Texture Curing Machine – Protection to Concrete Surfaces

Texture Curing Machine is used for giving concrete surfaces to the desired surface texture by applying broom that lightly brushes the surface. A dispersion is been spread additionally with the help of integrated spraying machine on to the concrete surface. Texture Curing Machine is been used to prevent premature drying of concrete surface and edges. It is necessary to protect concrete against premature drying in order to prevent stress that leads to excessive cracking

Features & Working of Texture Curing Machine

  • Texture curing machine is equipped with the automatic spraying and the brooming unit that follows behind the slipform paver during the paving operation
  • The broom is moved across the entire concrete surface giving a specified texture.
  • A thin film of curing compound is been applied by the spraying unit across the entire concrete surface in order to prevent premature evaporation
  • The spraying unit and the broom are mounted on a carrier that is driven via two cable drums.
  • To prevent the concrete edge from damage, broom unit is automatically raised at both ends
  • The curing compound is been evenly applied across the entire pavement width with help of spraying unit having three nozzles that move back and forth automatically.
  • Texture curing machine consists with an innovative self-loading feature
  • The machine enabled with small turning radii when in working position with the help of a flexible steering system
  • Efficient operation with the help of texture curing machine saves time and cost

In addition to these features and working, the texture curing machine features with a more controlling function that helps to optimize the work process.  It also has a positive impact on the work process, for example, precision height adjustment can be done with proportional control. The compound has been used on the concrete also helps to prevent negative effects of sudden rain on concrete.

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All About Concrete Batching Plant & Its Working Principle

Concrete Batching Plant used in industry, also known as a batch plant or a batching plant is a device where numerous ingredients like cement, sand, water, and other additives is been combined in order to form concrete. Batching is the process of weighing and introducing the ingredients into the mixer for developing a batch of concrete. Concrete has been considered as one of the most durable materials is been used in construction work like bridges, houses, highways, sidewalks and other.

The concrete batching plant with its parts and accessories combines together and produces high-quality concrete. In order to understand the working principle of a concrete batching plant, it is important to know the different components of the plant.

Concrete Batching Plants

Components of Concrete Batching Plant –

  • Aggregate Feeders – With the help of bins located, materials like aggregate, sand etc. is been fed with the help of bins that holds the different size of aggregates/sand for different compartment
  • Cement Weighing Hopper – Hold large volume of cement that comes in bulk. The cement bags are been placed on the top of the hopper and once the cement bags torn they fall into the hopper.
  • Aggregate Weigh Hopper – Used to weigh the aggregates one by one and transfer them for further processing. With the help of pneumatic cylinders, the aggregates are been discharged.
  • Twin – Shaft Mixer – It is one of the main components of the concrete batching plant. All the ingredients are been mixed with the help of twin shaft mixer. Ensures the concrete is thoroughly mixed getting the uniform appearance and all the ingredients are equally distributed.
  • Control Panel – The working of the batching plant is controlled by the control panel. It assists with the fast and accurate measurements of the ingredients that help to produce high-quality concrete.  Latest machines also help to save and print mix material recipes.
  • Admixtures – Liquid form, having three different types tanked separately.
  • Water – Water is controlled with the help of meter system depending upon the volume required for mixing

Working Principle of Concrete Batching Plant –

The processing of the concrete batching starts by aggregate feeding into individual bins. As set in the control panel aggregates weigh individually as per the design. After weighing the aggregates, it is been further transformed into the mixing unit. There are weigh hoppers for cement, additive and water present above the mixing unit that aims at transferring the content to the mixing unit. By means of weigh conveyor, cement is been transformed and water is also been pumped. The concrete is been made in the twin shaft mixer where are all the ingredients are mixed uniformly. The timer is been set for mixing of the ingredients by the help of control panel and the time elapses mixing process stops and the truck is been loaded by the concrete.

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