Cage Welding Machine: Importance in Drainage & Concrete Pipe Industry

A proper drainage system is crucial, when it comes to infrastructural development. It provides protection to health and hygiene for the people. It even keeps the surrounding clean.
The drainage system is found everywhere be it any office building, residential area, factories and industries. Thus, it is a basic requirement, which is needed to be satisfied with good quality instruments, to make it as ‘One Time Investment’.
A proper quality of Cage Welding Machine is required for production of cylindrical cages used extensively in drainage system and other applications.

Cage Welding Machine

Features of Cage Welding Machine

  • Quick Production: The cage welding machine promotes speedy production of cage used for its versatile purposes.
  • Accurate: Since, it is well-designed for the production for cages, it produces accurate cages which can suits its specific requirement.
  • Safe to Operate: It demands very less human intervention, and it is safe to operate.
  • Consumes Less Energy: It provides high productivity consuming less power.
  • Cost Effective: It is quite cost effective machine which produces cages.

Cage Welding Machine: For Concrete Pipe Industry

The cage welding machine is designed to produce cylindrical cages which are used to make Concrete Pipes. These cages are used by major concrete pipe manufacturers across the globe.
The concrete is considered as one of the strongest and most durable building materials. And, due to that reason it is used in diverse building applications including concrete pipes.
Some other reasons to use concrete pipes are; they are economical and long lasting components of modern infrastructure.
The concrete pipes are used for varied application such as:

Drainage System

  • The drainage system requires concrete pipes as it can withstand any environmental factors. It does not rust, bend, or burn.
  • They are highly resistant to corrosion and capable to resist heavy flow of water.
  • But, to build a good quality sewer requires a high quality and accurate of cage made from cage welding machine.


  • The dams are constructed to store water in reservoir. The water of dam is used to conduct varied activities such as irrigation and municipal supplies for domestic as well as industrial usage.
  • The construction of dam must be sturdy and durable. Hence, it becomes essential to use high quality raw materials.
  • The concrete pipe built from cage of high quality of metal can withstand the continuous and heavy loads of water.


  • Culverts are placed in areas where water needs to flow under man-made structures, such as underneath roads.
  • They can bear heavy loads and a high amount of water flow easily but for that it’s important to note that they are constructed of adequate size.
  • Concrete pipes made of quality cages have the characteristics that make them excellent culverts and are often employed for this purpose.

The cage welding machine is demanded from many infrastructural and development projects and major concrete pipe producers as it is a cost-effective machine that meets the requirement of cylindrical cages throughout the world.
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Innovative Concrete Machines with Great Returns and Durability

The rapid growth in the construction and infrastructure has meant increased demand in concrete pipes and products in general. Equipment used in manufacture of these products has equally advanced. Some of these machines include:

Cage Welding Machine

This is equipment designed for manufacture of circular cages used in production of precast concrete poles, concrete pipes, culverts, columns and bored piles. Advanced technology has led to manufacture of innovative machines able to produce oval, round with spigot as well as square cages. It is also possible to, manufacture conical as well as cages with flattened sides.

Cage Welding Machine

The Cage Welding Machine dimensions range from 220mm by 1700mm to 900mm by 5200mm and even more. Lengths can also vary widely depending on the usage.

Features of the Cage Welding Machine

The machine is has a winding wire pitch that can handle 80/100 KVA up to 100/125 KVA. It is also equipped with an ultra modern touch panel with a programmable logic control that ensures efficiency and ease of operation.

Design of Cage-Making Machine

With increased variability in the design and models of cages, machine design has also advanced significantly that unique cages can be made, with lower investment amount required. The cage making machines market is also bound to continue expanding as infrastructure developments continue to increase globally.

Block Making Machine

The equipment has a robust construction with very rigid frame that only the synchronized vibration will occur during production and interfere with the quality of the product.

The equipment also has high production capacity while requiring minimal maintenance therefore higher return on investment. The equipment is recommended for production at industrial level as well as manufacture of special pieces.

Block Making Machine

It is equipped with two fixed presses that achieve sufficient compression for high quality blocks.

Traditionally , these block making machine required very heavy wiring and electrical installations, however , the current design requires much less fittings thereby adapting to the needs of business people who are starting out as well as those in continuing production.

In addition, the stationery-synchronized press is rigid and very easy use, as it has been highly automated. Instead of moving the whole machine, only the trays are in motion, therefore will take up lesser space.

Pipe Making Machine

The demand for the concrete pipe globally has grown rapidly and even exceeding the supply level. There is therefore a high likelihood of deterioration in quality as manufacturers compete to fulfill their orders. This must never happen and buying the highest quality pipe-making machine is the only solution.

Pipe Making Machine

While looking for a pipe production machine, some important features and innovations increase the efficiency of the equipment. These include;

  • The design of the hoppers and conveyors; They are manufactured with rounded corners that prevent material build up during production.
  • Incorporation of turntable assembly with tapered support rollers for greater support and centering
  • A self-cleaning top table that has a fully machined bottom surface as well as captive fasteners for accurate attachment of the top centering plates, tongue formers and O-ring groovers,
  • Incorporation of a changeover table that supports the roller head assembly and the top centering ring during change over, maintenance and machine clean up.

The modifications and innovation in these equipments has enabled efficient and high quality production of concrete pipes that are guaranteed in performance and durability.

Concrete, Block or Slab Foundations; Choosing the Best Alternative

The foundation represents the life of the structure and thorough analysis must be done at the beginning of construction. Basic consideration in slab construction include climatic factors, position of the water table, winter conditions, probability of frosts, storms and strong winds. With these in mind, you may decide to choose between the slab placed on grade type or “below the grade- basement slab foundation. Each of the two types has different tolerance to changing environmental conditions.


Both types of foundations are held by the concrete footings. The footing is the wide trench dug and filled with a layer of concrete mix from where the blocks and the wall will rest. The nature of the footing made depends on the characteristics of the building, soil characteristics and size of building. The purpose of the footing is to prevent shifting and gradual sinking of the wall.

Poured Walls

This is the most common form of basement in construction. It is favored because of impermeability to water and forms a seamless wall. The mix is introduced into a mould that has been reinforced with steel bars for extra strength to be achieved. It is important to have the wall done as a continuous process for good bonding to be achieved and cracks are avoided from different setting paces.

The concrete mix can be prepared using self-loading mixers, which achieves greater efficiency and uniformity of the mixture. The mix is poured and left to set for a one-week period after which the forms are removed.

block making machinesThe toughened block foundations have cedar blocks formed well together and united together with mortar. In extreme climatic conditions they can be applied as a stem wall supporting a complete slab above . They act as good material to separate the slab from the ground layer and good prevention of water intrusion.

The use of block walls is also common in construction. Blocks made using the block making machines are set to lower than the grade, enhanced with concrete is introduced to create a continuous slab impervious to water and is a good foundation.

While pouring the mix, vibrator equipment is used to force all slurry mix into place, eliminate all air pockets and ensure voids are completely removed before setting of the material. Storm water drainage can be done using concrete pipes, which are both hardy and durable.

Special pipe making machines are used in their manufacture so as achieve accurate and long lasting pipes. These pipes are also hardened by use of circular wire cages made using Cage welding machines.

Cage Welding MachineCage welding machine

After appropriate footings are made, soil/dirt is well compacted, and a six inch layer of gravel is applied. PVC sheet is placed to act as the vapor barrier. A layer of sand is then placed on the barrier, followed by a wire mesh for reinforcement, after which the mix is poured.

Making an informed choice of the floor is a critical factor in construction. Creation of these floors and other concrete products is now achieved efficiently through innovative concrete making equipments which achieve high precision and durable products.