Ready Mix Concrete – An Absolute Cost-Effective Product

Ready-mix concrete has been considered as an important need of the hour for the end users as well as the contractors which can be both-trading people or residents. A product like this has provided a smooth but effective escalation to the primary basic business activities in construction domain. For the very initial, regular and considerably prominent activity of mixing concrete material this product has acted as a backbone to it in the most standard shape.  It is the concrete that is created in a batch plant, conforming to set engineered-mix design.  It is basically manufactured in two ways-

First in the transit mixers which supply concrete in a plastic form to the site and the second is volumetric concrete mixer which delivers the prepared mix in a dry form and then mixes the concrete on the plat.

Ready mix concrete is usually selected over other stuff due to the low cost and expansive uses from squirrel bath to high rise bridges and buildings. This concrete is a mixture of water and aggregates, Portland cement, crushed stone and sand. The concrete is generally expressed in cubic metres.
Utilizing concrete mix for our construction purpose brilliantly minimise cost by-

  • Diminishing labour cost
  • Reducing storage cost
  • Abolishing material wastage

 Assurance of Quality

For most of the contractors or engineers, their main focus is to maintain the quality work on-site project. To maintain the superb grade of the aggregates and perfect water cement ration turns into a challenging job while using the normal concrete. But using the ready concrete mix delivered on the plat, fine quality is unfailingly guaranteed using the upgraded and advanced types of equipment. Some supplier companies or the contractors walk an additional mile to check the grade water and cement ratio of the mixed concrete before it is delivered in the market so that it does not shake their goodwill.

Good saving in construction cost

By making the use of ready mix concrete, one can remarkably reduce the consumption of the electricity at the job area. In the mixture of the concrete, all the ingredients are wonderfully maintained, so that there is less chance of getting the materials wasted.

Use of blue-collar as in the case of on-plat concrete mix manufacturing is reduced greatly. Additionally, when someone orders concrete, they need not face the complications related to storage of concrete, meaning that there is no annoyance of dust on the plat and we can easily save a handsome amount on construction as well as on the maintenance.

Concrete Batching Plant ATP 45 and ATP 60


Concrete composed by this mean is reusable, clean and power efficient creation solution. The primary ingredients in formulating the concrete mix are gravel, stone, sand and water which are ungrudgingly accessible in nature and cause very less harm to the surroundings when removed from it, juxtaposed with the other construction stuff like steel.

Terra firma for pits can be easily restored to its natural state and can be used again for residential or commercial purpose again, once finished with the mining process. Ready concrete mix is extraordinarily self-effacing in the consumption of energy and unpresuming in paybacks.

Additionally, it is prepared with a minute approach confirming the minimal squander of material, and the rest can be easily used for the recycling procedure and can be used further in future. When we order Ready concrete mix from a localised concrete supply company, it also diminishes the consumption of fuel in the transportation which is also an eco-friendly attribute of ready mix.

Best Value for money-Highly Durable

Ready concrete mix is supremely long-lasting construction material. It stays for many years, however primarily it is directly proportional over the factor of the “Quality of other material used”, and does not get impacted by the high heat of the sun. By being directly proportional over the material quality, it is being implied that the age of ready mix is also dependent over its complementary mixes. The output of the structure is damage free and crack free which successively preserves resources and lowers the maintenance cost.

After knowing about the Ready-mix concrete we can finely conclude that through its availability and readiness of state which is considerably met on set engineered-mix; Constructions can be made by reducing the supervisory cost, diminishing the multi-transportation for raw materials, by controlling water-to-cement ratio and by obtaining standardized quality and better workability.

All About Ready Mix Concrete

RMC or ready mix concrete is a concrete, a mixture of fine sand, water, Portland cement, and coarse aggregates. It is manufactured in the cement factory or batched plant instead of mixing at the construction site. A specific proportion of the material is required to prepare this mixture. Once the mixture is ready, it transported in the transit mixer to the worksite. A cylindrical truck which is known as cement mixer is used to carry the concrete mixture.

The ready-mix concrete prepared is durable and sustainable. It is eco-friendly as it is prepared in a close chamber that reduces noise and air pollution. Further, a durable structure is obtained as it increases the service life. In this article, we will discuss various types of ready mix concrete and its advantage as well as disadvantage.

Concrete Batching Plant ATP 45 and ATP 60

Types of ready-mix concrete

There are three types of RMC, that is made depending on the various material used during mixing.

  • Transit mixed concrete
  • Shrink mixed concrete
  • Central mixed concrete
  1. Transit mixed concrete

Transit mixed is also known as truck mixed concrete where materials are batched at a central plant and then mixed thoroughly in the truck during transit. It separates water from the cement and aggregate, and then the mixture is finally mixed at the site. The mixing of concrete at the site avoids the problem of premature hardening and slump loss that results in a delay in transportation. One significant disadvantage of transit mixed concrete is that the capacity of the truck is smaller.

  1. Shrink-mixed concrete

Shrink mixed concrete or ready-mix concrete enhances the load capacity of the truck where concrete is partially mixed at the plant to reduce the volume of the mixture. The balance mixing is completed in the truck during the transit or at the worksite.

  1. Central-mixed concrete

It is also known as the central batching plant where the mixture is properly mixed before loading into the truck mixer. It is also known as wet batch plants or pre-mix plants. The advantages of a wet batch plant are of better quality and consistency.

Advantages of ready-mix concrete

Till now we have read types and what RMC is, here we will discuss about the advantages of it.

  • The concrete produced is of better quality as it made of specific proportion and advanced equipment is used.
  • Storage of material at the construction site is not required.
  • Reduces labor cost
  • Reduces air and noise pollution at the site
  • Environment friendly
  • RMC avoids delay and construction work is completed on time
  • Wastage of material at the worksite is avoided.
  • The practice of proper mixing of the cement will reduce the consumption of the cement
  • Ready-mix concrete saves the use of cement as bulk concrete is used instead of cement bags
  • The concrete is delivered on time at the worksite whether the quantity is large or small

Ready-mix Concrete – Limitations

  • It requires a large amount to be invested initially
  • RMC is not suitable for a small project
  • To avoid interruption in work effective transportation system is required that will carry the mixture from the plant area to the job site.
  • As the truck reaches should be ready at the site to start working immediately to avoid slumps in the mixture.
  • The mixture must be used within the time frame that is 210 minutes from the transit of the plant. In case if the vehicle is stuck in traffic or some other problem has arisen then it would create a problem.

All About Ready Mix Concrete

How Ready Mix Concrete is Helpful When Time is an Essence?

Since the invention of the concrete and stone building major developments and innovations have taken place and among them is the preparation of ready mix concrete while building.

The Construction Process

The building process involves site preparation such as making of the trenches for laying the foundation, foundation making, slab preparation, making the walls and if it is a storey building, the floors are made. Preparation of concrete requires mixing of the sand, concrete, water and cement in certain ratios before pouring the mixture on the mould and allowing for curing. This has its inherent disadvantages which have easily been solved by development of the ready mix concrete manufacturers.

Ready mix concrete is premixed concrete according to the desired ratios and transported in special trucks, equipped with a rotating drum which contains the concrete as it is being continuously mixed. It is then delivered to the construction site and fed into the moulds.

Benefits of Ready mix Concrete

  • Cost of labor. The labor required is minimized with this type of concrete. Mixing concrete requires a series of operation stages such as transporting the ingredients, pre mixing, mixer operator and finally transporting the paste to the final mould. All these require labor and due to the heavy nature of concrete, it may cost much more.
  • Space requirements saving. Preparation of concrete requires first accumulating the materials i.e. the sand, ballast and cement. These require space especially in high rise buildings, where the quantities are huge. In commercial areas, space for materials is a serious challenge and the only way to go is for ready mix concrete.
  • High quality and uniformity of the concrete.  Due to the mechanized nature of the pre mixed concrete manufacturers it is possible to achieve an even and high quality mix.
  • Time saving is achieved. This is the one biggest and greatest advantages of ready mix concrete. Once the frameworks are ready the contractor places an order to the ready concrete manufacturers which is quickly delivered. The only time spent is curing time and finish time thus enabling faster building process.
  • Reduced wastage of construction materials. This is due to the centralized mixing of concrete by the manufacturers.
  • Economies of scale. The concrete manufacturers are able to serve a bigger area and more customers there by able to charge cheaper due to eliminated costs of equipment and better labor utilization. Know more benefits about ready mix concrete plant, here at –

Due to greater demand for ready mix concrete, concrete plant manufacturers are now available who make specialized mixing equipments as well as trucks equipments for transporting the ready mixed concrete.


The use of already premixed concrete has highly benefitted the construction industry. This is primarily because of the time saving on construction as well as ensuring the efficiency of operations. Other benefits include quality and uniformity of concrete, reduced cost of labor, savings on space and even low wastage of construction materials. There are also a number of concrete mix plant manufacturers that deliver high quality machines for more time savings and greater work efficiency.

The Important Role of Concrete Batching Plants in Sustainable Development

Throughout the world there has been much emphasis on the sustainability of each and every project or activity being undertaken. Sustainability in general terms refers to the endurance of systems and processes. Sustainable approaches to construction and development must be sought at all times in order to efficiently manage the resource base from depletion, environmental degradation and even climate change. In other words, sustainable development meets the needs of the present generation without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Concrete Batching Plants

Global Concrete Consumption

Concrete is consumed in massive quantities in the whole world in various activities of building and construction, roads and railways, residential areas and many more. These are important infrastructural requirements that enable the economy to progress rapidly for people to better their living standards.

The preparation methods of concrete must be in such a ways that the demands to the natural environment are kept at minimum for sustainability to be achieved. The concrete batching plant is an equipment used in concrete preparation that has enhanced sustainability in construction.

Energy Efficiency

For sustainable processes to be achieved, efficiency in energy use must be achieved. The Concrete mixing plant is designed to maximize production with reduced energy usage by having highly efficient engines with minimum maintenance requirements and more durability.

Energy saving is also achieved through lower electricity consumption and use of gravity assisted material feeding system as well as computerized controls that precisely calibrate all ingredients of the mixing plant.

Water Conservation during Operation 

In concrete preparations there is heavy water usage in the operation. The batching plant combines all the required materials in mixing of concrete to create a homogenous mix used in construction. Batching equipment is designed in such as way as to ensure optimum usage of water and other materials to achieve a good mix. This includes the ability of some equipment to recycle wet concrete mix before setting and thus reduce wastage.

The Green Technology Equipments

With the development of green commercial concrete plants, the problem of environmental pollution has been effectively tackled.  This model of the ready mix concrete plant increases the material utilization ratio thus creating an overall material saving. Increased material saving from the concrete batching plant in turn increases the productivity and profitability is the operation.

In the current construction industry the demand for increased efficiency is high and the central equipment in this process is the RMC plant or the Ready Mix concrete plant.

In some cases there has been need for all batching equipment to be easily movable to locations closer to construction site to reduce material movement to the site. Some advanced batching equipments may be fitted with twin shaft mixers that increase the production output to up to 160 m3 /hr. The assembly process of the batching plant is also made faster and easy, and with easy to clean concrete handling piping and conveyance systems.

Bottom Line

The concrete batching plant has been important equipment in the construction industry and when effectively used, it has enabled sustainable development to be achieved. More sustainability will be achieved with enhanced technology, water saving initiatives and enhanced efficiency of the batching plants.

Future of Concrete Based Construction

Different Types of Applications using Concrete

Concrete is made of binding different materials and aggregates and applied for structural purpose. It remains strong and hardens and stays effective for economic and reliable building works. In recent days its usability has been found to be applicable in wider ranges of applications including road, bridge and different forms of structures.

Different Types of Applications using Concrete

Making of Roads

Concrete is inert and non-porous when compared to other conventional materials applied in the preparation of roads. It can withstand natural disasters and not disturbed by moisture or pests and gains strength as time passes on. These are some of the reasons which favored in the making of roads.

Developmental Changes in Building

When it comes to changes in structural sector, blending of newer range of materials has now been accepted worldwide as one of the top sustainable ingredients for building applications. Considering the impact on building aftermaths of natural disasters, several research oriented studies found this material to be the fast, cost effective and most reliable ones when it comes to good quality. This has also become one of the reasons to find enormous growth in building industry.

Growth of Smart city and its Impact

Urbanization is what Nations are focusing on and it has resulted in encouraging infrastructural growth in cities across the world.

Technical Excellence in Present and Future Structural Activities

Technical Excellence in Present and Future Structural Activities

Different levels of technically developed construction projects can be identified in many cities and concrete based structural works support to a great extent. The growth of cities to smart cities with flexible forms of housing and commercial spaces is gradually making impact on present and future plants of urbanization.

Faster Productivity Overlook

Due to the demand for infrastructure, people also look for fast productivity. The inception of equipments in view of managing inter-erection works of residential, commercial and public projects like roads, dams, etc have revolutionized productivity needs.

Application of Construction Equipments

There are different forms of structural friendly equipments which have been destined considering issues like poor quality, expensive labor charge and wastages. The applications of building supportive devices eradicate the above three aspects in a reliable way.

Batching Plant

Batching Plant

The batch facility eliminates several practical issues involved in infrastructure creations such as, stationary plant that facilitates smart transmit of ingredients, reduced emission of polluting factors, minimal or meager wastage of materials, less man power requirement, etc.

Advantages of Batch Plant

  • Supports for higher production requisites
  • Available in different capacities
  • Helps to obtain consistent and uniformity of ingredient mixing
  • Ensured return on investment
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Time saving and environmental friendly

Mixing Plant for Blending Ingredients

Mixing plant is designed to facilitate efficient blending of building ingredients leaving less wastage. This equipment provides optimum results in high-end material requirements. This optional also helps to reduce operational as well as production cost.

Ready Mix Plant

Ready mix plant is designed to ensure excellent performance of mixing building ingredients and featured with technically advanced specifications.


Construction equipments have brought great changes in carrying our reliable and faster structural works. Apollo Concrete Solutions provides advanced forms of devices which support for housing and commercial works to a great extent.

Significant Suggestions to Solve Concrete Issues

The below graphical presentation gives significant suggestions to solve concrete issues and the common issues found with Concrete mixing process. Know the process of solving concrete mix problem including choose Concrete Ready Mix Solution.

Concrete mix is one of the delicate products that can change its colour and texture when the mixture is delayed for application and delay in mixing might effect in decolouring of the content, which revolve result in excess hardening of the mixture so always saves time in construction as well as used Ready mix solution because it is environmental friendly as well as the best economic option for large level projects. More information and concrete mix solutions, contact us at .

Significant Suggestions to Solve Concrete Issues

How To Prepare Ready Mix Concrete With Concrete Equipments?

This infogrpah provides information about different concrete solutions that contains how to prepare ready mix concrete with concrete equipments like concrete batching plant, transit mixture, central batching plant, mobile concrete plant, hume pipe process through pipe making machine, vertical cast process and pre cast concrete equipment and many more.

Concrete batching plant is a setup that can be established near to the big construction projects so that the transportation of ready mix concrete can be easily provided. Concrete batching plant is also known as concrete mixing plant.

Pre cast concrete equipment is used to cast the concrete in molded shapes before transporting to the construction locations. There are many benefits of building pre cast concrete compare to site cured concrete. The long preserving time of concrete generated through precast concrete equipment make it stronger, durable and efficient. Precast concrete usage is more time saving method where the final concrete is ready to place in a better way to implement infrastructure on time. – See more at:

Use Ready Mixed Concrete to Build Exceptionally Strong and Durable Structures Concrete and Its General Properties

  • Concrete is one of the widely used construction material in the world.  Road, buildings and other numerous structures use concrete as a fundamental material in the construction of support columns, walls and floors.
  • It is mixture of aggregate or course materials such as gravel or crushed rocks mixed with binding materials such as cement and sand. The ratio of gravel, sand, cement and water varies and determines the strength and durability of the structure.
  • Other additives such as fly ash, chemicals, minerals and silica are also added to increase its compressive strength, ability to harden and workability. Because concrete has low tensile strength, steel reinforcement bars are used during construction.

Concrete Batch Manufacturing and Distribution Process

  • Concrete batch manufacturing process is a modern method of producing high quality concrete for specialized applications. In the batch process, concrete is prepared, mixed and transported to the site using specialized equipment and trucks.
  • The batch process has a concrete mixer and specialized trucks for transporting the materials to construction sites. The batch mixer produces ready mixed concrete plant based on the structural engineer requirements.
  • Batching plants are mainly classified as ready mix of central mix plants. Ready mix plants mix all the materials except water while central mix plants provide concrete with all materials plus water.

Customized Ready Mix Concrete for Special Structures

  • Concrete batching plants have the capacity to produce different mixtures of concrete based on the design and engineering requirements. Concrete plants have mixers, batchers, aggregate bins that enable the plant operators to vary concrete ratio and achieve the desired structural properties.
  • Careful addition of chemical and mineral admixtures as well as varying the ratio of aggregate, sand and cement produces special concrete suitable for most modern structures.


Structural Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete as Compared to on Site Mixing

  • Ready mix concrete is advantageous as compared to onsite mix as it is mixed according the desired ratio. This ensures that concrete has the desired structural strength, workability and durability.
  • Batch manufacturing plants have advanced mixers which ensure that the concrete is uniformly mixed. Common mixers include twin shaft, tilt and pan mixers. The already mixed concrete is inspected to ensure that it’s of high quality and is uniformly mixed.
  • Batch processing plants have advanced and computerized systems. These systems include automatic weighing systems, PLCs, conveyors, heaters and chillers. This makes the production process very fast, accurate and produces a uniform and consistent mix.
  • Unlike on site mixing, the production and transportation of concrete is done under a controlled environment. This prevents physical and chemical change of the mixture and ensures that setting, compaction and curing processes occur as intended.
  • Mixing concrete at these plants prevents the dangerous and harmful dust from sand and cement from affecting workers and causing environmental pollution at construction sites.


Batch concrete plants are used to produce high quality concrete mixtures made according to the engineer’s recommendation. Alteration of the mixtures per batch enables the production of special concrete suitable for different structures. The process is fast accurate and produces high quality concrete.

5 Reasons to Choose Concrete Solutions

What are the common issues found with Concrete?

Concrete mix is a delicate product which can change its colour and texture when the mixture is delayed for application. Concrete mixing procedure done at the construction site has to be done and applied on time; delay in application might result in decolouring of the content which in turn will result in excess hardening of the mixture. Scaling of concrete surface is yet another problem faced in construction industries. Ready mix concrete is an excellent solution to get away from lot of issues.

5 Important Suggestions to Solve Concrete Issues

Saves Great Deal of Time in Construction

Concrete produced at site is certainly requires more time. Starting with importing ingredients to mixing, there are lot of process in between that takes more time. In addition, sometimes it is difficult to get the work done on time if the ingredients are not supplied or not available. However, ready mix concrete solution will not lead to such issues as buying from supplier or manufacturer keep the construction work going without frequent interruption.

Greater Quantity of Concrete can be Prepared

Buying ready mix concrete from reputed supplier has relatively less limitations over quantity of concrete. In addition, the supplier will take care of timely delivery and quantity required. Thus, it is much reliable than concrete mixed at site.

Less Wastage

When compared to concrete mixed manually at site, ready mix concrete is one of the best means to reduce the amount of wastage. Conventional concrete mixing method involves lot of wastage during transit of concrete making components and mishandling of ingredients during the mixing process. Commissioning of concrete batch plant will help to avoid wastage to a great extent. Some companies offer concrete solutions through supplying prepared concrete and this is also an attractive solution for moderate construction works.

Economic option

Concrete making equipment certainly stays a very economical option than traditional concrete preparation process. Compared to expenses over concrete mixing distributed to labour cost, material transit cost, mixing procedure and possibilities of wastages, etc.

No issues on Storage

Storage of construction materials is a big issue. As far as concrete components are concerned, storage remains a big challenge as sometimes it results in wastage also. Ready mix concrete is a complete solution to free from storage options as the supplier will take over all the responsibilities.

Why to choose Concrete Ready Mix?

Maintaining quality of concrete is the key factor for flawless construction. Apart from the above mentioned reasons concrete quality is relatively good than concrete that is mixed at site. In addition to that, mixing concrete is in a way a polluting factor. Ready mix solution is economic as well as environmental friendly option. For large level projects investing in ready mix concrete plant will be the perfect option.


Compared to the increasing labour cost and transit of concrete ingredients, managing construction expensed with innovative solutions brings good results significantly. Ready mix concrete is one of the solutions through which construction expenses can be saved enormously.

Choosing the Right RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) Plant for Your Construction Project

Roll Played By RMC Plant in the Construction Industry

Ready Mix Concrete commonly referred to as RMC was developed many decades ago but its appreciation and popularity started to take shape in the 1980s.This entails mixing specialty concrete at a ready mix concrete plant or concrete batching plant and then delivering the readily mixed concrete via trucks mounted with in transit mixers. In order for the entire process of mixing and delivering ready made concrete also known as customized concrete to take place time efficiently and cost effectively it is vital to ensure that the RMC Plant operations , Concrete pump , transit mixer trucks, production management software and transport mechanism is in good order.

Benefits of RMC Plant in Infrastructure Development

ready mix concrete plant is becoming more appreciated as more people opt for the specialty concrete mix from the RMC Plant .Advantages that come with ready mix concrete include the following:

· The Concrete batching plant is usually located in a central position which makes it possible to serve a wider area in a short period of time.

· A construction firm is able to receive tailor made concrete mix which will suit the intended application, custom concrete is prepared using special building construction equipment consequently producing precise mixes.

· Transit mixers come in a wide array of sizes to suit different needs, the trucks will come in small, mid size to large trucks thus offering the customer a broad selection.

· Specialty concrete is always of superior quality as attributed to the use of precision equipment, thorough mixing process that continuously takes place right from the Concrete batching plant as well as during transportation.

· An RMC Plant leads to time and cost efficiency since the constructor does not need additional space to store the concrete or additional labour to mix the concrete. Only the right amount of concrete mix is delivered hence no wastage as well as improving the management process.

· RMC is user and environmentally friendly since there is minimal release of dust, dirt and noise during the construction process.

Safety Measures to Take While Operating RMC Plant in Building Constructions

· Readymade concrete plants involve highly sophisticated and intricate processes, the process will involve building construction equipment , transit mixers and Concrete pump among other accessories hence the need to adhere to the following safety measures:

· The people operating the building construction equipment, the transit mixers and concrete pumps should be well trained and experienced in the sector.

· The workers should ensure that safety is upheld at all times by all adorning safety gear and also adhering to the laid down safety measures.

· The firm needs to make certain that the delivery takes minimal time in order to reduce time wastage and delay in finishing the project. Use of the right truck for the job is also essential to reduce operating costs.


RMC is without question one of the most effective ways of finishing a construction on time as well as ensuring that structural integrity is upheld at every point of the construction. This is made certain by precise concrete mixtures, timely deliveries and also receiving custom made concrete mixture for unique and special applications.