Advantages for Concrete Block Making Machine

Since the beginning of humanity, construction has been part of us and has played an important role to bring us where we are now. Building blocks are the most essential component of any construction. At present, we have two major types of building blocks available for us: Bricks and Concrete Blocks. To produce them, we also have Concrete Block Making Machine and Brick Making Machine. These machines make the production fast and efficient. While both serve their purpose well, Concrete Block Making Machine and Concrete Blocks prove to be better than their adversaries. Let’s see how concrete blocks are better than bricks.

  • Concrete Blocks are larger and have a fewer joint. This helps maintain uniformity, accuracy and strength of the building.
  • Concrete Blocks provides better thermal insulation and more strength to the building.
  • Concrete Blocks are known to speed the construction process and reduce the overall cost.
  • Better water protection and acoustic insulation are additional benefits of block making machines.

Block Making Machine

While these features are triggering the increase in demand for concrete blocks, there needs to be a good option to produce them fast and with efficiency. This is where the concrete block machine comes in. Apart from concrete blocks being better than bricks, concrete block making machines have their own advantage over brick making machines. The latest automatic block making machines, like QT4 and QT6, comes with versatile design and integrated solutions for block making. Concrete block making machines have major advantages as follows:

  1. High Strength of Blocks: The effective hydraulic pressure systems and complex feeding systems produce each unit with high precision and accuracy. They also provide close-grain structure to the block which makes the block highly rigid, vibration resistance and high strength.
  2. Customizable: The requirement of the design of block differs highly depending on the construction needs. Modern automatic block making machines are integrated with advanced control systems which let you change the moulding design as per the needs. Switching the machine between fully automatic and semi-automatic is also a possibility in these machines
  3. Quick and Accurate: Hydraulic pressure systems and quick feeding system highly reduce the overall production time. The quick moulding cycles and high production efficiency makes these machines highly preferred.
  4. Environment-friendly: Concrete blocks can be made from fly ash, slag, gauge and similar industrial waste. This, in one way, serves as recycling of industrial waste which ultimately serves for the betterment environment.
  5. Low cost: The modern machines are innovated so that they can reduce up to 40% of energy usage. This helps reduce the cost and overall profit. The efficient and fast production line of these machines adds to reducing per unit cost of the blocks.

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Ready Mix Concrete: Process & Advantages

Ready mix concrete specifically been manufactured in the batching plant according to the given set of proportions further delivered at the work site by truck mounted with mixtures. It is also been termed as customized concrete products for commercial purpose. It is a mixture of cement, water and aggregated that comprises sand and gravel in unhardened state.It is generally been used for construction of high rise buildings and bridges.Traditionally, the material is been procured separately and mixed in specified proportions at site to make the concrete.

It is been normally delivered in two ways:

Barrel Truck or in transit mixtures: Delivers concrete in a plastic state to the site.

Volumetric Concrete mixture: Readymade mixture in dry state and mixes the concrete on the site.

Ready Mix Concrete is been manufactured under controlled operations and transported at site using sophisticated Ready Mix Concrete equipment and methods.

ready mix concrete equipments

The process of ready mix concrete has been briefly explained as follow:

  • Concrete Batching Plants combines with rock, water, cement and together by weight in order to produce the concrete
  • As mentioned earlier, the concrete consists of different contents with other chemicals which are weigh- batched at centrally located plant, delivered to the construction site in transit mixtures that can be used for further treatment.
  • To produce quality concrete, automatic plant monitors weigh-batching, water-cement ratio, dosage of admixture, moisture content
  • The ingredients used are thoroughly tested for their quality and physical properties in the laboratory attached to the plant.
  • Moisture probe helps in fixing with the amount of water to be added in order to prepare the concrete. The water is been added accordingly and process takes in plant, produces concrete.
  • Once, the concrete is been made it is then loaded into the truck which is known as transit mixture further delivered at the construction site.
  • Ready mix concrete is batched and been manufactured under controlled conditions with help of batching plants.

Some of the advantages of ready mix concrete include-

  • Quality assured concrete is been produced under controlled conditions.
  • Construction speed is very fast
  • Due to better handling and proper mixing, there is reduction in consumption of cement by 10-12%
  • Energy and resources are been conserved due to saving of cement
  • One of the main advantage is reduces noise and air pollution. Relatively, its pollution free.
  • Less consumption of petrol and diesel in turn saving time loss to business
  • Timely gets delivered to large and small scale production, due to site based batching plant, no depreciation of costs.
  • No need for space for storing the raw materials.
  • Minimizing in human error with reduction in dependency in labor
  • High speed of construction with ready mix concrete
  • Consistency in quality due to accurate and computerized control of sand aggregates and water according to the mix designs.
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatility

This is some of the advantages of the ready mix concrete that helps you to make an informed decision before construction and choosing with the building materials. For more information visit –