Introduction to Ready Mix Concrete Plant

The ready mix concrete plant is used to manufacture ready-mix concrete which is used in all the construction projects. The ready-mix concrete is also known as RMC is a mixture of cement, water, sand and aggregates. It is manufactured in a batching plant as per the required specifications of a construction project. RMC (ready mix concrete) commonly refers to the concrete which is freshly pre-mixed and delivered in unhardened state which can form any shape. It is prepared by mixing cement, gravel, crushed stone, sand, water etc., which depends on the type of the construction project. After the preparation of ready mix concrete, it is then delivered to the construction site through truck or transit mixer which is capable of mixing the ingredients of the concrete while travelling. Manufacturing ready mix concrete and delivering through a transit mixer enables the implementation of precise concrete in the construction project making it sturdy, strong and long lasting.

Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Ready mix concrete plant being on-site concrete mixing plant, enables precision of the mixture and reduces worksite confusion. Before, the concrete was prepared manually, but now it is being prepared using computer controlled operations which is known as ready mix concrete plan having many advantages, some of them are given below:-

  • Facilitates speedy construction through programmed delivery at site and mechanized operation with consequent economy.
  • The ready mix concrete plant decreases labour, site supervising cost and project time. It also helps in proper control and economy over the raw material used which results in savings.
  • As the ready mix concrete plant is totally computerized, it guarantees the delivery of consistent ready mix concrete. The concrete mixed in ready mix concrete plant is not only consistent but accurate in quality and is manufactured as per the proportion of water and other material specified.
  • The ready mix concrete plant minimizes the cement wastage as it manufactures concrete in bulk quantity.
  • The ready mix concrete plant is a centrally located factory on site and so can maintain dust free atmosphere which prevents pollution.

Requirements for installing a Ready Mix Concrete Plant

If you are planning to have a ready mix concrete plant at your construction project site, then there are various factors required to look for which are given below:-

  • Normally, a ready mix concrete plant can have production capacity of 30 m3 /hour but it can vary according to the capacity of the batching plant used.
  • To set up a ready mix concrete plant, around 1 acre land is required.
  • The raw materials of best quality which include cement, aggregates, additives and water are required to produce consistent and high quality ready mix concrete.
  • The other construction equipments required with ready mix concrete plant are concrete batching plant, concrete pump and transit mixer to make your concrete project successful.
    For a typical ready mix concrete plant, around 20 labourers are required.

Thus, the ready mix concrete plant is the best way of producing concrete in large quantities away from the actual construction site. The ready mix concrete plant is very useful for the concrete projects which running in very congested areas where mixing of concrete is not possible. The labour costs involved with ready mix concrete plant is very low and the quality of the concrete is very high. The ready mix concrete plant is best for industrial and residential construction projects where speed with quality is the basic requirement.

What is a Concrete Paver?

A concrete paver is very important construction equipment used in the construction of roads, highways, bridge decks, industrial flooring, cargo handling and dock areas etc. At busy intersections, heavy traffic can cause damage and can cause pavements to deteriorate before time. The concrete pavers are used wherever concrete paving is required for speed and efficiency. Concrete pavements can withstand the loading and turning movements of heavy vehicles. As a result, most of the construction companies have started using concrete pavers while building concrete pavements to give long service life to the areas like busy roads and highways. Paving is not just about laying bricks and pouring concrete on it. Paving needs lot of precision in order to construct the roads which are long lasting and heavy vehicles and harsh weather is not able to harm them. You can save yourself from lot of trouble in future if a reliable concrete paver has been used while concrete paving in your construction project. Concrete pavement has become the most popular way of constructing roads and pathways nowadays because it can sustain any bad weather and temperature changes, and also can provide smooth and finished surfaces for many years.

Fixed Form Concrete Pavers

There are two types of concrete pavers, fixed form concrete pavers and slip form concrete pavers. Here, we are going to explain about the fixed form concrete pavers in detail as the fixed form paving system is the most preferred type of paving system nowadays. In fixed form paving, the metal and wooden forms are used. The metal and wooden forms are set and aligned on a solid foundation and staked rigidly. After the forms are set, they are cleaned and oiled so that they get released from the concrete after the concrete hardens. Then the concrete is deposited and after that it is spread by a fixed form concrete paver. The fixed form concrete paver shape, consolidate and float finish the concrete. After the concrete has been hardened, the metal and wooden forms are removed. There are different types for fixed form concrete paving machines available but the least complex are vibratory screeds and revolving tubes. These hand-operated machines finish the surface of the pavement between fixed forms.

What Features to Look for in a Fixed Form Concrete Paver?

Below mentioned features, you should always look for in a fixed form concrete paver:-

  • The fixed form concrete paver should be able to provide finishing width up to 14.5 meter and minimum 450 sq. Mtr./hour length.
  • It should include hydraulic drive which enables dependable operations.
  • A control unit in a fixed form concrete paver should include all hydraulics and mechanical drives.
  • The steering of fixed form concrete paver should be controlled by levers governing two sets of drive tubes.
  • The fixed form concrete paver should be including four mechanical swivel type jacks with tires for height adjustment fitted at each end of structure as it also helps to position the paver on the forms as well travel in or out of the panel area.
  • Self mounted powerful halogen lamps recharged through battery should be included in the fixed form concrete paver.
  • There should be multiple pass capability in a fixed form paver which can facilitate in levelling high spots and filling surface voids.

You can select the fixed form paver depending on the construction project you are handling.

Company Dedicated to Infrastructure Industries with World’s Best Technology

Since 2008, Apollo Infratech is providing construction equipments of international standards to infrastructure industries in India. The infrastructure development is the lifeline of the overall progress of a country. The construction equipment plays an important role in the infrastructure development because the defined goals and targets can be achieved just because of world’s best technology construction equipment. Apollo Infratech offers different types of construction equipments which have enabled construction companies in accomplishing innovative construction projects. You must have surely noticed the modern industrialization in India and the pace at which it is progressing. There are tall buildings, shopping malls etc., of different design and structures building up. However, it should also be remembered that these wonderful construction projects would not be possible without high technology construction equipments. The concrete construction equipments provided by Apollo Infratech are unmatchable in terms of technology, innovation and productivity which helps the manpower in completing construction projects with precision and accuracy. Apollo Infratech is the world leader in providing global technological breakthroughs in the form of construction equipments just because of the knowledgeable management, efficient team of technical experts as well as the below mentioned factors which have influenced the company to contribute to the growth of construction companies and Indian infrastructure.

Know How of the Technology

Since the inception of Apollo Infratech, it was committed to improve the quality of the construction equipments. The goal was to help infrastructure companies in making process of construction easier and convenient as well as enabling them to build world class construction projects. The company’s different types of construction equipment have gone through incredible advancements in recent years and all of them have been focused towards increasing speed and quality. The result is that the construction equipment manufactured and supplied by Apollo Infratech today helps the construction companies in building much better infrastructure than they used to develop a decade ago. In the improvement process in the machines, the company  ensures that the maintenance costs as well as operation costs decrease so that the construction companies can benefit out of the construction equipment. Apollo Infratech’s research and development team has in-depth knowledge of the construction equipment technology and works towards to bring future advancements in their construction equipment.


The founder of Apollo Infratech, Mr. Ajit T. Patel has years of experience in road construction equipment manufacturing industry. He had established the company with the goal to retain leadership by manufacturing international standard concrete construction equipments using latest technology in the world. Whereas, Mr. Mitul Patel attained engineering degree from Penn State University, US and joined Apollo Infratech with the dream of establishing a manufacturing facility where state of the art concrete construction equipments are manufactured which can benefit all the construction companies of India. With the combination of experience and education, the company has been able to deliver finest technology concrete construction equipments which have enabled their clients with robust growth plans.


Apollo Infratech’s passion towards manufacturing quality construction equipments has resulted to entirely fresh approaches towards serving their clients in construction industry. Many of their construction equipments like concrete plant, transit mixers, concrete mixers etc., have given a competitive edge to the productivity. Thus, the concrete construction equipment manufacturing is not just a business for them; it is their passion to enable incredible growth in Indian infrastructure industry.


Apollo Infratech’s goal is to provide construction companies with the best quality construction equipments which are unmatchable in the industry. Their excellence and innovation is best reflected in their international quality products. Since years we have maintained the quality as well as always striven to improve which has enabled us to achieve success in providing concrete construction equipments having long life as well as incurring low maintenance charges.

Client Services

The dedication towards customer service has enabled Apollo Infratech to be step ahead of other manufacturers of concrete construction equipments in India. The company believes that the customer deserves more than what he is paying for and so always welcome the suggestions of our reputed clients which are very much valuable for them. Apollo Infratech’s high quality concrete construction equipment including concrete batching plant, transit mixer, concrete pump and related spares are provided with efficient after sales services and they leave no stone unturned when client satisfaction is concerned.

Concrete Construction Equipment – Concrete Pavers

The advancing technology has also brought immense progress in the construction industry. Today the processes in the construction industry are more simplified and faster. This is because of the different kinds of hi-tech concrete construction equipment now available in the industry. Today there are concrete batching plant units for swift concrete production, transit mixers for homogeneous concrete mixing and transport to the sites, concrete pumps for faster concrete placement jobs and last but not the least the concrete pavers that are used for various outdoor concrete paving applications.

Concrete paving is a process where the concrete is laid and leveled for the formation of uniform surface for road and various other pathway constructions. Concrete pavement is a popular method for road and path construction today because compared to other forms of pavement like asphalt pavement, concrete pavement has various benefits. It is very rigid and stiff. Compared to asphalt pavement, it is less susceptible to weather and temperature changes and provides smoother surfaces for longer periods of time as ruts are not easily developed with concrete constructions.

For concrete paving special piece of equipment is required called concrete paver. A concrete paver or paving machine is a mechanical device used to lay concrete during the formation of roadways, driveways and bridges. The actual task of concrete paver machine is to spread, level and vibrate the concrete until a smooth and even surface is formed. The machine is usually operated with the set of levers by a human operator to ensure that the concrete is spread evenly on the road’s surface.

There are mainly two types of concrete pavers classified on the types of paving. Fixed form concrete pavers and slip form concrete pavers. Fixed form concrete paver is used for fixed form type of concrete paving applications where as the slip form concrete pavers are used for slip form concrete paving jobs. Fixed-form paving is a type of concrete paving that requires the use of wooden or metal side forms that are set up along the perimeter of the pavement before paving where as the slip form paving does not require any steel or wooden forms for paving.

Various kinds of fixed-form concrete paving machines are employed today. Among all the most popular are the vibratory screeds and revolving tubes. Both of them are hand-operated paving machines which can efficiently finish the surface of the pavement between fixed forms. Larger versions of fixed form pavers are the form-riding or bridge deck machines which are self-propelled units that place and evenly consolidate concrete between fixed forms. These machines either ride on the forms or pipes laid outside the forms, or on curb and gutter.

A fixed form concrete paver is usually used for smaller construction applications generally like home outdoor paving, swimming pools, garden pathways etc. Advantage of using fixed form concrete paver is that it paves the outdoor areas evenly, properly and safely that too in much lesser time.

For those looking for concrete paving machines, Apollo Infratech offers the best models of fixed form concrete pavers that can be employed for various kinds of concrete paving applications. The concrete paver machines offered by Apollo are the most advanced machines equipped with latest technology features like hydraulic drive system, advanced control units with hydraulic and mechanical drives, lever controlled steering, mechanical swivel type jacks for height adjustment and multiple pass capability features. Available in paving widths of 5000mm, 10000mm and 15000mm, these are the best fixed-form paving machines which are designed to give high performance and make the fixed-form outdoor paving applications easier and more efficient.