Ready Mix Concrete – An Absolute Cost-Effective Product

Ready-mix concrete has been considered as an important need of the hour for the end users as well as the contractors which can be both-trading people or residents. A product like this has provided a smooth but effective escalation to the primary basic business activities in construction domain. For the very initial, regular and considerably prominent activity of mixing concrete material this product has acted as a backbone to it in the most standard shape.  It is the concrete that is created in a batch plant, conforming to set engineered-mix design.  It is basically manufactured in two ways-

First in the transit mixers which supply concrete in a plastic form to the site and the second is volumetric concrete mixer which delivers the prepared mix in a dry form and then mixes the concrete on the plat.

Ready mix concrete is usually selected over other stuff due to the low cost and expansive uses from squirrel bath to high rise bridges and buildings. This concrete is a mixture of water and aggregates, Portland cement, crushed stone and sand. The concrete is generally expressed in cubic metres.
Utilizing concrete mix for our construction purpose brilliantly minimise cost by-

  • Diminishing labour cost
  • Reducing storage cost
  • Abolishing material wastage

 Assurance of Quality

For most of the contractors or engineers, their main focus is to maintain the quality work on-site project. To maintain the superb grade of the aggregates and perfect water cement ration turns into a challenging job while using the normal concrete. But using the ready concrete mix delivered on the plat, fine quality is unfailingly guaranteed using the upgraded and advanced types of equipment. Some supplier companies or the contractors walk an additional mile to check the grade water and cement ratio of the mixed concrete before it is delivered in the market so that it does not shake their goodwill.

Good saving in construction cost

By making the use of ready mix concrete, one can remarkably reduce the consumption of the electricity at the job area. In the mixture of the concrete, all the ingredients are wonderfully maintained, so that there is less chance of getting the materials wasted.

Use of blue-collar as in the case of on-plat concrete mix manufacturing is reduced greatly. Additionally, when someone orders concrete, they need not face the complications related to storage of concrete, meaning that there is no annoyance of dust on the plat and we can easily save a handsome amount on construction as well as on the maintenance.

Concrete Batching Plant ATP 45 and ATP 60


Concrete composed by this mean is reusable, clean and power efficient creation solution. The primary ingredients in formulating the concrete mix are gravel, stone, sand and water which are ungrudgingly accessible in nature and cause very less harm to the surroundings when removed from it, juxtaposed with the other construction stuff like steel.

Terra firma for pits can be easily restored to its natural state and can be used again for residential or commercial purpose again, once finished with the mining process. Ready concrete mix is extraordinarily self-effacing in the consumption of energy and unpresuming in paybacks.

Additionally, it is prepared with a minute approach confirming the minimal squander of material, and the rest can be easily used for the recycling procedure and can be used further in future. When we order Ready concrete mix from a localised concrete supply company, it also diminishes the consumption of fuel in the transportation which is also an eco-friendly attribute of ready mix.

Best Value for money-Highly Durable

Ready concrete mix is supremely long-lasting construction material. It stays for many years, however primarily it is directly proportional over the factor of the “Quality of other material used”, and does not get impacted by the high heat of the sun. By being directly proportional over the material quality, it is being implied that the age of ready mix is also dependent over its complementary mixes. The output of the structure is damage free and crack free which successively preserves resources and lowers the maintenance cost.

After knowing about the Ready-mix concrete we can finely conclude that through its availability and readiness of state which is considerably met on set engineered-mix; Constructions can be made by reducing the supervisory cost, diminishing the multi-transportation for raw materials, by controlling water-to-cement ratio and by obtaining standardized quality and better workability.

Concrete Batching Plant for Builders

Establishing oneself in the construction industry is backbreaking. The industry requires a lot of time, patience, a good amount of money and equipment. Construction companies are the one who holds the responsibilities to changes the dream of people having a home into reality. They are the backbone of big buildings and houses. Well, if you have already fluttered your flag then must be familiar with one of the most important equipment that is a concrete batching plant.

No construction is possible without concrete. Concrete is the soul of the construction project but making balanced and quality concrete is not possible without a concrete batching plant. A concrete batching plant eases so much work; it makes a quality concrete using various basic ingredients like cement, gravel, water etc  The batching plant consists of many other components like a cement mixer, cement bins, headquarters and silos etc which work simultaneously to make a good quality concrete. It is very important to accumulate good knowledge about the machine before purchasing a batching plant.

What is Concrete Batching Plant?

A concrete Batching plant is also referred to as a concrete plant. Concrete plant is builder-friendly equipment that blends various ingredients like water, sand, air, admixtures, fly ash, slag, fume, silica, cement and aggregates(gravel, rocks etc) to make cement.

Concrete Batching Plant ATP 45 and ATP 60

Types of Concrete Batching Plants available for builders:

Concrete Batching Plants are available in two types-

1) Dry mix plants
2) Wet mix plants

The concrete batching plant consists of many parts like cement batchers, mixers,  aggregate batchers, radial stackers, conveyors, cement bins, aggregate bins, heaters, cement silos, dust collectors, chillers and batch plant controls.

Well, technology has already influenced the globe. Many batching plants are available which are controlled by the computer. One can set the desired program for loading the amount in required quantity and start the machine to work. The automated machine prohibits the misuse of time and material. It even lessens the burden on the builders. Many builders buy the concrete batching plant while some get it on rent.

How Concrete Batching machine helps builders?

 Time Consumption:

The batching machines consume less time and act as a helping hand of builders. It helps in completing big projects in a shorter period of time. Earlier supply, feeding and mixing of the raw material to make concrete used to consume half or a complete day as it was done by the manpower.

Saves Money:

The Concrete batching Plant is a construction friendly machine which helps in saving money of the builders. It deducts the labour cost. One can make the concrete according to the need and availability of raw material.

But the availability of batching plant has made a lot of difference in the construction industry. Today, making a concrete mixture is just a work of a few minutes.

Quality mixture:

The batching plant can make fresh concrete at any time of the day. So, one need not worry about the quality of the concrete. Builders add the required amount of raw mixture to get the desired concrete.

No wastage: Well, the concrete batching machine makes the required amount of the mixture without compromising with the quality and reduces the chances of any kind of wastage.

Concrete Batching plant near the construction site!!

If your Batching plant is located at the construction site or nearby it then it makes work more feasible. It even saves transportation cost. Whoever has purchased the batching plant is satisfied with the outcomes and is enjoying the cut off in money consumption. So, if you are still spending huge money on manpower and not getting the satisfying outcome then must purchase this builder friendly equipment to enjoy benefits.

Applications fo Concrete Batching Plant

What is Concrete Batching Plant?

Concrete Batching Plant is a building system that converts raw materials into a value-added commodity, and this content is manufactured in concrete form.

Several materials such as air, water, admixtures, cement, fly ash, silica fume, sand, and aggregate are included in the raw material.

The function of concrete batching plants includes the different operations addressed in the following portion.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Working of Concrete Batching Plants

  • Powder feeding involves cement, fly ash
  • Aggregate feeding
  • Storage and conveyors, along with admixtures for mixing different materials
  • Water

Benefits of the Concrete Batching Plant:

There are a variety of benefits that the concrete batching plant enjoys. Most of these advantages are as follows:

  • Outstanding reliability
  • High capacity produces
  • Higher Production degree
  • Better efficiency while combining

These are the four key advantages the concrete batching plants accomplish.

Concrete Batching Plants for Infrastructure Construction

  • Concrete Batching Plants in Road Construction
  • Batching Plants
  • Horizontal batching plants
  • Compact Plants
  • Mobile Plants
  • Horizontal Plants

Applications of Concrete Batching Plants

Concrete batching plants are overwhelmingly used in nearly all mega-building projects.

If it’s about constructing rivers, bridges, or shops, the existence of a concrete batching plant holds the primary significance because it’s responsible for producing the concrete.

Besides, Concrete Batching Plants are also used in the construction of civil engineering, ready mixing, and precast applications.

Two Types Of Application

  • Ready-mix: The ready-mix is a concrete batching plant technology
  • Central Mix Plant: In the case of a central mixing station, all the materials are mixed and concrete is poured on the field there.

Importance of Concrete Batching Plant in Civil Construction

In the civil construction industry, concrete batching plants are one of the most important equipment. It is an essential machinery for every modern contractor. Different types of concrete batching plans such as mobile concrete batching plant and compact concrete batching plant are so popular that we can’t imagine any construction site without it. As we all know, the right quality of concrete increases the reliability of any construction. In many different types of time bound and precise jobs, producing high quality concrete in the right amount can be a challenging task. And, without having the high-tech equipment such as mobile concrete batching plant, it is impossible to deliver it on time. However, as a result of technological evolution, today there are various high tech equipments are available which can help contractors in achieving desired results.

Concrete Batching Plant Operating Procedure

Concrete batching plants are designed to achieve the right quality concrete in the right quantity in quick time, so that the construction can proceed as per the schedule. Speciality of the mobile concrete batching plant is that they work very precisely. The functioning of this equipment is simple but very accurate. The load cells weight the required amount of materials and then, the materials are transferred to the mixing unit with the help of material transfer systems. The material is mixed in the mixing chamber for a specific time to achieve the desired output.

Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete Batching Plant

The major parts of the concrete plants are weighing units for different materials, conveying system, mixing unit, material storage systems, control panels and various other optional components offered by concrete batching plant manufacturer. In concrete plants, cement is used as a binding material for mixing sand, water, aggregates and other additives to make concrete that can be immediately used for construction work. The demand of these machines is constantly increasing in road construction, building construction and other civil construction projects. Hence, the quality of the concrete plants such as mobile concrete batching plants and compact concrete plants has become a vital aspect for every mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer.

Advantages of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mostly, this machine is made from high quality sturdy material. The most important aspect of this machine is that it is easy to take this machine to different places. Additionally, the machine is very easy to install and the production can be started quickly. Apart from easy movability, the mobile concrete batching plant offers a superior mixing performance. Mixing unit of the plant is capable to deliver uniform mixing of concrete quickly. It is important to note that the mixing unit of the concrete batching plant requires cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals. Today, there is a wide range of concrete batching plants available, but it is important to consider several important factors such as build quality, accessories, and control panel features, while planning to buy the right concrete batching plant as per your requirements.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dry Batching Plant

What are concrete batching plants?

Concrete batching plants are equipments used to combine sand or gravel , water , air, admixtures , fly ash, and cement to finally create concrete.

What are the main types of concrete batching plants?

There are two types. These are the wet and dry batching plant. There are plants containing both a transit mix chamber and a central mix side while having a common material storage point.

concrete batching plant
How does a dry batching plant operate?

The dry mix concrete plant is designed to accurately weigh out sand, gravel, and cement in weigh batchers. These are then discharged into a chute which then directs the mix to a waiting truck. In the process of discharging to the transit mixer, water is also volumetrically metered and discharged through the same chute. The materials are then agitated / mixed in a range of 70 – 100 revolutions on the mixer truck while in transit to the construction site.

How different or similar is the quality of concrete from the dry batching plant versus wet batching plant?

The dry mix plant has generally more break strength standard deviation and there may be some variations from load to load. This is brought about by differences in the mixing times, truck blade and drum conditions, traffic conditions and many other external factors.
The wet batching plant on the other hand, all loads are mixed at same station and under similar conditions and therefore it is much easier to get consistent quality.

What is the capacity of the dry batching plant?

This typically refers to the volume of concrete that can be processed in a period of time and is expressed in cubic meters. The batching plant capacity can also be referred to as the biggest factor or the main parameter considered in determining the price of a batching plant.

What are important advantages of the dry type concrete batching plant?

Storage time; the dry batching concrete can be stored for the longest time possible as no setting will occur. The maximum time the wet concrete mixture can be kept is not more than 24 hours; hence it must be utilized soonest possible.
Due to the large volume of production, the construction performance of the dry mix plant can be much higher than that of the wet mix. Materials used for mixing such as sand can be carefully screened to achieve the required fineness while the process is still ongoing, and the correct grade is easily achieved.

What are the important performance features of the dry concrete batching plant?

  • The dust during operation is much reduced and therefore environmentally safe.
  • The dry mixing plant can also be used in small batch mixes, while this is not possible for the wet mix concrete batches.

What are some of the latest innovations to the dry batching concrete plants?

Modern concrete batch plants now utilize computer aided control technology that assists in fast and accurate measurement of inputs and ingredients. Concrete performance is also highly dependent on accurate water measurements. The use of moisture probe during the water addition phase has also become an important feature in this equipment.

All About Concrete Batching Plant & Its Working Principle

Concrete Batching Plant used in industry, also known as a batch plant or a batching plant is a device where numerous ingredients like cement, sand, water, and other additives is been combined in order to form concrete. Batching is the process of weighing and introducing the ingredients into the mixer for developing a batch of concrete. Concrete has been considered as one of the most durable materials is been used in construction work like bridges, houses, highways, sidewalks and other.

The concrete batching plant with its parts and accessories combines together and produces high-quality concrete. In order to understand the working principle of a concrete batching plant, it is important to know the different components of the plant.

Concrete Batching Plants

Components of Concrete Batching Plant –

  • Aggregate Feeders – With the help of bins located, materials like aggregate, sand etc. is been fed with the help of bins that holds the different size of aggregates/sand for different compartment
  • Cement Weighing Hopper – Hold large volume of cement that comes in bulk. The cement bags are been placed on the top of the hopper and once the cement bags torn they fall into the hopper.
  • Aggregate Weigh Hopper – Used to weigh the aggregates one by one and transfer them for further processing. With the help of pneumatic cylinders, the aggregates are been discharged.
  • Twin – Shaft Mixer – It is one of the main components of the concrete batching plant. All the ingredients are been mixed with the help of twin shaft mixer. Ensures the concrete is thoroughly mixed getting the uniform appearance and all the ingredients are equally distributed.
  • Control Panel – The working of the batching plant is controlled by the control panel. It assists with the fast and accurate measurements of the ingredients that help to produce high-quality concrete.  Latest machines also help to save and print mix material recipes.
  • Admixtures – Liquid form, having three different types tanked separately.
  • Water – Water is controlled with the help of meter system depending upon the volume required for mixing

Working Principle of Concrete Batching Plant –

The processing of the concrete batching starts by aggregate feeding into individual bins. As set in the control panel aggregates weigh individually as per the design. After weighing the aggregates, it is been further transformed into the mixing unit. There are weigh hoppers for cement, additive and water present above the mixing unit that aims at transferring the content to the mixing unit. By means of weigh conveyor, cement is been transformed and water is also been pumped. The concrete is been made in the twin shaft mixer where are all the ingredients are mixed uniformly. The timer is been set for mixing of the ingredients by the help of control panel and the time elapses mixing process stops and the truck is been loaded by the concrete.

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Dry Batching Plant – Working Principle & Advantages

A concrete batching plant works with the basic principle of combining varied ingredients such as sand, aggregates, water, cement and additives to make it ready for application at a construction site.

Similarly, the dry batching plant works on same concept. The components such as sand, cement, additives, and aggregates are weighed separately and then they are sent to transit mixer to prepare ready mix concrete. Water is added into the transit mixer. And, the concrete is mixed inside the transit mixer on the way to the work site.

The dry concrete mix is used profoundly in the diverse projects viz. residential and industrial. The application of dry concrete mix has been increased with the increase in demand of the concrete.  It is used to a great extent for infrastructural projects, for instance; for creating concrete foundations, slabs, driveways, sidewalks, patios and floors.

Concrete Batching Plant

Dry Batching Plant- Working Principle

The working of dry concrete batching plant mainly depends on five primary functions which are mentioned below:

  • Aggregate feeding – The sand and aggregates are fed into the individual feeding bins.
  • Powder feeding – Here, the powder is referred to cement, fly ash and additives. They are fed in this stage. These components play a great role in the binding of any material.
  • Water – Water is discharged in a transit mixer that will help cement bind evenly with aggregates. Its need to be noted here that the definite quantity of water is a must for any ready mix.
  • Storage and conveyance – Storage and conveyance here refer to storage of cement, fly ash, etc. They have to hold up quantity in bulk and transfer small quantity by screw conveyor to the weighing hoppers.
  • Control system – The control system is very significant for any advanced machine. It makes operation fast, accurate and user-friendly.

The dry-mix is usually used for small to medium volume placements or for worksite having limited vehicular access.

The dry batching plant comes in two types viz. stationary and mobile. The stationary concrete batching plant is bigger in size than mobile. Its operation is more likely similar to the mobile version.

The stationary type of plant is preferred by patrons who want to use concrete at a single place, whereas portable version is preferred by people who want to change the work site more often.

Benefits of Using Dry Batching Plant

  • User-friendly: The dry batching plant is controlled by the computer which makes it a convenient for users to operate it for long hours easily.
  • Customized: It can be available in the customized styles according to the specific requirement of users.
  • Accurate Measurement: The automatic batching plant comes with PLC series, which can help the customers to get good quality of concrete by measuring the ingredients in the exact measure.
  • Environmental-friendly: The activities from the feeding of raw materials to discharging of finished materials are held in the closed state in a dry batching plant. Thus, it does not pollute the environment and preserves the same.
  • Belt Feeding: The advanced dry mix plant adopts a belt feeding mechanism. It promotes high efficiency with less power consumption.

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The Transformation of Construction Activity – Core Work Machinery Growth

Analysis of Core Construction Works and its Importance

Building work is composed of plethora of core activities starting from buying raw materials to mixing the concrete, making structures and many more. The time factor is always higher as far as construction business is concerned. Earlier, more man power assistance was required to meet the core building work requisites because every part of construction for instance is a blend of tough jobs in which concrete making and structural blocks making are two main activities required in majority. In earlier days, building of concrete structure was done purely with simple tools where most of the core work was done only with man power. Concrete mixing is yet another hectic task in which the proportion of mixing ingredients is critical task. These two jobs are time consuming. However, with the recent implementation of new machinery designed for fast construction works, many core tasks have been simplified.

Cost Comparison of Conventional Construction Methods

Conventional construction methods required more man power; hence, cost of construction was comparatively higher. Builders need to balance expenditure for raw materials, transportation, labour, etc. Among the expenses, labour cost had been a big issue as not much equipment was available in those days so that the core building works can be completed earlier. Time factor was yet another reason for the increase in structuring work. Later with the inception of construction specific devices such as ready mix concrete plant, concrete batching machine, and many more devices, construction business has been developed over beneficial economic results. For example, a construction labour costs $51 to $ 53 per day in US, in UK one day payment for labour is 45 to 46 GBP, and the cost of man power varies in every country. However, the pricing for workers can be reduced considerably with the help of construction devices.

Best Machineries Available for Core Construction Activities

Big projects can be completed in relatively shorter time with the help of these construction friendly equipments. While comparing the cost range of construction industry of various countries, the labour cost and price of making concrete structures varies in accordance with the availability of raw materials and men power. However, investors who have spent reasonable amount in buying building friendly equipments have experienced money saving feature.  With ready mix concrete apparatus the pricing and time aspect can be controlled effectively because in earlier days supply, feeding, and mixing of concrete making materials are done almost with labour power. This was considered a hectic task as well. Machinery designed to transform core activities in construction fetch wonderful results than traditional ones. For example,

  • A ready mix concrete apparatus helps the construction administrators to get fresh concrete without hardening of the ingredients.
  • Since, certain important components like cement tend to become harder within short time; a ready mix plant would stay an effective option in reducing the percentage of waste.
  • Concrete blend from this plant can be sent to construction sites within vicinity and without any changes in the quality of the material.
  • It helps to save more money provided the plant is located within short travelling time distance and the mode of transportation is flexible.

Best Equipments that Help in Cost Effective Construction

  • With Ready mix batch plant it is very reliable to make good profit in a moderate investment. This system allows producing high quality concrete at relatively moderate cost.
  • Spun Pipe is a useful option in construction works.
  • Buying a transit mixer is a perfect option for those who cannot invest on concrete plants. This mobile equipment can be transported to any location and the builders can save time and cost of construction with this apparatus.


Equipments designed to produce concrete and other building needs are always a best alternative than spending for labour.

The Important Role of Concrete Batching Plants in Sustainable Development

Throughout the world there has been much emphasis on the sustainability of each and every project or activity being undertaken. Sustainability in general terms refers to the endurance of systems and processes. Sustainable approaches to construction and development must be sought at all times in order to efficiently manage the resource base from depletion, environmental degradation and even climate change. In other words, sustainable development meets the needs of the present generation without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Concrete Batching Plants

Global Concrete Consumption

Concrete is consumed in massive quantities in the whole world in various activities of building and construction, roads and railways, residential areas and many more. These are important infrastructural requirements that enable the economy to progress rapidly for people to better their living standards.

The preparation methods of concrete must be in such a ways that the demands to the natural environment are kept at minimum for sustainability to be achieved. The concrete batching plant is an equipment used in concrete preparation that has enhanced sustainability in construction.

Energy Efficiency

For sustainable processes to be achieved, efficiency in energy use must be achieved. The Concrete mixing plant is designed to maximize production with reduced energy usage by having highly efficient engines with minimum maintenance requirements and more durability.

Energy saving is also achieved through lower electricity consumption and use of gravity assisted material feeding system as well as computerized controls that precisely calibrate all ingredients of the mixing plant.

Water Conservation during Operation 

In concrete preparations there is heavy water usage in the operation. The batching plant combines all the required materials in mixing of concrete to create a homogenous mix used in construction. Batching equipment is designed in such as way as to ensure optimum usage of water and other materials to achieve a good mix. This includes the ability of some equipment to recycle wet concrete mix before setting and thus reduce wastage.

The Green Technology Equipments

With the development of green commercial concrete plants, the problem of environmental pollution has been effectively tackled.  This model of the ready mix concrete plant increases the material utilization ratio thus creating an overall material saving. Increased material saving from the concrete batching plant in turn increases the productivity and profitability is the operation.

In the current construction industry the demand for increased efficiency is high and the central equipment in this process is the RMC plant or the Ready Mix concrete plant.

In some cases there has been need for all batching equipment to be easily movable to locations closer to construction site to reduce material movement to the site. Some advanced batching equipments may be fitted with twin shaft mixers that increase the production output to up to 160 m3 /hr. The assembly process of the batching plant is also made faster and easy, and with easy to clean concrete handling piping and conveyance systems.

Bottom Line

The concrete batching plant has been important equipment in the construction industry and when effectively used, it has enabled sustainable development to be achieved. More sustainability will be achieved with enhanced technology, water saving initiatives and enhanced efficiency of the batching plants.

Important Concrete Production Equipments – The Foundation of Concrete Technology

The construction equipment industry has rapidly developed in innovation over the last few years. The turn of the millennium marked the crossroad where existing technology appeared to have reached the climax, and newer operational concepts had started taking shape. The advances in technologies have also been prompted by the need to enhance efficiency and reduction in environmental emissions, which impacted heavily on the engine designs. New and more well engineered designs have achieved much more performance and functions than would have been conceived a decade ago.

Some of the greatest developments discussed here include-

Slip form Paver

Slip form paving is among the recent and now widely accepted technologies in infrastructure development. The slip form paver is an equipment that can perform several tasks such as;

  • finish grading
  • disperse concrete on the sub grade
  • Vibration
  • Concrete shaping
  • Trim surface to the desired thickness
  • Create surface uniformity

Slip form paving

The equipment uses concrete of a similar grade to that used in convectional paving systems. It must have the same consistency and uniform slump of approximately two inches. The prepared mix is fed into the hopper box or deposited in front of the machine. The material goes through the vibrators, tampers and oscillators after which it is extruded through a metering system extending the width of the surface to achieve a uniform surface conformation.

The slip form paver is equipped with a modern control system that has increased the machine efficiency of operation. The equipment has intelligent electronic controls for precise driving and concrete processing system to achieve high precision in paving.

Concrete Batching Plant

This machine is one of the most important equipments in the construction industry. The final strength, consistency and durability of concrete is dependent on the efficiency of the batching plant. The machine is equipped with an advanced and computer aided operation system which regulates the weights of aggregate, sand, cement, additives and water. The machine also regulates the mixing time for each recipe depending on the requirements of the concrete.

concrete batching plant

The concrete batching plants operate in two categories, which are the ready mix concretes and the central mix batching plant.

The introduction of computer aided batching processes has been one of the greatest advancements in concrete processing. It means that material mixing can easily be altered to changing requirements, and modified to achieve greater throughput, while reducing the operation cost.

Block Making Machine

These equipments come in various models depending on the type of blocks desired. The machine lays blocks with high efficiency and low on maintenance, therefore delivers quick and easy blocks production.

Block Making Machine

It has eliminated the need for wooden and steel pallets, the mould and the Ram mechanism are hydraulic operated and achieves stronger blocks with less cement usage. These modifications have enables consistent in quality and size of blocks. The block making machine is able to achieve pressures of up to 2000 Psi for maximum compaction. The equipment has advanced vibrators that also enhance the compaction of the equipment.