Concrete Solutions with Concrete Equipments, Spun Pipe

Concrete Solutions with Concrete Equipments

Fast infrastructure development needs high end concrete equipments for mixing and preparing concrete solutions. Concrete mixer that is also known as transit mixer is one of the widely used concrete equipments for construction that not only mixing the concrete materials well but also transporting the same to the development site. The homogeneous concrete solution is prepared in the truck mounted unit is called as transit mixer. Sometimes the transit mixer is attached as trolley to the tractor or other vehicle. Continuous rolling drum mixing the aggregates thoroughly to make the mixer uniform. The truck mounted concrete mixers are categorized in two ways. One is traditional transit mixer where the rolling drum is mounted on back of the truck and need to place truck at the position to place the concrete solution at right place. This type of transit mixer is used for preparing small amount of construction solution for small projects. But second type of transit mixer is at front side to make the movement of rolling drum in any direction with the guiding remote in the cab of the truck. This way chute can be moved in any direction to place the concrete without placing the truck properly. This one is the advanced concrete machinery solutions to make the work easily and fast.

Spun Pipe

Spun Pipe is a known traditional way of making RCC pipe. Spun pipe making machine is conventional machine invented before two decades by the Australian scientist named Walter Reginald Hume. Based on his name, spun pipe is also popularly known as Hume pipe in construction industry. Now days instead of these traditional pipe making machines, advanced technological process of vertical cast, have been utilized for speedy and high quality, strong concrete pipes. Vertical cast is more automated and trust worth process to create the concrete pipes than spun pipe. Still this process has been used in many countries where labor is cheap and resources are more to handle the process. Industrial construction needs the equipments with modern features to speed up processes with quality works to handle the complex construction tasks with varieties of concrete equipments like concrete batching plant, mounted concrete pump, shotcrete machine and pre-cast applications etc. for further details and technical specification for concrete machinery equipments and building construction solutions, visit –

Five Reasons to Apply Concrete Pipes

Why Cement Pipes?

One of the best properties of pipes made from concrete is its Compressive Strength. Tangible material provides excellent resistance supporting any load. It gains inherent brute strength at the time of production which in turn helps for successful installation and sustainability. Application of good aggregate of mixing ingredients also adds additional strength. The outcomes are tested for edge bearing test and potency.

  1. Benefits of Cement Tubes

Apart from that these kinds of gadgets are beneficial in several ways for example,

  • Stay consistent for long term without significant deterioration
  • Suits for fundamental engineering requirements
  • Economic option when compared to other traditional piping materials
  • Offers good dependability
  • Stays convenient for users to fix
  • Features with excellent level of comfort for fixture requisites
  • Non flammable and safe choice for building sites
  • Ease of availability
  • The user can place it securely while working in ditch like places without existing line
  • Suits best for planning underground conduits

reasons to Apply Concrete Pipes

  1. Pipelines for Drainage

When it comes to setting drainage pipelines, this product would remain the best choice. Economically and functionally these products remain the most preferred choice in many countries around the world. Countries like Australia and New Zealand have set recognize standards in duct construction and recommend it to be the benchmark merchandize for industrial usage. It has replaced usage of steel in several industries for its corrosion reinforcement quality. In addition to that, these are less reactant to electrochemical activities and stay stubborn to a great extent at times of heavy load stresses.

Pipelines for Drainage

  1. Durability

With technical guidance today, designers are able to structure machines to do exclusive jobs and conduit making machine is one among them. It is a versatile invention that stays efficient for construction industry. The hume or spun channel for instance is reinforced cement duct used for sewage purpose.

  1. Latest Technology

 This remained the top choice in earlier days. With the change of requirement increasing through decades, solid tube creation machines have been introduced to simplify production process. HawkeyePedershaab is a dry cast equipment that is designed to produce both reinforced as well as non-reinforced conduits with bell or in-wall joint as per client preference.

dry cast equipment -solid tube creation machines

  1. Optional Features

Apollo Concrete Solutions also provides plethora of construction based machines. Our solid tube making equipment is available with excellent optional features like powered pivot for press arm, concrete feeder, lifting hole equipment, cooling and elevating system for casting lined channel, quick relocated platform and pit cover.

Apollo Concrete Solutions

Supportive Mechanisms for More Production

Additional production station can also be added to the existing one and this system helps in creating produce of multiple sizes at the same time. This type of manufacturing technology offers good scope for outputs with less expense for labor and meager material wastage. Buying such device is an economic and useful option for manufacturing units.

Supportive Mechanisms for More Production


Pollution, moisture, chemicals are some of the factors that affect duct lines. However, this may happen if the material is metal base. The inception of concrete cylinders has reduced the above range of risks and offers durable solution to several industries.

Good Infrastructure Build Up with Concrete Batching Plant, Hume Pipe

Good Infrastructure – A Real Strength of the Country

Good infrastructure is the real strength of any country. Developed countries like USA, UK, France, China, and Japan are having very good infrastructure that can boost the countries progress further. Infrastructure is the base of any developments like education, better human living, research and technology development and high production material to fill the nation’s requirements along with good exports to earn foreign currencies for further developments. This cycle is well understood by each country and in are process to build the best infrastructure compare to others. You can see the live examples of countries like UAE and many other European, African and Asian countries, which were considered substantial backward before few decades and now they are competing to developing or developed countries. Infrastructure built up has increased substantial growth in human luxury and comforts. This all can be possible through the inventions of the technological advanced and giant construction building tools. Few of the equipments are briefly described here including Concrete batching plant, Transit mixer, Concrete pump, RCC pipe making Machine, Hume Pipe and many more, without which the high rise building, dams fly over and big multiplexes, commercials are impossible to build in certain time frame and resources

Concrete Batching Plant: Also known as concrete plant. It is a big construction unit where needs continuous supply of concretes with bulk production to build the high scale projects like river dam, bridges, nuclear plants etc where tons of concretes needs to prepare on daily basis with continuous supply to the project site. Here small scale concrete production will not work. Concrete batching plant is the group of units where every process of construction materials is processed in various batches and fetch to the project site for implementation. For small scale concrete production for building residential or commercial units, mobile batching plant is more than enough which mixing the raw construction materials including cement, sands, gravels, chemicals, water and other components well. Transit mixer is a concrete mixer used for mixing and transiting of concrete materials at the project site. The same way concrete pumps are also used to build up heavy infrastructure projects.

Hume Pipe: Hume pipes are the RCC constructed pipes named based on its inventor. Hume pipe is used in building up drainage system for area of city. Hume pipe produced in a traditional way from beginning of its invention. Now there are new technologies available to build the sewage system, still Hume pipe is produced in the countries where labor are cheap with not affordability of technologies like vertical cast process. Hume pipe production and application is good for remote and under developed countries where you can get labors in reasonable rates. Hume pipe manufacturing is still not accurate and precision as vertical cast process and the production depends on totally the skill of operator. Vertical cast process for manufacturing RCC pipe is the best process through pipe making machine with faster bulk production and high consistency in the pipe quality. Majority of countries are now using vertical cast process. Still there is good demand of Hume pipes in many countries to build the sewage treatment plants.

Hume Pipe Process for Manufacturing RCC Pipe

Hume Pipe Process for Manufacturing RCC Pipe

Hume pipe is a process to make concrete pipe through RCC pipe making machine. The process is also known as spun pipe. Hume pipe are the traditional reinforced concrete cement pipes make from years old traditional pipe making machine. Hume pipe manufacturing process was invented by Walter Reginald Hume in Australia during the nineteenth century. Hume process was the latest one by that time but now new technologies have overcome the issues faced during Hume process. Hume pipe process is traditional and conventional process still used by many under developed and developing countries. There are many pros and cons to develop RCC pipe through Hume process. New technology includes vertical cast process which is much better than spun pipe process and majority used in developed countries. Hume Pipe process is an old process and very much laborious involving many resources in low production. Quality mainly depends on the skill of operator. Thus need best skilled operator for good production. Automization is less and more human involvement tends to more errors in production. The process is slow and tedious. But this was the only way of producing RCC concrete pipe till the end of nineteen century.

Benefits of Vertical Cast Process

Now, with the advancement and more involvement of latest computer technology in pipe production have found a new technique called vertical cast process used mostly in developed country where human resources are less and costly. This is the best automization technique used in RCC pipe production. Limited labor, faster production and better consistency in quality production are the main advantages of vertical cast process. Developing countries are also using this technology in joint venture to the multi nationals of the developed country for better and fast production of quality concrete pipe for long term usage. RCC concrete pipes are mainly used in sewage and drainage purpose. These pipes are contributing major in Infrastructure development of the country. Thus it needs high quality production of Reinforced concrete cement pipes to make the sewage and draining system more powerful and cost effective. Hume pipe process has been replaced by vertical cast process in many countries. Still its production is unaffected due to high demands and more resources available in the country like India.