Working Principle of Concrete Pipe Making Machine

There are lots of types of pipes for different purposes. These include asbestos pipe, concrete pipes, galvanized steel pipes, cast iron pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, and many more.

The concrete pipe frequently referred to as reinforced concrete, is one of the strongest material compositions. There are lots of benefit for making use of RCC pipes; they are robust, long-lasting and of excellent quality.

The RCC pipe (reinforced concrete cement pipes) is also called RCC- Hume pipe, as it was invented by the Australian inventor Walter Reginald Hume.

It’s applicable in many ways and is therefore widely used for sewage and rainwater drainage and also culverts.

They are beneficial because environmental factors don’t influence them, they don’t rust, bend or burn, and they have a strong structure, which allows the flow of large quantities of water and are inexpensive.

Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Categories of Reinforced Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Centrifugal, vertical extruding, hanging roller concrete pipe-making machines

Vertical Extruding Concrete Pipe Making Machine

The operational principle of this machine is that formation of the concrete is by extrusion method.

The cement pipe produced by this machine is generally utilized in urban housing, development of townships and rural area, sewerage and use of small bridges.

Centrifugal Concrete Pipe Making Machine

The functioning principle: the pipe pass on for fast operation in the concrete’s mould under the centrifugal force’s activity, beside the internal wall circulation of the mandrels to develop a tubular.

Production specifications: creation length 1000-4000mm, internal width 200-1200 mm various types of flat orifices, clusters, bearing socket etc. for many types of cement pipe. Generally utilized in high-class requirements of deep wells, community sewerage, public road and others.

Hanging Roller Concrete Pipe Making Machine

The operating principle: the utilization of the roller shaft uphold bender and the pipe in the roller pressure’s mould.

The roller shaft propels the mandrel to be driven at high speed, the cement inside the bender is conveyed in the pipe’s internal wall under centrifugal force activity.

When the internal concrete is driven to pivot by the tube mould via the roller shaft, the cement between the pipe die and roller shaft is compressed to create a pipe.

How Does the Concrete Pipe Making Machine Work?

The most common method of producing concrete pipes is the Hume-Spun pipe process, but alternative approaches are now available.

Because the production-process involves cage spinning during concreting, it is also called the Spun pipe. The concrete is manually poured, and cages are prepared for insertion into the mould, depending on the pipe’s size.

Here are some steps to explain how the concrete pipe making machine:

Raw Material: The raw-material is automatically removed from the stockpile or fed manually.

Making of moulds: The moulds are prepared before use by making them clean and ensuring the cage’s centering. They are also lubricated with brushes correctly.

Concrete mixing: The ideal mix-design is made to ensure that all essential material such as water & cement is made use of according to the weight and prepared for proper mixing. It’s important to get the mixture processed within 30 minutes, thereby ensuring resilient strength of the concrete pipes.

The spinning of the mould: The mould is set on the runner using a chain pulley. This initial piece is carried gently. The casting of the mixture is done with appropriate care and at a slow speed.

The rest of the process, however, is done at a faster rate.

Demoulding: This process is carried out using chain pulleys and involves the separation of the moulds.

Curing: This procedure is a chemical process to make the polymer material tough by cross-linking the polymer chains successfully.

It’s important that all concrete pipes are cured in a mould to thereby making sure they’re strengthened.

Working Principle of Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Concrete Solutions with Concrete Equipments, Spun Pipe

Concrete Solutions with Concrete Equipments

Fast infrastructure development needs high end concrete equipments for mixing and preparing concrete solutions. Concrete mixer that is also known as transit mixer is one of the widely used concrete equipments for construction that not only mixing the concrete materials well but also transporting the same to the development site. The homogeneous concrete solution is prepared in the truck mounted unit is called as transit mixer. Sometimes the transit mixer is attached as trolley to the tractor or other vehicle. Continuous rolling drum mixing the aggregates thoroughly to make the mixer uniform. The truck mounted concrete mixers are categorized in two ways. One is traditional transit mixer where the rolling drum is mounted on back of the truck and need to place truck at the position to place the concrete solution at right place. This type of transit mixer is used for preparing small amount of construction solution for small projects. But second type of transit mixer is at front side to make the movement of rolling drum in any direction with the guiding remote in the cab of the truck. This way chute can be moved in any direction to place the concrete without placing the truck properly. This one is the advanced concrete machinery solutions to make the work easily and fast.

Spun Pipe

Spun Pipe is a known traditional way of making RCC pipe. Spun pipe making machine is conventional machine invented before two decades by the Australian scientist named Walter Reginald Hume. Based on his name, spun pipe is also popularly known as Hume pipe in construction industry. Now days instead of these traditional pipe making machines, advanced technological process of vertical cast, have been utilized for speedy and high quality, strong concrete pipes. Vertical cast is more automated and trust worth process to create the concrete pipes than spun pipe. Still this process has been used in many countries where labor is cheap and resources are more to handle the process. Industrial construction needs the equipments with modern features to speed up processes with quality works to handle the complex construction tasks with varieties of concrete equipments like concrete batching plant, mounted concrete pump, shotcrete machine and pre-cast applications etc. for further details and technical specification for concrete machinery equipments and building construction solutions, visit –

Growing Demand for Pipe Making Machines in Construction Industry

There is an extensive range of pipe making machines that are necessary in making of or manufacture of pipes. For industrial and commercial constructions, it is important to have relevant equipment that should enhance quality and best results. This therefore means that a reliable pipe-making machine should actually be used creatively in developing the equipment. Pipe making involves a creative advancement of certain equipment that is used in designing other machines. This goes around incorporating technology and ensuring that the latest innovative, stylish and fashionable style are shown or depicted on the machine. For a perfect and most valuable pipe-making machine, experts should be used in the construction.

The pipe making industries are very important in the production or creation of equipment that ensures achievement of the goals expected by the equipment. Most people do not realize that good and really effective equipment will ensure production of quality and excellent pipes when used. The pipe machines help one to achieve best results when used. In essence, pipe making is seen as the beginning or inception of constructions, which must importantly consider use of original tools or equipment. The main role of these machines is to ensure performance. When accurately designed, it is expected that the equipment will serve its purpose adequately. Depending on the features of any pipe-making machine chosen, production must be guaranteed. This ensures that the companies offer the best services at all cost.

In the construction industry, there are many forms of pipe making machines that are relevant for use. These machines include concrete pipe making machines, PVC pipe making machines, hume pipe making machine, plastic pipe making machine, stainless steel pipe making machine, RCC pipe making machine, PVC twin pipe making machine, water supply pipe extrusion line and spun pipe making machine among many others. These pipe machines are clearly designed to cater for specific materials in one way or another. For instance, the concrete pipe making machine is for concrete solutions while the PVC pipe making machine is used to construct PVC machines. This distinction enables one to creatively identify the most important or relevant pipe making machine according to task or needs of that individual. Within this extent still, the pipe making machines are also used in different materials as observed there above. Most companies rely on concrete equipment for pipe making because of the several advantages they offer. They are generally average in terms of size, they can offer appropriate capacity depending o the product being produced among many other advantages.

The pipe making machines are today seen as needful in the construction industry, mainly because they ease operations apart from the fact that they help in standard production of equipment. This has necessitated the benefits of these machines to an extent of their use in many construction companies. They ensure efficiency and effectiveness in production of quality and reliable products. The different choices or the wide range available for every material used is also an added advantage of these pipe making machines.

Hume Pipe Process for Manufacturing RCC Pipe

Hume Pipe Process for Manufacturing RCC Pipe

Hume pipe is a process to make concrete pipe through RCC pipe making machine. The process is also known as spun pipe. Hume pipe are the traditional reinforced concrete cement pipes make from years old traditional pipe making machine. Hume pipe manufacturing process was invented by Walter Reginald Hume in Australia during the nineteenth century. Hume process was the latest one by that time but now new technologies have overcome the issues faced during Hume process. Hume pipe process is traditional and conventional process still used by many under developed and developing countries. There are many pros and cons to develop RCC pipe through Hume process. New technology includes vertical cast process which is much better than spun pipe process and majority used in developed countries. Hume Pipe process is an old process and very much laborious involving many resources in low production. Quality mainly depends on the skill of operator. Thus need best skilled operator for good production. Automization is less and more human involvement tends to more errors in production. The process is slow and tedious. But this was the only way of producing RCC concrete pipe till the end of nineteen century.

Benefits of Vertical Cast Process

Now, with the advancement and more involvement of latest computer technology in pipe production have found a new technique called vertical cast process used mostly in developed country where human resources are less and costly. This is the best automization technique used in RCC pipe production. Limited labor, faster production and better consistency in quality production are the main advantages of vertical cast process. Developing countries are also using this technology in joint venture to the multi nationals of the developed country for better and fast production of quality concrete pipe for long term usage. RCC concrete pipes are mainly used in sewage and drainage purpose. These pipes are contributing major in Infrastructure development of the country. Thus it needs high quality production of Reinforced concrete cement pipes to make the sewage and draining system more powerful and cost effective. Hume pipe process has been replaced by vertical cast process in many countries. Still its production is unaffected due to high demands and more resources available in the country like India.

Apollo Infratech – Supplying Concrete Pipes Manufacturing Machines in Indian Market

Apollo Infratech believes that change is the need of the time and so it has joined hands with world’s leading vertical cast pipe machine manufacturer HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies Worldwide and formed a company named Apollo Hawkeye Pedershaab concrete Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This company will be manufacturing concrete pipe manufacturing machines of international standards. These concrete pipe manufacturing machines are also known as RCC pipe manufacturing machines (Reinforced Concrete Cement Pipe manufacturing machines). This joint venture of Apollo Infratech has enabled the company to provide international standard machineries in Indian market at a very competitive rate. In this way, the company has also contributed to the economic growth of the country in infrastructure development.

CAP 150 – Vertical Cast Concrete Pipe Machine

This concrete pipe making machine can enable versatile production of pipe, culverts and complete manhole systems of up to 1500 mm (60”) in diameter for circular units and up to 1500 X 1500 mm (60” X 60”) for square units. This machine will be made in India by Apollo Infratech under the license from HawkeyePedershaab and will be launched in April 2012. This vertical cast concrete pipe machine is manually operated machine and can manufacture high quality concrete pipe, box culverts and complete manhole systems which include reinforced and non-reinforced pipe, circular and non-circular pipe with “bell” or in-wall joint, lined pipe, jacking pipe, box culverts, manhole risers, cones, base sections and cover slabs.

Various optional features can be installed in this concrete pipe machine in order to improve production and handle the machine easily, which are Swivel automation for swivel arm and concrete feeder, including pendant switch for operation of concrete feeder, vibrator and swivel arm, stationery control panel, hydraulic pressing/rocking function, R4 headers, top ring system, lifting hole equipment, reinforcement centering equipment, pneumatic equipment for casting of lined pipe, elevating system, cooling system for the vibrator, double and triple casting stations, hydraulic vibrator and frequency controlled vibrator speed.

This concrete pipe making machine is versatile which enables table vibration or central core vibration and has Falcon control. It is designed with the state-of-the-art components making it suitable for all types of concrete pipes of different shapes and sizes. The capacity of this machine depends on the kind of concrete pipe being produced, the material used and the local conditions. With the help of this machine all concrete pipes and manhole systems are manufactured with an inner lining of PVC, PE or GRP with special mold attachments. This versatile concrete pipe manufacturing plant comes with a special feature of manufacturing more than one pipe diameter per production day due to its build in system for quick mold changes down to 15-30 minutes. This machine is manually operated by 1-2 workers which also depend on the specific products being manufactured, layout of the machine and selected optional features.

So, now by launching this versatile concrete pipe making machine, Apollo Infratech is going to bring a new revolution in concrete pipe manufacturing industry.

RCC Pipe Making Plant

RCC pipe making plant is used to manufacture concrete pipes which are also known as hume pipes or spun pipes. RCC pipe term means Reinforced Concrete Cement Pipe and is used for sewage and drainage purposes. A RCC pipe making plant can manufacture almost any type of high quality concrete pipe, box culverts and complete manhole systems. The quality of concrete pipes manufactured from RCC pipe making plant largely depends on the operator’s skills.  Apollo Infratech – a manufacturer of concrete construction equipment in Ahmedabad, India now also offers high quality RCC pipe making plant after joining hands with an international company HawkeyePedsrashaab Concrete technologies worldwide. After this joint venture, Apollo Infratech has obtained rights of manufacturing different kinds of RCC pipe making machines with the expertise guidance and technical support by HawkeyePedsrashaab – USA. Below are the different kinds of RCC pipe making plants manufactured and supplied by Apollo Infratech offering a wide range of concrete construction machines to the infrastructure companies in India:-

Concrete Pipe Machines – CAP 150

This type of concrete pipe machine can manufacture concrete pipe, box culverts and complete manhole systems including reinforced and non-reinforced pipe, circular and non-circular pipe with “bell” or in-wall joint, lined pipe, jacking pipe, box culverts, manhole risers, cones, base sections and cover slabs. It can manufacture 300 mm to 1500 mm (12”-60”) in diameter circular units and 1500 mm x 1500 mm (60”-60”) square units. The concrete pipes of length up to 2.50 meters (8”) can be manufactured with the help of this type of concrete pipe machine.

VIHY ® Multicast SC 250 for Manufacturing Concrete Pipes

The multicast SC 250 is a RCC pipe making plant which can manufacture high quality concrete pipe, box culverts and complete manhole systems which include reinforced and non-reinforced pipe, circular and non-circular pipe with “bell” or in-wall joint, lined pipe, ogee pipe, box culverts, manholes, base sections and square pits. It can manufacture 300 mm to 2500 mm (12”-96”) in diameter circular units and 2000 mm x 2000 mm (78”-78”) square units. The concrete pipes of length up to 3 meters (10”) can be manufactured with the help of this type of RCC pipe making plant. Whereas, it has a high capacity of manufacturing 20 units/hour and it requires the 1-2 people to operate the machine.

Concrete Products Manufacturing Machine – CAP 200/250

The CAP machine is designed to manufacture concrete products which include pipe, lined pipe, manholes and catch basins up to 2000 mm diameter X 2.5m lengths. The biggest benefit of this RCC pipe making machine is that it can be installed with one or two production stations which can produce different products. Thus, this machine is highly productive, versatile and latest in technological features.

Now, when you have gone through the details of all the above mentioned machines, you can decide to buy the RCC pipe making machine suiting to your business requirements. You can be rest assured that all these machines are reliable, versatile and of international standards which can manufacture high quality concrete products.