

The blending process is short after which water is added to the mixer. It is necessary to regulate temperature of the water prior to adding it to a mixer. This is a good time to add the necessary chemical and coloring pigments as well.

  • Molding:

At the end of a mixing cycle all concrete is dumped on an inclined bucket conveyor to transport to an elevated hopper. Second cycle of mixing starts simultaneously. Next comes the transferring of concrete to another hopper at a steady flow rate. This in turn flows into molds that has several mold liners. Here is where shape of the bricks is defined.

Once the mold is full the weight of the upper mold head coming down compacts the mold. This can also include air or hydraulic pressure and mechanical vibrations.

  • Curing:

Pallet of blocks get stacked on a rack with help of an automated stacker or loader after the molding process. This in turns transfers to a set of rails into a curing klin. A curing klin is an enclosed space that can store several racks and moderate steam and temperature as per the requirement.

Once racks are placed in a curing klin, steam is introduced at a low rate like 16 degrees Celsius. Steam temperature varies for different types of blocks. Standard blocks are cured at a temperature up to 74 degrees (Celsius) while the lighter ones up to 85 degrees (Celsius).

Blocks are allowed to remain in here for 12 to 18 hours, however, the entire process can take up to 24 hours.

  • Cubing:

Racks roll out of a klin where unstacking of all pallets take place and then pass onto a chain conveyor belt. These blocks then pass through a cuber for the purpose of alignment and then transported out using forklifts for the purpose of storage.

Advantages for Concrete Block Making Machine

Since the beginning of humanity, construction has been part of us and has played an important role to bring us where we are now. Building blocks are the most essential component of any construction. At present, we have two major types of building blocks available for us: Bricks and Concrete Blocks. To produce them, we also have Concrete Block Making Machine and Brick Making Machine. These machines make the production fast and efficient. While both serve their purpose well, Concrete Block Making Machine and Concrete Blocks prove to be better than their adversaries. Let’s see how concrete blocks are better than bricks.

  • Concrete Blocks are larger and have a fewer joint. This helps maintain uniformity, accuracy and strength of the building.
  • Concrete Blocks provides better thermal insulation and more strength to the building.
  • Concrete Blocks are known to speed the construction process and reduce the overall cost.
  • Better water protection and acoustic insulation are additional benefits of block making machines.

Block Making Machine

While these features are triggering the increase in demand for concrete blocks, there needs to be a good option to produce them fast and with efficiency. This is where the concrete block machine comes in. Apart from concrete blocks being better than bricks, concrete block making machines have their own advantage over brick making machines. The latest automatic block making machines, like QT4 and QT6, comes with versatile design and integrated solutions for block making. Concrete block making machines have major advantages as follows:

  1. High Strength of Blocks: The effective hydraulic pressure systems and complex feeding systems produce each unit with high precision and accuracy. They also provide close-grain structure to the block which makes the block highly rigid, vibration resistance and high strength.
  2. Customizable: The requirement of the design of block differs highly depending on the construction needs. Modern automatic block making machines are integrated with advanced control systems which let you change the moulding design as per the needs. Switching the machine between fully automatic and semi-automatic is also a possibility in these machines
  3. Quick and Accurate: Hydraulic pressure systems and quick feeding system highly reduce the overall production time. The quick moulding cycles and high production efficiency makes these machines highly preferred.
  4. Environment-friendly: Concrete blocks can be made from fly ash, slag, gauge and similar industrial waste. This, in one way, serves as recycling of industrial waste which ultimately serves for the betterment environment.
  5. Low cost: The modern machines are innovated so that they can reduce up to 40% of energy usage. This helps reduce the cost and overall profit. The efficient and fast production line of these machines adds to reducing per unit cost of the blocks.

Why choose us?

Apollo Inffratech Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of Concrete Construction Equipment in India. We value innovation, reliability and productivity and provide high-quality construction equipment in India and across India. To fulfil the increasing demand for concrete solutions we are equipped with most modern and sophisticated factory setup.

Block Making Machine – Rising Demand in Developing Countries

There are two main categories of masonry recognized in the construction industry. These are either block or stone masonry. Recently there has been enormous interest in the use of block masonry as compared to use of stone in construction. Most developing countries in Africa and the world are in the middle of a construction boom and this has created demand for construction equipments.

Concrete Block Making Machines

The Block Making Machine
The usage of the block making has been increasing in the recent years, mainly due to the rise in the construction projects around the world. The concrete block making machine offers multiple advantages which has made them more preferred over the stone blocks in the developing countries. Some of these advantages are;

  • Guaranteed versatility; the concrete blocks are highly versatile for everyday use due to high structural strength and performance. The blocks can also be manufactured in various colors, shapes and surface textures both for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • They are manufactured in larger sizes and therefore requiring much fewer joints as compared to stone blocks which are cut in standard sizes.
  • The concrete block machine is able to manufacture blocks of uniform sizes, which allows use of modular systems and accuracy of construction is achieved with these concrete blocks.
  • Cost reduction ;the concrete blocks are more cost effective as compared other types of blocks due to the production efficiency derived use of the block making machine. This has also made them attractive for use in the developing countries.
  • High compressive strength; the compression strength of the concrete blocks exceeds 10N/mm2. This allows them use in many resistant walls.

Features of the Concrete Block Machine Promoting Demand in These Countries
Automation; there has been high level of automation in the manufacturing and construction of the concrete block machines. The current machines have gone one step further to make the machines as semi automatic. One example is the machine construction where the molding trays are easily movable, rather than having to move the entire machine.

Control systems; the equipment comes with a computerized control system including a touch screen interphase and an encoder for various operational processes. These will help in controlling the frequency and range of vibration with exact precision. This makes the concrete block machine to be among the most reliable machines on the market today.

Efficiency in power consumption
Continued innovation and research has led to the development of block making machines that have high energy savings, while maintaining high performance levels. This has great advantages in the developing countries where electrical installations and power supply levels are always fluctuating.

Production Capacity
The high production capacity of the block making machines has also been a major factor driving demand for the machines and the increase usage of concrete blocks in the developing countries. The machine output per hour can be as high as 1000 blocks depending on the number of moulds and size of the moulds made per hour.
With all these positive developments and features, the demand for the block making machine will continue to grow exponentially in developing as well as developed countries.

QT4 & QT6 Block Making Machine – Global Market

The automatic block making has become critical equipment in all the major sectors of infrastructural development. The major industries utilizing the QT 4 and QT 6 block making machines include the building sector, road construction, garden and landscaping, construction of commercial premises.

Block Making Machine

It is a note worthy fact that there are many different types and models of block making machines available in the market but the QT6 automatic block making machine has the highest demand. This is because the equipment has proved efficient and produces blocks easily and with minimum effort. Some of the important features of the block making equipment include;

  • The logic control system; the best of these machines have the German model of the PLC, with a touch screen interface for ease of operation.
  • Guaranteed safety of the machine through an auto lock system that avoids mechanical accidents that may happen during operation.
  • The block production parameters can always be modified as per the site requirements thus helping in cutting of costs, and preventing material wastage.
  • The machines come equipped with a special air bag cylinder that serves to reduce the vibration and produce high quality blocks.
  • Efficiency and productivity of the equipment is guaranteed.

Factors Driving Demand for QT4 and QT6 Block Making Machines

The demand for the concrete blocks continues to increase in the United States and around the world. There has been a gradual recovery in the construction expenditures across all the market segments. The bricks, blocks and pavers demand have been the main influencers of this demand. The demand for concrete blocks is due to their usage in as a siding material in most residential buildings and primarily in the single family segment.

With this demand for blocks going upwards all over the world, it has caused a proportional rise in demand for the automatic block making machine.

Innovative and Sturdy Equipment Design 

The QT4 block making machine has high efficiency and super strong vibration system that enables the machine realize the required vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion and braking.

The concrete block making machine framework is also designed with super strength steel and with special welding technology to guarantee machine durability and performance. With these factors favouring the usage of the block making machines, the global market continues to grow and expand.

Demand in Developing Countries.

In the developing countries such as those in the African continent, the use of concrete blocks serves as the cheaper alternative than construction of the concrete walls. Depletion of the natural stone sources has also led to a shift towards use of the concrete blocks. In expansive residential areas, concrete block making machines are used on site to bake blocks for access roads construction.

Bottom Line

With the rapid investments in infrastructure and construction in many developing countries, there has been an ever increasing demand for the concrete block making machines. Maturation of the international investment market and the rapid infrastructure, the block making machine will continue to be leading construction equipment.

Concrete Block Making Machines – All about Output and Efficiency

Compared to manual production of concrete blocks, the block making machine has a replaceable gang mould system that produce several blocks per cycle of casting. The concrete block making machines have inbuilt mechanisms that ensure greater strength and performance of the concrete is achieved.

Concrete Block Making Machines

Indigenous block making machines were used in manufacture of larger concrete blocks of both solid and hollow blocks. It was later shown that the size of the aggregate particles affected the quality and strength of the blocks. Concrete with bigger aggregates (greater than 15mm) exhibited segregation and lack of compaction.

New Generation Block Making Machines

To combat this problem there was need to develop a way to achieve better aggregation and compaction. Instead of use of the normal plate vibrator, a technique of pressure vibration was developed to efficiently handle concrete mixes with a wider range of aggregate size and better consistency. This technique has been one of the major efficiency improving innovations in concrete blocks manufacturing. Thus it has been successfully used in stone casting blocks, large size block making and also in making of the traditional aggregate blocks.

Design parameters that enhance efficiency of the Block making machine

Enhanced production efficiency through process innovations and low maintenance costs has been a guiding principle in development of concrete block making machine. The simplicity of the basic design also allows for easier operation and greater productivity.

Mobility of the Machine

There is improved efficiency when the machine is able to set ready blocks at one point and easily move to another position thus eliminating the need for wooden and steel pallets.

Efficiency in Compression

Compression in the block making machine is achieved using hydraulic cylinders which are able to create a much stronger block which still reducing the usage of cement.

The use of high frequency vibrator system achieves greater compaction and the incorporation of powerful motor systems has contributed to enhanced performance. The equipment is also designed to manufacture hollow blocks which are able to save on materials and create an appealing look.

Automatic Block Making Machine

Automation in the concrete industry has led to development of the automatic block making machine. This is an economical machine that delivers high quality blocks in both industrial quantities and special purpose needs. It is generally accepted that the automatic models have two fixed presses able to compress blocks uniformly and with greater force.

Reduced Electrical Installation Needs

The automatic block machine is made with reduced electrical installation requirements and ease of maintenance.  The operating method is designed in such a way to be power efficient and there for quick return on investment.


The ability to develop blocks of different dimensions enhances the flexibility of these block making machines. Latest machines are also equipped with programmable logic control system where specific block dimensions can be set, including batching times and a continuous production process is achieved.

Bottom Line

Technological developments in the concrete industry have enabled the development of machines with greater productivity and profitability. Advances in the design of the block making machines have meant greater output, flexibility in design and also the production of hollow blocks has been made possible.