Environment Friendly Factors in Concrete Batching Plant

Recent Technology in Concrete Mixing

Concrete preparation is a hectic task, as there are several ingredients that are needed to be mixed in appropriate proportion. Conventional mixing had been sorted out manually and it required more time also. However, with the inception of concrete solutions and latest equipments, construction industry receives unbelievable benefits.

Batching Plant-A Fat and Reliable Solution for Construction Purpose

Batching plant is one of the leading construction friendly solutions preferred globally. It is versatile equipment that can be erected and commissioned at the site and stays very useful for bigger projects.

Different Types of Batch Plant

Concrete batching devices are available in different patterns and are designed as per the project level. Mobile batch plant is a suitable solution for moderate to small construction projects and higher capacity batch plant stays perfect choice for multistoried construction projects.

Environmental Friendly Advantages of Batch Plant

Concrete batching plant offers greater quantity of productivity in relatively lesser time. Wastage of material is not likely to happen as the process takes place quickly. Feeding concrete ingredients creates dusty atmosphere in conventional mixing method which is totally absent in concrete batch plant.

Factors affecting Environment in Construction Work

Traditional concrete mixing methods contains several disadvantages such as material wastage during transit and feed, additional labor cost in mixing, inappropriate mixing, etc. In addition, to that conventional concrete batching takes more time and stays inefficient for big projects.

Concrete Batching Plant ATP 30

Saving aspects in Batching Plant

Water consumption and solid wastes are other important factors that demands consideration in keeping the construction environment free from pollution. Applying batching plant stays effective in saving water consumption and reducing solid material wastage as well.

Technical Benefits that Favors Safe Environment with Concrete Batching Equipment

Investing in batch plant is beneficial technically also. In one way, wastage is limited and there is less possibilities for environment threats like air pollution or dusty atmosphere while transferring ingredients into the batching unit and it another way, batch plant can be relied for dependable performance.

Maintenance Perspectives of Batch Plant

When it comes to performance and wastage aspects batch plant remains the best choice of construction solutions. Hence, there is very less maintenance required for batching plant.

Manufacturers of Concrete Equipments in India

India is in leading position in offering variety of machineries to worldwide industries. Reliable and affordable concrete solutions are available in many Indian states. Apollo Concrete Solutions is a leading manufacturer in India that provides concrete environment friendly concrete batch plant at relatively affordable price.

Reasons to buy Concrete Mixing equipment from Apollo Concrete Solutions

Concrete equipments offered by Apollo Concrete Solution are reliable in performance, requires less maintenance, and easy installing. Our batch equipment is equipped with PLC technology automation which helps in automatic weighing and scaling.

Higher Capacity Concrete Batch Equipment

Apollo Concrete Solution provides batch equipment which can handle higher mixing capacity. Our higher capacity batch plants are suitable for bigger projects.


Batching plant is one of the technical innovations in concrete solutions. Investing in batching plant will stay a profitable choice for bigger construction projects as there are several benefits that reduce environment threatening aspects.

Historical Development in Concrete Batching Plants and Their Applications to Local and International Construction Sites

Concrete batch plants and processing technologies have continued to grow overtime due to rising demand for concrete by commercial and real estate construction. The current type of machinery and technologies used by these plants has continually improved to cater for high demand and ensure that aggregate, binders, additives and admixtures are thoroughly mixed.

Historical Development in Concrete Mixing Industry

Concrete mixing plants have been developing over the years. Before the invention of the concrete mixer, concrete was mixed manually by construction workers. The first concrete mixing machines were self loading. In the 20th century self loaded mixers were driven by steam to increase their productivity.

Due to increased productivity new better concrete mixers were developed. These had tilting mechanisms, reverse discharge system, double cone mixers and other features which improved the process of feeding the concrete, discharge and mixing.

Compulsory concrete mixers developed later on.  These were vertical spindle and horizontal shaft concrete mixers. These would take high loads of materials and produce high outputs needed for the rising construction needs.

As production increased, large concrete batching plants were developed. These plants have many advanced features, computerized control, improved mixing and efficient energy consumption. They incorporate storage of raw materials and batches to hold ingredient when being mixed.

Technological Developments of Concrete Batching Plans

Many operational features of these plants have been improved in response to the ever increasing need for increased productivity and uniform mixing.

Current machines must be able to mix aggregates, stones, sand, bidder, admixtures and other chemicals in the right proportion. This necessitates the use of sophisticated batching plants. Subsequently, specialized plants have been developed. Some common plant types include compact, combined, horizontal and vertical type of plants.

Current batching plants are specially designed for use in specialized operations such as commercial concrete batching plants, ready mix, belt type and mobile batching plants. These plants have the capacity automatic weighing system to accurately determine water, aggregate, sand, bidder and other chemicals. Automatic weighing aids in accurate determination of the materials which improves the strength of concrete mixture.

Concrete plants developments have resulted to the introduction of computerized control. Modern commercial plants have dynamic displays, sensors and other control devices which ensure accurate feeding and mixing processes. These controls enable the operator to carefully plan and execute the production process.

Modern plants have crew conveyor for feeding material to the batching plant.  Plants also have many hoppers, twin shaft composury mixers and cement silos.

Recently mobile concrete batching plants have been developed. These are compact in nature to allow for easy transportation. They have high degree of automation and can be used for remote sites where small and medium sized projects are being constructed.

Comparison between Local and International Construction Technologies and Use of Concrete Batching Plants

The use of concrete batching plants has grown both locally and internationally. Local and international batching plants have similar features though international batching plants have better automation and computerized control features.


Concrete batching plants have developed from simple self loading mixers to the current high tech plants.  Modern day plants have high processing capacity and yield high quality concrete.

Use Ready Mixed Concrete to Build Exceptionally Strong and Durable Structures Concrete and Its General Properties

  • Concrete is one of the widely used construction material in the world.  Road, buildings and other numerous structures use concrete as a fundamental material in the construction of support columns, walls and floors.
  • It is mixture of aggregate or course materials such as gravel or crushed rocks mixed with binding materials such as cement and sand. The ratio of gravel, sand, cement and water varies and determines the strength and durability of the structure.
  • Other additives such as fly ash, chemicals, minerals and silica are also added to increase its compressive strength, ability to harden and workability. Because concrete has low tensile strength, steel reinforcement bars are used during construction.

Concrete Batch Manufacturing and Distribution Process

  • Concrete batch manufacturing process is a modern method of producing high quality concrete for specialized applications. In the batch process, concrete is prepared, mixed and transported to the site using specialized equipment and trucks.
  • The batch process has a concrete mixer and specialized trucks for transporting the materials to construction sites. The batch mixer produces ready mixed concrete plant based on the structural engineer requirements.
  • Batching plants are mainly classified as ready mix of central mix plants. Ready mix plants mix all the materials except water while central mix plants provide concrete with all materials plus water.

Customized Ready Mix Concrete for Special Structures

  • Concrete batching plants have the capacity to produce different mixtures of concrete based on the design and engineering requirements. Concrete plants have mixers, batchers, aggregate bins that enable the plant operators to vary concrete ratio and achieve the desired structural properties.
  • Careful addition of chemical and mineral admixtures as well as varying the ratio of aggregate, sand and cement produces special concrete suitable for most modern structures.


Structural Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete as Compared to on Site Mixing

  • Ready mix concrete is advantageous as compared to onsite mix as it is mixed according the desired ratio. This ensures that concrete has the desired structural strength, workability and durability.
  • Batch manufacturing plants have advanced mixers which ensure that the concrete is uniformly mixed. Common mixers include twin shaft, tilt and pan mixers. The already mixed concrete is inspected to ensure that it’s of high quality and is uniformly mixed.
  • Batch processing plants have advanced and computerized systems. These systems include automatic weighing systems, PLCs, conveyors, heaters and chillers. This makes the production process very fast, accurate and produces a uniform and consistent mix.
  • Unlike on site mixing, the production and transportation of concrete is done under a controlled environment. This prevents physical and chemical change of the mixture and ensures that setting, compaction and curing processes occur as intended.
  • Mixing concrete at these plants prevents the dangerous and harmful dust from sand and cement from affecting workers and causing environmental pollution at construction sites.


Batch concrete plants are used to produce high quality concrete mixtures made according to the engineer’s recommendation. Alteration of the mixtures per batch enables the production of special concrete suitable for different structures. The process is fast accurate and produces high quality concrete.

Learn about the Properties of Concrete that Threatens Construction Business

Properties of Concrete that Increase the Risk Features in Construction Business

In earlier days concrete was prepared by manually mixing ingredients. This procedure took more time, labour cost and material wastage as well. The invention of concrete making apparatus has resolved the risks with easy construction solutions. A batch plant for instance is a useful option which can be commissioned at the working site. This process saved time and cost relatively than traditional methods. Some construction professionals depended on outsourcing concrete mix which was carried in exclusive vehicles; however, this procedure also went to greater risk during transportation in terms of either the concrete becoming harder or leaving the building work to cover more than the usual time. The chemical properties of concrete ingredients are a striking reason that enhanced the risk of wastage in construction industry. For example,

  • Concrete can become harder quickly therefore the mixture need to be applied as quickly as possible to avoid material wastage.
  • The cement, water and other component mixing ratio has to be followed exactly because improper ratio combinations would result in low quality of concrete mix.
  • Some builders prefer to use admixtures like corrosion inhibitors to increase the strength of concrete mix as many a time the common ingredient fail to give strength. This is possible only with concrete equipment.

In what ways Concrete Equipments are Safer for Investment

Concrete Equipments have replaced the necessity of more man power support; hence, architects, construction contractors and civil engineers prefer this advanced option in the place of conventional methods. However, the unimaginable growth of construction industry worldwide has created the necessity for new and compact devices to prepare concrete. Moreover, the problem faced with time factor in traditional building component production is considered a threat to big projects. The growth of compact concrete making devices have made a huge difference to help building activities are completed relatively faster. A batch plant or a concrete plant, concrete pump, ready mix concrete making machine are some of the latest introductions in the market. Manufacturers of construction equipment see to it that investors benefit in several ways and make more profit with the concrete devices they design. For example, a concrete plant can be availed for big projects like IT parks, high rise multi-storied apartments, etc. This equipment is moderate concrete making plants that can be installed in the construction site thus reduce the cost of transportation, material delivery and subsequent labour cost.

Equipments Designed by Apollo Infratech for Innovative and Cost Effective Construction Requisites
Ready mix Concrete devices are manufactured in various sizes and functionality. Buying construction friendly components from expertise manufacturer will help the investors and contractors to experience efficient production. Apollo Infratech is a leading manufacturer who has been providing excellent concrete solutions for builders and construction contractors. Apollo concrete batching plant ATP 90/120 is an excellent solution for higher productivity requirements. They are manufactures Transit mixers, hollow slab making machine, compact concrete batching plants, etc which pave way for quick work progress.

Investment over suitable concrete apparatus adds supportive aspects to the construction business. However, buying from a reliable manufacturer also remains an important feature for the money spent. Hence, it is better to find expertise people who can deliver suitable equipment for construction needs.

The Transformation of Construction Activity – A Best Illustration of Core Work Machinery Growth

Analysis of Core Construction Works and its Importance

Building work is composed of plethora of core activities starting from buying raw materials to mixing the concrete, making structures and many more. The time factor is always higher as far as construction business is concerned. Earlier, more man power assistance was required to meet the core building work requisites because every part of construction for instance is a blend of tough jobs in which concrete making and structural blocks making are two main activities required in majority. In earlier days, building of concrete structure was done purely with simple tools where most of the core work was done only with man power. Concrete mixing is yet another hectic task in which the proportion of mixing ingredients is critical task. These two jobs are time consuming. However, with the recent implementation of new machinery designed for fast construction works, many core tasks have been simplified.

Cost Comparison of Conventional Construction Methods

Conventional construction methods required more man power; hence, cost of construction was comparatively higher. Builders need to balance expenditure for raw materials, transportation, labour, etc. Among the expenses, labour cost had been a big issue as not much equipment was available in those days so that the core building works can be completed earlier. Time factor was yet another reason for the increase in structuring work. Later with the inception of construction specific devices such as ready mix concrete plant, concrete batching machine, and many more devices, construction business has been developed over beneficial economic results. For example, a construction labour costs $51 to $ 53 per day in US, in UK one day payment for labour is 45 to 46 GBP, and the cost of man power varies in every country. However, the pricing for workers can be reduced considerably with the help of construction devices.

Best Machineries Available for Core Construction Activities

Big projects can be completed in relatively shorter time with the help of these construction friendly equipments. While comparing the cost range of construction industry of various countries, the labour cost and price of making concrete structures varies in accordance with the availability of raw materials and men power. However, investors who have spent reasonable amount in buying building friendly equipments have experienced money saving feature.  With ready mix concrete apparatus the pricing and time aspect can be controlled effectively because in earlier days supply, feeding, and mixing of concrete making materials are done almost with labour power. This was considered a hectic task as well. Machinery designed to transform core activities in construction fetch wonderful results than traditional ones. For example,

  • A ready mix concrete apparatus helps the construction administrators to get fresh concrete without hardening of the ingredients.
  • Since, certain important components like cement tend to become harder within short time; a ready mix plant would stay an effective option in reducing the percentage of waste.
  • Concrete blend from this plant can be sent to construction sites within vicinity and without any changes in the quality of the material.
  • It helps to save more money provided the plant is located within short travelling time distance and the mode of transportation is flexible.

Best Equipments that Help in Cost Effective Construction

  • With Ready mix batch plant it is very reliable to make good profit in a moderate investment. This system allows producing high quality concrete at relatively moderate cost.
  • Spun Pipe is a useful option in construction works.
  • Buying a transit mixer is a perfect option for those who cannot invest on concrete plants. This mobile equipment can be transported to any location and the builders can save time and cost of construction with this apparatus.


Equipments designed to produce concrete and other building needs are always a best alternative than spending for labour.

5 Important Positive Features over Investing in Concrete Batching Equipment

Construction industry is facing unbelievable development worldwide. Be it from the developmental perspectives of corporate or global marketing for investment in residential projects, the role of construction is considered an important support for infrastructure development. Hence, convenient types of machineries have been invented to tackle large building activities. Concrete mixing machinery is one of the most useful technologies that favor many beneficial results some of them are,

  1. The Emergence of Ready-mix Concrete- Concrete batching is a latest technology that is applied to produce concrete and it differs from conventional concrete manufacturing in various ways. Earlier construction activity was considered the toughest one in spite of more man power assistance. Moreover, it consumed more time to form concrete mix as mixing of ingredients was done with the help of man power. However, with the invention of batch plant the process of producing mixing ingredients to form concrete has been transformed to a much easier activity. Batching equipment helps in mixing different components such as sand, water, cement, potash, etc. which are then mixed proportionately to form concrete. This device is composed of different parts which help in minimizing the mixing process and assist to generate the construction work faster.  The emergence of batch plant has re-defined construction process by its quick and reliable functions.
  2. The Need for Supporting Bulk Construction Requirements-Equipments employed in construction industry is of different sorts.  A batcher plant is considered the prominent among building-friendly components. This device is highly reliable to produce various concrete types in terms of its compatibility to mix a range of ingredients. Since, this equipment is designed with many containers in which each container is meant for specific purpose such as transporting raw materials, mixing of the necessary ingredients in correct proportion, etc. The invention of movable batching unit is a boon to the construction industry as higher level concrete requirement can be fulfilled with this apparatus.
  3. Profit Making Opportunities –Investing in concrete mixing plant is a great opportunity. With modern batch unit models, it is further easy to prepare ready mix or central mix concrete in terms of computer aided technology. With this computerized technology, all the processes of producing concrete can be made in accurate proportions. Moreover, it is quiet difficult or tough to meet the construction requisites for major infrastructures without the help of construction-friendly equipments like batch plant. Hence, investors who invest their funds in concrete mixing plant can earn more than the desired profit.
  4. Type of Batching Equipment to be Chosen- A concrete making machine is available in different designs wherein each design has its significance in accordance with the construction demand. Central mix batch equipment will stay a perfect choice to match construction requirements in developed places. Movable or portable batch unit will stay a good choice for big projects as they can be erected and moved easily from one place to another.  However, mobile batch machinery might not be suitable in certain cases where space is a big matter of concern.
  5. Get in Touch with good Manufacturer-Batch machinery is available in many parts of the world. A good internet search will get you the list of reputed manufacturers of concrete mixing equipment. While purchasing a batch apparatus from a well-known manufacturer is an added advantage as they will assist the consumers in commissioning of the whole unit and also lend their support for a long term.


Among the available choices of investment available today, a batch equipment is a highly profit making option. Selecting the right design of concrete mixing plant in accordance with the level of construction business will be an added benefit to experience the full implication of profit.

Concrete Handling Solutions for Great Cost Savings

The nature of concrete used in construction creates various handling challenges. Concrete is comprised of a mixture of sand, water, cement, and aggregate. This combination makes up a dense and heavy mixture that would be very difficult for manual handling.

The mixing process is also very important as it affects the quality of the concrete.

The mixture settles into a hard substance after about two hours in a process called setting and this process is irreversible, therefore it must be at the appropriate place before setting.

Various Concrete Handling Equipments

  • The Batching plant is used primarily for mixing the various elements required to form concrete. It may consist of mixers, batchers, conveyors, aggregate bins, heaters and even cement silos depending on the scale of the operation. The main equipment however is the mixer which ensures an even and consistent mix.
  • In cases where off site mixing and preparation of concrete is done, a transit mixer is used which is a truck with a mixing unit attached. The ingredients may be dry or wet depending on the distance of transport or other factors and on arrival to the site, the concrete is poured on to the target area.
  • Concrete pumps are powerful pumping units used to deliver concrete through a hose to the specific point. They are fast and deliver a greater volume than a manual system. Two main categories are available which are the boom pump and the line pumps.
  • Special concrete structures such as concrete sewage pipes are difficult to construct manually. The RCC pipe-making machine is used for this process.

Benefits of Using Equipments in Construction

  • Reduction of labor costs. Concrete is heavy to handle and using manual labor can present huge challenges.
  • Faster operation. Equipments such as mixers are able to deliver a greater volume of concrete than a manual process. Better uniformity is also achieved while using machines.
  • Heavy products can easily be lifted using machines. This includes concrete pipes and slabs that cannot be handled manually. Heavy construction projects are easily completed on time using construction equipments.
  • The quality of the mixture is guaranteed using the construction equipments. This is because precise calibration of machines will ensure the ingredients are mixed in accurate proportions thus giving a great product.

General Maintenance Practices for Greater Productivity

Maintenance of concrete handling equipments is essential for longer working life and efficiency of the machine. Regular cleaning after work is crucial in preventing solidifying of particles which could clog the machine.

Regular preventive maintenance is also important such as lubrication and flushing of piping’s for great performance of the machine.


Concrete handling equipments include batching plants, concrete pumps, transit mixers, and pipe making machines. These machines are important in delivering quality construction work and well as speedy completion of projects.

Using concrete equipments also greatly reduces the cost of construction due to the great reduction in labor costs. The machines must be maintained in good condition by regularly cleaning the equipments and conducting regular preventive maintenance.

How To Take Care & Remove Blockages of Concrete Pump?

Concrete equipments are machines and industrial setups that are used in preparation of concrete products such as slabs, culverts, and pillars and even hollow core slabs. There is a wide range of items that can be made of concrete depending on use thereby making these equipments very important in industry.

Concrete Batching Plant

Like every machine, maintenance of these equipments is very crucial for the life of the machine as well as to enable higher performance of the equipment. There are various components and devices of a concrete batching machine. These include the conveyor belts, the mixer, butterfly valves, and numerical control displays, sensors, gearing systems and bearings. All these need to be kept in perfect condition for optimum performance of the equipment. Some of the maintenance includes:

  • Continuous cleaning of the machine. This applies to all types of concrete equipments including transit mixers. A daily cleaning routine helps remove the accumulated particles which later clog up the system. Dust entering the bearings reduces the life of the bearing as well as the performance of the machine.
  • Routine checkup of the electrical systems is also an important element of the maintenance program. The sensors need to be checked for proper functioning by mimicking the movement of the concrete.
  • Examination of the outlets is also critical due to the tendency of the concrete to solidify after exposure to the air.
  • Adequate control of the batching process is important for the maintenance of the machines. This involves organizing the sequence of the production and checking productivity and speed of the machine.
  • The performance of the motors is an important maintenance issue for consideration. They should be well maintained and gear box oil regularly changed to maintain the gearing system in good working condition as well as give them longer life.
  • While dealing with ready mixed concrete it is crucial to ensure minimal spillages while pouring as these are the ones that cause clogging of the joints and moving parts.
  • When dealing with the concrete pump systems, it is important to recognize the three main causes of blockages in the pumping system. These are wrong mixing, poor piping system, and human error.
  • Undertaking the preventive maintenance: Consideration must be given to these factors. Water release from concrete is the result wrong mix or poor materials .This results in insufficient mixing and problematic pumping. Therefore it is always important to flush the pumping system after work.
  • Proper cleaning and arrangement of the conducting vessels is important to prevent accumulation of the concrete at edges. To know more information about concrete batching plant, kindly visit – www.apolloinffratech.com/concrete_batching_plant_ats_45_plant.html


Regular maintenance of concrete operating systems is critical for the performance of these machines. To ensure improved performance of the system, Basic maintenance such as keeping the system clean, regularly checking the moving parts and regular oiling and greasing the moving parts can guarantee you efficient operation. The technical operating procedures also need to be thoroughly streamlined because failure of these will lead to wrong mixing and clogging of the equipment.

Maintaining Concrete Batching plant in Recession Period

Why to maintain Concrete Batching Plant?

A batching plant or a concrete plant is big equipment that is used to form concrete by applying different components like sand, water, rocks, potash, cement, etc. Investing in a concrete plant will obtain good results in producing high quality concrete and save cement amount considerably than from conventional mixing method with man power. In addition, producing concrete through batching plant will stay a good machinery option for cost effective civil works.  Investing in ready mix concrete plant like batching plant is an ideal option for all seasons irrespective of recession if maintained properly as the maintenance aspect of such machineries demands more attention. A concrete batching plant contains many components such as the butterfly valve, belt conveyer, mixer or mixing console, and other controlling systems such as the sensor, digital display etc. every component has significant purpose for effective functioning hence maintaining as per the instructions given be the machinery manufacturer will help to obtain high productivity results for all seasons and prevent frequent breakdown of the machinery.

How to Maintain Concrete Batching Plant?

For obtaining effective results there are some important tips that need to be followed to maintain concrete batching plant such as

  • Cleaning the machinery surrounding and the whole machinery structure is the primary tip for good maintenance as that will keep up the machine operations function normally for a long run

  • The hopper is one of the important parts of the batching plant machinery which has to be cleaned periodically by removing the left over from the product.

  • Checking the electrical and electronic aspects such as sensor, indicators, power supply, power consumption reading will help to monitor if the machinery functions normally.

  • Routine examination of other parts such as the cylinder, valves at the opening and outlet will also help for effective functioning

  • Above all, maintaining the critical parts of the plant such as the valves, mixer, filters, oil misting with the help of professionals or support engineers sent by the manufacturer will stay a healthy option to sustain the life of the whole plant. To know more about concrete construction equipments, kindly visit – www.apolloinfratech.com

Simple Methods that will Save from Big Loss

Running concrete batching machinery has certain disadvantages also which might happen due to inappropriate maintenance. There are some easy ways to maintain concrete batching plant they are

  • Preventive maintenance and inspection-A scheduled maintenance and inspection of all the component parts and relative working units will prevent the machinery from breakdowns

  • Cleaning the whole plant including the central mixer unit, by using a truck-wash system or by using an automated system that works with electrical power will strategically reduce the risk of breakdowns and will keep up the machinery’ effectiveness for a long run.

  • Controlling the batching process is another ideal tip to maintain the efficacy of the plant. This includes organising the sequence of concrete ingredients in correct proportion and at the same time monitoring the productivity speed will prevent the batch process to work without any stoppage.

  • Safety – Considering all the safety point of view including electrical and electronic aspects while working with the motors is also a major point need to be considered to prevent any loss

  • Accessibility-Proper arrangement of dispatching the ready mix concrete at proper schedule is yet another way of obtaining efficient productivity with minimum or no place for loss.


A ready mix concrete plant like batching plant is an excellent option to make money however paying proper attention to the maintenance aspects will help in obtaining reliable revenue.

Concrete Batching Plant – A Vital Component for Big construction Projects

Technology Use in Construction Automation:

Construction automation is a process that makes use of robotic technology during the construction process in order to save on money for projects, get better value and fabrication, advance safety management, and lessens time spent on projects. There are several softwares in the market that facilitate the process of construction automation, starting from the designing process of the project, to the safety requirements and management, all to reduce the overall cost of the project while upholding better quality. Sadly, not many contractors use the diverse innovative tools offered by construction automation due to several reasons. Inadequate design professionals are one of the challenges to utilization of construction automation. Despite the enormous benefits that come with construction automation, the costs applied with the technology are still a challenge to constructors.

Types of Concrete Batching Plants:

The concrete batching plants used vary depending on the needs of the contractors. For instance, there are self-loading batching plants that are idyllic for construction sites that require continuous concrete production; this may be building sites or pre-cast yard. Examples of self-loading batching plants include the Robomix, which is appropriate for sites that release concrete into dumpers. The Robomescolatore is another example that is ultimate for pre-cast yards where concrete released is through a single hydraulically maneuvered device attuned to suit most heights. Another type includes the Transit mixer that facilitates the proper mixing of the concrete as it is on transit and ensures the delivery of unsullied concrete mix even to the remote areas. An additional type is the Concrete pump that ensures concrete reaches in construction areas that are high or in the middle of long passageways. A further batching plant type is the Ready Mix Concrete plant (RMC) that is a central factory, situated near the construction site. The factory readily mixes the concrete then transported using trucks to the site. Another type of concrete lot plant is the Compact concrete batching plant that prepares the concrete mix in the present site.

Importance of Concrete Batching Plants in Developing Infrastructure:

The concrete consignment plants are vital in producing the correct quality blends of concrete when used, produce excellent building foundations and buildings. They are also fundamental in saving the construction project time as manual labor consumes more time and energy and eventually slag the project schedule. The plants improve on the efficiency of the concrete production as well as durability of the building while upholding quality mixes. They ensure contractors save on money on the projects while completing them on time.


Construction automation is vital for many constructors as it assists to save on money for projects, get better value and fabrication, advance safety management, and lessens time spent on projects. It also ensures delivery of quality building standards with correct precision and time. The use of concrete batching plants ensures outstanding building foundations and buildings. The plants are important to improve on the efficiency of the concrete production as well as sturdiness of the building while upholding quality mixes.